25 Travel Jobs To Earn While Exploring

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We are all working to make a living, but if you love travelling and would want to make a career out of it because who doesn’t like travelling and making money out of it? Ever since we have seen Ye Jawani Hai Deewani, the urge for travel jobs has gone up. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about it because there are plenty of travel jobs out there that you can pursue and make the best of both worlds. 

Check out the list of travel jobs to turn your dream into reality

1. Event Coordinator


If you love to travel and you have the energy to work 24/7, then the best job for you is that of an event coordinator or an event manager. The job requires you to stay up late working, some days, you may not get any sleep at all. However, if your love for travelling overpowers your love for sleeping and having a normal life, then you can go for this job because you will get to travel a lot, sometimes abroad as well if your company has good contacts.

2. Travel Photographer


As the name speaks for itself, travel photography is one of the best jobs for travel lovers and people who love clicking pictures. Travel photographers can explore the world by clicking pictures and making money out of it. Travel photography is the best options for you if you wish to blend your love for travel and photography.

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3. Flight Attendant


I am sure you have seen flight attendants and always wondered how lucky they are because they get paid for dressing up and travelling to beautiful places, and you must have at some point wished to become a flight attendant. So if you still think that it is something you can consider, then you should go for it.

4. Travel Vlogger


Travel Vlogging is one of the best jobs for people who love to travel and inspire people to travel. The job of a travel influencer is to educate people about a particular destination and everything you need people to know about that specific destination before visiting the place. Hundreds of travel influencers are making videos on offbeat places to educate people about their existence and encourage them to visit. During the initial stages, there may be a struggle, but as soon as your vlogs get popular, you will start earning from it. 

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5. Tour Guide


Another most loved travel job which allows you to travel domestically and internationally is that of a tour guide. The job of a tour guide is to educate tourists about the history and culture of a specific destination The best part about this job is that you get to interact with a lot of new people, and the love you receive from the tourists is priceless.

6. Scuba Diving Instructor


The best part about being a scuba diving instructor is that you get to travel a lot, making it one of the best jobs for travel lovers.

Scuba diving instructors get to explore various parts of the world which people may not have seen, and it’s one of the best travel jobs with lots of adventure. 

7. Translator


If you have a talent for speaking multiple languages and love to travel, then you can become a translator. You can travel the world and help people communicate in foreign countries by being a translator. Can you imagine you will get paid for travelling and speaking, isn’t that the dream?

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8. Trip Captain


What many people don’t tell you is that joining the travel industry doesn’t mean you get to travel all the time. The truth is that you will be responsible for making others travel. However, there is one job that allows you to travel, and that is the job of a trip captain. Some people confuse it with tour guiding, but it is way different than that because tour guides are responsible for educating the tourists about the history and culture of the place, whereas trip captains, on the other hand, are responsible for managing the entire group, and handle challenging situations, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met.

9. Travel Writer


If you like to write and travel, then travel writing is one of the best jobs for people who love to travel. You can travel and express yourself by writing instead of making videos or clicking pictures. 

It is similar to travel vlogging minus the camera, which means putting your thoughts into words. 

10. English Teacher


If you have a knack for teaching and travelling, then blend your love for both and become an English teacher. English teachers are in high demand because there are many Non-English speaking countries that need English teachers and are always looking for them, so you can apply for that and teach English around the world. 

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11. Traveling Nurse


Travelling Nurses are required to move from one place to another, helping people save lives, and the hospital covers all their expenses and travel costs. So if you plan to make people healthy and save lives, you can choose this career as well.

12. Ski Instructor


If you know how to ski then you can also choose a ski instructor job. There are openings at various places in different countries for ski instructors. This job is seasonal, you may have to move from one place or one country to another country now and then, but that’s what you want in the first place, right?

13. Retail Buyer


Retail Buyers get the opportunity to travel across the globe while attending vendor meetings, trade shows, events, and for several other reasons. This is the best opportunity to have a career that pays well and allows you to travel worldwide, depending on your company’s contacts and tie-ups.

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14. Peace Corps Volunteer


Now the word volunteer is enough to make you understand that you would not be able to make six figures and would be living on a budget. If you are okay with the situation, you can become a Peace Corps Volunteer and travel the world by impacting people’s lives and making their lives better.

15. International Aid Worker


If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, then you can work as an International Aid Worker and join organisations like USAID, which requires you to move from one country to another, which are struggling and help them in every way possible. You can help residents come out of difficult situations, especially when a catastrophic disaster has hit the country, such as famine, natural disasters, etc.

16. Engineer


Nowadays, people are working from anywhere, and a person with an engineering and science degree gets to travel and be an engineer. Even companies that hire you will most likely send you to some other country for big projects.

17. Cruise Line Worker


One of the best travel jobs is that of a Cruise Line Worker, where you not only get to travel but you also get free food and free accommodation. Who wouldn’t want that? 

You can spend the entire salary on yourself instead of worrying about paying rent or for food. So if you don’t have seasickness, this is probably your best job. 

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18. Au Pair

au pair

Now this may be one of the best jobs for travel lovers, and people may not be aware of it, but it is a trending job nowadays. An Au Pair can travel to another country and live with a family like a family member and help them take care of the kids, like a babysitter, with free food and accommodation. Isn’t that cool?

19. Freelancer


If you don’t like a 9-5 or a desk job, the best thing to do is become a freelancer to break the monotonous work routine. 

Freelancers work on projects and make good money with those projects while also travelling from one place to another.

20. Archeologist


You may have yet to consider this, but archaeology and its work require you to move places or even other countries for field visits. If you are into history and are curious about several things, then this job is perfect for you because you are going to have some very cool findings. 

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21. Acting


If you have great connections in the film industry, then you can try becoming an actor, and if you become popular, then your life is going to be no less than a dream because the money is good, and actors are always travelling for their next project.

22. Bartender


Growing up, I have always seen bartenders with amazement at their skills and how they make serving drinks look so cool. We can serve too, but it wouldn’t look so cool. Right? 

However, did you know that these bartenders get to travel a lot? Well, yes, they do,which makes bartending a very fabulous travel job.

23. Pilot


The best job, in my opinion, is that of a pilot. Your job is to fly up in the sky, and you get plenty of time to explore the countries you visit. 

The money is way too good, and your love for travel soars high in the sky. Who wouldn’t want that for themselves? Plus the uniforms are very cool.

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24. Chef


If you become a chef, your demand in the world will always be high because top restaurants worldwide are always looking for highly skilled chefs, which requires them to travel a lot. So if cooking and travelling is your passion, then may be you should try that for yourself, and once you impress your customers with your drool-worthy food, there is no stopping you.

25. Painter


When you take your love for art to another level and finally decide to make a career out of it, great things happen. Painters travel to places to make paintings and put their unsaid feelings into art, which is worth a thousand words. 

Painters live a very artistic life, yet they can teach you so much with their art. 

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