Two Drunk Tourists Got Stuck At The Effiel Tower, Evacuated By Firefighters

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In a Bizzare Event, two tourists got stuck in the Eiffel Tower, who were reportedly drunk but did not pose any threats. 

The firefighters evacuated the tourists and were later questioned by the Police, and a criminal complaint is going to be filed against them. 

This bizarre incident occurred after the authorities received a bomb threat on a gaming site.

The iconic landmark of Paris, built in the 1880s, attracts thousands of visitors every year, so it was clear that the threat would not have been taken casually. 

The security guards found the tourists on the second and third levels, and the authorities of Paris stated that no damage was done and they were drunk but posed no threats. 

The charge of trespassing on a historical monument was dismissed because no damages were found, and the tourists did not pose any threats. 

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