11 Unique Museums Beyond Art And Antiquities

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Every museum in the world is built to honour and preserve something or the other. Where some may preserve arts, others, on the other hand, may be a step ahead. What I mean to say is that there exist some of the most unique museums the world has ever seen. Most people don’t know about its existence, but these unique museums exist, and they will leave you stunned. 

Let’s check out some of the most unique museums in the world. 

1. Sulabh International Toilet Museum, New Delhi India

Source : Dronah Foundation

A country where you have to convince the villagers to use the toilet instead of going to the open area boasts about having a toilet museum right in its capital city. 

However, this museum has been made to show the importance of hygiene to improve overall well-being and health. 

2. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb Croatia

Source :Tripadvisor

Breaks up are hard, and every breakup has a story, and with this Idea, Zagreb got its very own museum that exhibits broken relationships. 

Each exhibit has a story, some stories are funny, some are way too weird, some very sarcastic, and some are likely to break you into pieces. 

The museum also takes donations, so if you would like to contribute, you are free to do so. Let the world know how you got your heart broken.

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3. Condom Museum, Nonthaburi, Thailand


Thailand is the largest producer of condoms, and with that being said, they also have a museum dedicated to it. Everywhere you go you can see condoms. 

Besides there is an area dedicated to show the strength and durability of these condoms, inside the museum.

4. Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malaysia

Source : Wikipedia

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but don’t we all seek validation in one way or the other. Sometimes by hearing nice things from the people we love, and sometimes we judge ourselves by the number of likes we get on our insta post. 

However, there are people who have gone out on the limp to make themselves beautiful, and that beauty is displayed in the Museum of Enduring Beauty in Malaysia. 

From putting discs in the mouth to elongating metal in necks to bounding feet with tiny wooden shoes, you can find every kind of bizarre activity people have done to make themselves beautiful. 

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5. Museum of Bad Art, Somerville, USA

Source : Harvard Magazine

So what if you are bad at art, there is a museum dedicated to bad art, so none of us bad painters or bad sketchers need to feel less about ourselves. 

You can find the catastrophic version of the Mona Lisa here as well. The idea is to display art that is too bad to be ignored. 

The best part is that this museum is open to donations, so if you actually suck at paintings and art, then you can contribute here. 

6. Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

Source : Cultural Heritage Online

Truth be told, we are all victims of hair fall, but have you seen a museum dedicated to women’s hair? I bet you haven’t heard of it unless you live in Turkey, but this is one of the most unique museums in the world, with the most extensive collection of hair collected from 16000 women, along with their names and addresses. 

You can find locks of different lengths and colours, turning the place into a hairy haven. 

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7. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Japan

Source : Word from the Kitchen

We all love Ramen, it has been the favourite food of broke students that have managed to feed and keep our stomachs happy. 

Momofuku Ando, the man behind this drool-worthy food, is honoured at the Instant Ramen Museum.

Visitors can make their own ramen in the kitchen in the museum. 

8. Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, USA

Source : Wikipedia

Now you would think, what is so great about salt and pepper shaker, apart from saving us from eaiting bland food. 

Well ask that question to Andrea Ludden, whose obsession with salt and pepper shakers took her to displaying her fascinating collection of 22000 salt and pepper shakers in a building. 

The best part is that you can buy thse from the gift shop, as you cand find some of the shakers replica. 

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9. Lawnmower Museum, England

Source : TripAdvisor

The Britishers are capable of doing almost anything, so they have made a museum dedicated to the lawnmowers.

The museum has lawnmowers from the royal family of Prince Charles to Princess Diana, to the most expensive ones in the world.

You can also find the fully functional lawnmower not more than 5 centimeters high, found in the museum.

10. Cryptozoology Musuem, USA

Source : BBC

All this while, you thought, the existence of yetis, Big Foot, Mermaids were a myth? 

Well once you visit the Cryptozoology Museum in the United States, your belief maybe shaken to the very core. 

You need to visit the museum to witness the magic with your own eyes. 

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11. Le Musee des Vampires, Les Lilas, France

Source : TripAdvisor

If you like reading about vampires, and have always been fascinated by the tv shows you have watched on vampires over the period of time, then you should visit the Le Musée des Vampires Museum, which displays the study of vampires, not the ones you see on the television, but their relevance in history and culture. 

Here you will find a mummified cat from Paris, and the painting of a Vampire by the famous painter Nicolas Claux. 

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