11 Unique Christmas Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind

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Christmas is the happiest time of the year, as we see the streets get covered in a blanket of snow and the snowflakes falling while hearing Christmas Carols all over the town, setting the festive vibe. But did you know that certain unique Christmas traditions will open your jaw? 

Well, yes, some very unique Christmas traditions are followed around the world, which will leave you surprised, and you would also want to visit these countries to experience the best or maybe the weirdest Christmas traditions. 

Let’s find out about some of the most unusual Christmas traditions and how they are celebrated in different parts of the world. 

1. Hiding Brooms In Norweigh


Out of the list of the strange Christmas Traditions, Norwegian is one of them. On Christmas Eve, everyone hides their broom before they go to sleep. 

Now, why do they do that? It is believed that all the evil spirits and witches are expected on Christmas Eve, so the logic is that if they hide the brooms, the witches will not be able to travel because brooms are the mode of transport for the witches, as we have all seen in Cartoons growing up. 

So hide away your brooms, and don’t let the witches spoil the happiest festival of the year. 

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2. Facing The Demons In Austria


Now, this is one of the most unusual Christmas traditions, which includes roaming demons on the streets. 

Men dress up as evil creatures and punish the children who have been bad by abducting them during Christmas. These men carry baskets and chains for abducting bad kids. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? 

This is one solid way to keep the kids away from the street. It is very dark and one of the weirdest Christmas traditions. 

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3. Pooping Christmas in Catalonia, Spain

Source : Ottsworld

Another bizarre and one of unique Christmas traditions involves focusing on poop, and pooping habits. It is pretty cute, yet bizarre. 

So the practice is that the locals take a log and create a character out of it by making its face and giving it a hat. They feed the log nuts for fourteen days.

On Christmas Eve, they beat the log by singing a traditional song, “If you don’t crap well, I will beat you with a stick.” They beat the log until it gives out all its treats. 

They decorate their neighbourhood with poop decorations, which looks adorable. This is the cutest Christmas tradition, and I believe all countries should practice it. 

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4. Witches Instead of Santa In Italy

Source : ItaliaRail

In one place, people hide their brooms to avoid witches, whereas in Italy witches are considered Santa’s helper. 

So, instead of Santa Claus giving out gifts to the children, the witch does it on his behalf, which is as weird as it sounds. 

Since people have not been able to prove Santa’s existence, they believe in something they had countless encounters with. Le Bafna is an old witch who delivers Christmas presents to the kids, making it one of the unique Christmas traditions.

5. All Japan Wants For Christmas Is KFC

Source : TimeOut

People love chicken, especially from KFC, surprisingly, Japan has turned it into a Christmas tradition, where instead of Turkey, people line up outside to eat chicken on Christmas Day. 

It may be a little hard to believe, but people actually make reservations in advance to eat at KFC on Christmas. 

The statue of Colonel Sanders wears a Santa dress, and the chicken is packed in a special package on the special occasion. 

People can also order their food online in advance to have it delivered on Christmas Day, making it one of the unusual Christmas traditions. 

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6. Feeding The Dead In Portugal

Source : Now in Portugal

If you thought feeding your relatives was hard enough, then think about the people in Consoda. The traditional Christmas feast is made for the dead as well.

The people in Portugal set up plates for their deceased relatives, and it is believed that this practice brings good fortune to the family.

In some areas, they even leave crumbs on the hearth to feed the dead people.

7. Matchmakers In The Czech Republic

Source : www.mzv.cz

In the Czech Republic, all unmarried women stand with their backs to the door while tossing their shoes over their shoulders. If it lands with the toe facing the door, it will be considered that they will be married within a year. If it doesn’t, then they won’t be married. 

This is among the unique Christmas traditions around the world. 

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8. Filling The Boots In Germany


On the eve of Christmas, all the kids in Germany take out a fresh pair of shoes and leave them outside their bedroom before going to sleep.

When they wake up the next morning, their shoes will be filled with candies if they have been good the entire year, and if not, then they will only find a branch. It is one of the unique Christmas traditions that also helps in parenting.

9. Spider’s Web In Ukraine

Source : Wikipedia

Another one of the weirdest Christmas traditions includes decorating your homes with a spider’s web. 

It may be one of the most unusual Christmas traditions, but it has a story. There was a poor woman who could not afford to decorate her tree. When she wakes up on Christmas morning, she finds that a spider has decorated the tree with its sparkling web, making it look absolutely beautiful. 

So it is a tradition in Ukraine to decorate homes and trees with Spider’s web, which is also believed to bring good luck. 

10. Burning The Dirt In Guatemala

Source : National Geographic

People in Guatemala believe that all the evil spirits and negative energies live in the dirty corners of the house. 

Thus, the people spend an entire week before Christmas sweeping the corners, and all the dirt is collected outside into a huge heap. An effigy of the devil is placed on the top of the heap and the entire thing is set on fire.

It is believed that we are burning the things from the past and starting fresh from the New Year. It is one of the most unusual Christmas traditions but still exciting, encouraging people to keep their homes clean. 

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11. Burning The Yule Goat In Sweden

Source : Hyperallergic

Sweden has one of the most unique Christmas traditions, which includes burning a goat made of straws.

During the 11th century, this goat was mentioned as a human-sized goat, but now it reaches up to some 40 feet and is one giant goat.

Cities in Sweden make Yule Goat at the beginning of the Advent year. The most popular one is in Gävle, made entirely of straws.

It is a popular attraction, so it has been set on fire 66 times since 1966.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unique Christmas Traditions

1. How are these Christmas traditions different from mainstream ones?

These are some of the most unusual Christmas traditions because the mainstream ones include decorating Christmas trees, greeting each other, and not celebrating poop or making food for the deceased. 

2. Why is the "Feast of the Seven Fishes" significant in Italy?

The feast of seven fishes in Italy is a tradition which comes from the Roman Catholic, which makes it customary to eat fish on Christmas Eve. 

3. How do people in Japan celebrate Christmas with KFC?

Japan celebrates their Christmas by eating chicken from KFC only. There are long queues outside KFC on Christmas Day, and people have to order food in advance to get their food delivered on Christmas Day.

4. What are some unique Christmas foods around the world?

Some of the unique Christmas foods around the world include Bibingka in the Philippines, Lanttulaatikko in Finland, Buccellato in Sicily, and Malva Pudding in South Africa

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