Things To Keep In Mind While You Are Travelling With a Baby

It is one thing to travel like the carefree bachelors and a completely different thing to start travelling with a baby as you expand your family! However fun those bachelors’ outings might sound, the real adventure happens with a ‘baby on board’! This may seem taxing for some new parents. At times, this fear of travelling with a baby, stops young couples to take their regular outings or leads to postponing their travel plans. But we believe, a baby should not mean an end to your travelling goals. So, here are some of the best tips to plan a trip with your baby.

Things to Keep In Mind While You Are Travelling With a Baby
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Plan your itinerary well ahead of time!

Plan your itinerary well ahead of time
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  • Always plan your travel itinerary in advance.
  • Book the flights, accommodation and local transfers in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises. It might get difficult to arrange all of it on the spot in case you are reaching the destination for the first time or at odd hours. So plan it well in advance!
  • Ensure you have sufficient halts and rests in between the long journeys so that the baby can feel relaxed and adjust to the changing locations.
  • Another pro tip would be to plan your travels around the baby’s sleep schedule so the baby is asleep and not fussy on the road.
  • Make sure to include some attractions or activities that might impress the kid as well. Else if you keep exploring monuments, museums, etc. the baby might not be involved and could become fussy.
  • Avoid places that are prone to heavy tourism especially during mid-days. Some indoor attractions if heavily crowded, may lead to suffocation for the little child.

Prepare the ‘baby travel checklist’ in advance

Prepare the ‘baby travel checklist’ in advance
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● You must be aware about all the basic things that your baby requires on a daily basis. Make a list of all such things so that you don’t miss any of this during the actual packing.
● Packing with a checklist in hand helps you finish the job faster and without missing on the basic essentials.

Fix an appointment with the baby’s physician

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● This could be a really useful tip, especially if you are travelling with an infant for the first time. Check with the doctor if you can start travelling with the baby. It is usually advised to wait until three months before you take the baby out of town. Even for toddlers, it is good to have a word with the doctor.
● Discuss with the doctor about your travel destination and precautions to be taken given the weather of the destination.
● Check if your baby is due for any vaccination during the travel period. Check on the diseases prone to the location and if you can vaccinate the baby accordingly.
● If you baby has a history of travel related illnesses like cough, motion sickness, stomach pain, etc mention this to the doctor. Ask them to prescribe some basic medicines which you can carry along during your journey.

Pack a separate bag for your baby’s essentials only

Pack a separate bag for your baby’s essentials only
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Keep all the baby’s travelling essentials in a separate bag instead of packing it along with your own stuff. Most baby products are smaller in size and may get lost between the adult luggage. So it is always best to pack all their essentials in a separate bag which does not contain any of your adult stuff. In this way it becomes easy to locate those things whenever necessary.

What to pack when traveling with a baby ?

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Packing for any travel takes up the maximum amount of time before you actually start with your vacation. Especially if you are travelling with a baby, it becomes even more important and time consuming.
Here is a quick baby travel checklist for your primary travel planning with a baby –

  • Make a trip to the grocery store and stock up on sufficient travel food for babies like dry snacks, fruits, etc that your kid likes to eat. It is always good to carry extra eatables on the way. If you are travelling with an infant, do carry the baby’s formula food based on the number of days you plan to travel.
  • Carry an extra milk/water bottle in case required. It would be a good idea to have a portable kettle to heat up some water or milk for the baby, incase your accommodation does not provide.
  • Visit the pharmacy and pick all first-aid essentials and medicines suggested by the baby’s physician.
  • Pack the toiletries useful for your baby on a daily basis. Extra set of diapers is a must for travelling with babies. Even if your toddler is off diapers, it is good to carry some for emergency.
  • Carry at least 2 sets of clothes of the child for each day. Check on the temperature and weather of the location before packing the appropriate clothes. If it is a cold destination, do not forget to pack woolen wears like sweaters, woolen caps, socks and gloves. For beach destinations, carry a swimwear.
  • Irrespective of the weather, always pack a hat to protect the kid’s head and face from midday heat and some sunscreen to protect their skin.
  • Always carry a small blanket and pillow which will make the baby’s nap time comfortable during the journey.
  • Carry some of the favourite soft toys or dolls or rattle to keep the baby entertained on long journeys. Some picture books could also keep them engaged.
  • This is a basic one but ensure you have sufficient water at any given time. Small kids are prone to dehydration, so it is important to keep a check on their water intake.
  • If feasible, pack the baby’s stroller along. This would help you explore your destination at ease, without having to carry the baby in your hands all day long.
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Hope this list helps you in planning a trip with your infant or toddler. Travelling with the little ones will be fun if you plan a bit in advance and pack accordingly. The best part about kids is that they are very adaptable to changing circumstances planning your next trip with the baby!

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