Unlimited Beer On Weekend Bus Trip: Chennai to Puducherry

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Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry, has taken the initiative to promote tourism in the region by offering an unlimited beer Bus Tour from Chennai.

The microbrewery of Puducherry, Catamaran Brewing Company, came up with the idea of starting a bus tour where unlimited beer would be served. Earlier, the tour was known as Beer Bus, but it led people to believe that beer would be served on the bus. In order to clear the confusion, it was renamed The Brewery Bus Tour.

Starting from 22nd April 2023, the bus tour would cost only Rs.3000, which includes a round trip from Chennai to Puducherry, a 3-course meal, a personal microbrewery tour and unlimited craft beer.


During this personal microbrewery tour, tourists can see for themselves how beer is made, and craft beer is not just one single beer. There are eight types of craft beer which will be served on the tour, namely, wheat beer, rice beer, English India Ale Pale, Strawberry Cider, and Apple Cider.

The bus can accommodate 40 passengers in one go. It promises to give you 12 hours exciting trip with food and booze along with a pickup at 9 am from a pre-assigned spot. Since drinking on the bus is illegal, the bus would stop at Puduvai, where you can have it.

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After the tour of the Union Territory, the bus would stop at a government-designated area where they would be served lunch and craft beer for two hours.

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