Importance Of UK Graduate Route Visa For Indian Students!

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It was stated that UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, was thinking about making it harder to get this visa after studying in the United Kingdom. However many other government ministers didn’t like this idea and argued against it.

The UK government’s immigration advisors quickly looked at things and suggested that the visa for graduates should stay the same. This UK Graduate Route Visa lets international students work in the UK for two years after they finish studying. Indian student groups were happy about this decision.

In the UK, there’s a program that lets students stay for two years after finishing their degrees. Many Indian students use this program, making up 42% of all those who’ve gotten it since it started in 2021. There’s talk about stopping this program, but the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, hasn’t decided yet.

Understanding The UK Graduate Route Visa 

In July 2021, the UK government rolled out something truly special for students from all around the globe. It’s like a golden ticket, especially for International students. Here’s the deal: Once you finish your degree, this UK Graduate Route Visa lets you hang around for an extra two years. But wait, if you’re doing a PhD, you get an even sweeter deal you can chill for three whole years! 

Now, to snag this awesome opportunity, you’ve got to have been studying in the UK on either a short-term study visa or a general student visa. Oh, and your school needs to give you the thumbs up, confirming that you’ve completed your course. It’s like a graduation present that lets you soak up more of the UK’s vibes before diving into your next adventure.

Coming back to the UK Graduate Route Visa, as per rule, as long as the visa is valid, graduates can work, freelance, pursue further education, and potentially go for a ‘skilled worker’ visa in case they get employment in the UK.

The UK Graduate Route Visa is one of the most significant for Indian students for several reasons, which include a lot of work opportunities and the UK Graduate Route Visa can help the students bring their families to the UK. 

The important thing to note is that Indian students make up 42% of the total Graduate Route visas granted between 2021 and 2023. Needless to say, this visa is one of the most popular ones among Indian students.

It has been informed by, Migration Advisory Committee Chair Professor Brian Bell who highlighted that Indian students would be the most affected by any restrictions on the UK Graduate Route Visa. 

This was stated since the UK Graduate Route Visa is one of the driving forces behind Indian student’s decision to choose the UK for higher education, and if this facility is discontinued then it could have adverse effects on the higher education system. 

As per Brian Bell’s findings, the UK Graduate Route Visa plays an important role in attracting and retaining talented individuals, which in turn benefits the economy and academic institutions in the United Kingdom.

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