Ukulhas Island In Maldives: The Cleanest Island Paradise!

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Ukulhas Island, cuddled in the pristine Indian Ocean waters at Maldives, gestures its tourists to an authentic tropical escape. This charming island hosts untouched natural beauty with serene beaches and cleanliness. It is a must-add addition to any Maldives trip package considering its immersive nature. 

So, the next time you are planning for Maldives give Ukulhas Island a visit and learn about a small island that hardly extends less than 1 km and maintains the best sustainability practices with priority. With numerous fun activities, the best family-friendly resorts in the Maldives, beach activities and the cultural mix this island offers will spoil you with choices. Check more insights about the Ukulhas Islands, the best time to visit and how to reach them in more detail.

About Ukulhas Island In Maldives


Ukulhas Island is one of the habitable lands located on the banks of Alif Alif Atoll in the Maldives. This small island is revered for its enchanting beauty with white powdery sands, turquoise waters and prosperous marine life. 

With just an area extending 0.9 km in length, it never fails to provide an intimate setting for relaxation and exploration. The other aspect that makes Ukulhas Island more famous is its cleanliness and sustainable management.

This island is especially committed to the efforts of waste management and conservation to uphold the vitality of the natural surroundings. Ukulhas Island also acquired an award for being the environmental role model for its systematic efforts on the marine ecosystems, biodiversity and attention awareness programs. Every year it also organises tree planting programs and community cleaning sessions to uphold the importance of cleanliness.

Major Attractions In Ukulhas Island In Maldives


The main attraction here is the house reef, this place offers excellent opportunities for snorkelling and deep diving activities where you can enjoy the surreal nature with its colourful corals and the marine species mainly including manta rays, baby sharks and also the big turtles.

The local community at Ukulhas Islands is another highlight, as they warmly welcome all guests and offer a genuine glimpse into Maldivian culture. One of the best things to do in the Maldives is visit Ukulhas Island, where you can sample traditional cuisine and enjoy comfortable stays in guest houses or villas. You can also make your trip more memorable by engaging in water sports activities and indulging in spa sessions.

How To Reach Ukulhas Island


Ukulhas Island in Maldives stays at a distance of 78 km from the capital city of Maldives and can be reached via multiple transport systems at your convenience.

1. Ukulhas Island Via Public Ferry

This is an economical option where you book a ferry from Male to Ukulhas Island where the duration can range up to 3 hours and you will be pooled with the various tourists and will be charged around $4-$6 per head one way. As the ferry services are not available throughout the weeks you need to prebook with the operator for hassle-free travel.

2. Ukulhas Island With A Speed Boat

Speedboat transfers are the most convenient way to reach Ukulhas Island Maldives. This is a better alternative sea route if you don’t want to spend hours together travelling. It hardly takes 90 minutes to reach Ukulhas Island and will charge around $50-$60 per head one way. This service is available daily and you can also book right away at the counter at Male.

3. Ukulhas Island With A Seaplane Service

The faster and the scenic route that everyone must at least try once is the seaplane service in Maldives. This travel lasts only for 20 minutes to reach Ukulhas Island but you can enjoy the joyous ride over the serene Indian ocean waters with rich coral islands all across. This will charge you around $200-$300 per person one way. They are less frequent you need to book in prior along with your itinerary.

Best Time To Visit Ukulhas Island


Ukulhas are merged in the tropical climate throughout the year. Amidst this warm climate, the south-west monsoon lasts from May to November and during these months the weather is relatively cool and the rainfall is occasional. If you want to beat the heat and enjoy the surreal nature Maldives in November is the right choice you can also enjoy the dry nature from November To April considering the dry nature. May to October is a great time for diving as underwater visibility is relatively high during these months.

Things To Do In Ukulhas Island

Here are the top things to do on Ukulhas Island:

1. Snorkelling & Diving At Ukulhas Island


Snorkelling and diving are some of the best adventure activities to do in the Maldives. To enjoy this at its full potential you need to get to the house reef at Ukulhas Island and with the suggestion of the guided tours you can enjoy the exact diving spots to enjoy the teeming colourful corals, small fishes, Manta rays, turtles and also the baby sharks.

Follow the instructions well for safe diving and if you don’t want dining you can also enjoy the snorkelling sessions where you can evenly enjoy the shallow water visiting with rich marine life.

2. Beach Relaxation At Ukulhas Island

 The main reason for Maldives trip for most tourists is its beach relaxation, Even a casual sit out at the beach can create memorable lasting moments. You can enjoy lounging, sunbathing, spa sessions and casual swimming sessions at the Ukulhas Island beach to enjoy the sunset in the evening.

3. Marine Fishing At Ukulhas Island


​One of the major attractions in Maldives is the night fishing trips. These are accompanied by the local fisher man to catch the fish with the traditional Maldivian methods. As most of the fish here are active at night, the catching will be on the productive side, you can take a boat ride with the locals and enjoy the natural splendour of the marine economy.

4. Water Activities In Ukulhas Island

Water activities are best in class on this island, here you can enjoy Kayaking and paddle boarding over the turquoise water and the most opted ride is the jet-skiing which is a thrilling experience and you can enjoy a joyous ride over the waves. Parasailing and the self-speed boat will also accompany you to have fun at the Ukulhas Island beach.

5. Marine Excursions At Ukulhas Island


You can also enjoy the guided marine excursions to have a dolphin watch and nearby sandbanks like Rasdhoo Island for picnicking and sunset watching.

6. Island Tours Near Ukulhas Islands

You can enjoy the guided tours to explore diverse cultures and cuisines, and also the local mosque and the historical lifestyle of the local communities. Enjoy the buggy ride or cycling at your leisure amidst the lush greenery of this island.

Top Restaurants In Ukulhas Island


Here are the top restaurants in Ukulhas Island:

1. Central Dinner

​This place is famous for Maldivian cuisine and the best services. You can enjoy the luscious taste amidst the cosy dining area.

2. Retro Royal Restaurant

​This place is one of the best restaurants in Maldives that offers local and international dishes in a pleasant ambience best for its services and the usage of fresh ingredients.

3. Black Y Garden

This is a unique restaurant with a garden setting across a diverse menu. You can enjoy the servings of the local specialities as well as the International specialities within the natural environment.

Best Hotels In Ukulhas Island

Here are the best hotels in Ukulhas Island Maldives:

1. Ostrov Hotel Ukulhas Island


This place offers a comfortable stay with modern amenities at a reasonable price. Best in class for its hospitality and also the vicinity of the serene beach. You can enjoy the complimentary breakfast.

2. West Sands Hotel

This hotel accommodates the beachfront view with contemporary facilities providing easy access to the private beach and also the water activities.

3. U INN Hotel Ukulhas Island


​U Inn offers cosy and well-equipped rooms with friendly customer service and access to nearby attractions.

4. Paguro Beach Inn

​If you are looking for an on-site restaurant stay then Paguro Beach Inn is a viable option to enjoy the excursions and a relaxing stay.

Places To Visit Near Ukulhas Island

Here are the top places to visit near Ukulhas Island:

1. Ukulhas Beach


This is a pristine white sandy beach to enjoy the nuances of swimming, sunbathing, and stunning sunsets with water activities.

2. House Reef

This place is best to enjoy the sightings of the marine life. You can capture the moments with an underwater camera if you opt for guided tours from the local organizers.

3. Local Tourism


If you love to explore the local traditions and costumes you can opt for the local village tour to enjoy the architecture of the local mosque and also the traditions of the locals.

4. Ukulhas Harbor

This is a bustling spot where you can enjoy the large-scale fishing activities by local fishermen and you can also join them to have this natural unique experience.

Is Ukulhas a local island?

Yes, Ukulhas is a local island with a welcoming community and traditional Maldivian culture.

Is Ukulhas good for snorkelling?

Yes, Ukulhas is excellent for snorkelling with its vibrant house reef teeming with colourful corals and marine life.

How do you get to Ukulhas island?

You can reach Ukulhas Island by speedboat (90 minutes), public ferry (4 hours), or seaplane (20 minutes) from Male.

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