Veligandu Island Maldives: Why It Is Your Perfect Getaway?

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Maldives a perfect holiday destination offers more than 180 habitable islands to visit among its 1100+ islands. Choosing the perfect Island from this vast list is daunting for most of its tourists planning their Maldives trip package. If you are one among them, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

The special charm of Maldives extends beyond a single visit, as the serene vistas of this natural splendour change with time making you visit any number of times. Among all, one Island that needs a special call is the Veligandu Island Maldives.

Not only this island is famous for marine activities but the spellbinding stays, dining options, and various island activities make it one of the best Island resorts to stay in the Maldives. Let’s check for more insights on where to stay on Veligandu Island, top restaurants and the best things to do here.

About Veligandu Island Maldives


Veligandu Island Maldives also known as Veligandu Huraa is a secluded island nestled in the North Ari Atoll. Locals named this Veligandu in their native language Dhivehi which translates to ‘Sandbank’.

It gained its name due to its picturesque white sand beaches amidst the tranquil Indian waters all across. Not only its beaches but other factors like rich vegetation, abundant marine life, cultural mix and best-in-class accommodations make Veligandu Island the perfect destination for all its tourists.

How To Reach Veligandu Island Resorts?


Neatly cuddled in a 22-acre beautiful island escape, Veligandu Island Resorts & Spa is at a distance of 58 km from the capital city of Male. You can reach this elegant place via multiple transports, most of the Veligandu Island Resorts provide free transfers, however, if you choose a regular hotel you need to cover your travel charges.

  • Seaplane Transfer: Charges are around 360 USD for adults and 180 USD for children aged 2-11 years.
  • Speed Boat Transfer: It is 240 USD for adults and 120 USD for children aged 2-11 years

Speed boat transfer takes around 75 minutes and will be available whenever needed. For the seaplane, you need to reach by 3:00 PM at Male to take a ride of 20 minutes to reach Veligandu Island Resorts.

Best Resorts In Veligandu Island Maldives

Source: Ayada Maldives

Here are the rooms available at Veligandu Maldives Resort Island:

  1. Veligandu Overwater Villas: Luxurious Stay option in the range of $700-$1100 per night with spacious living area and private sundeck.
  2. Beach Villas At Veligandu: Beachfront villas with a price range of $500-$950 per night. You can get access to the private outdoor view of the tropical vegetation.
  3. Jacuzzi Beach Villas: This lavish stay comes at the price of $800-$1600 per night. Get access to the private special Jacuzzi with hydro boosted with pristine panoramic oceanic views.
  4. Sunset Ocean Pool Villa: Sunset Ocean Pool Villa is the perfect blend of luxury and calmness. It offers panoramic views of the sunset in the evening with access to a private lagoon and also breakfast at the private pool. With lots of indoor fun activities and multiple culinary options, these stay comes at a price range of $1000-$2000 per night.

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Right Time To Visit Veligandu Island Maldives


The best tourist season to Veligandu Island Maldives is from November to April. Maldives in November especially offers a calm and composed climate amidst this tropical region.

December to April months are also ideal for outdoor activities with less humidity and rainfall. These months are high season for Maldives tourism as there are high chances for the marine life to appear more.

For this reason, you will be charged a premium high for your stays and activities during this season. If you want to stay within the budget to visit Veligandu Island Maldives, visit this place during the off-season.

 Though marine sightings of white sharks, Manta Rays and dolphins are on the tough side, you can surely enjoy the serene beauty of this place without a doubt on a budget.

Top 7 Restaurants Near Veligandu Island Maldives


Here are the top 7 restaurants to explore in Veligandu Island Maldives:

1. Lemon Drop

With a distance of around 5 km from the Veligandu Island Resorts & Spa, Lemon Drop is one of the best restaurants to explore international cuisines.

2. Dhonveli Restaurant

This is the best place to have buffet-style dining. They also offer themed food feasts at times check the dates on their website.

3. Madivaru Restaurant

Specialised in seafood and grilled dishes at affordable prices at the beachfront sitting.

4. Thundi Bar & Restaurant

It’s a regular bar and restaurant to have a beverage dining experience under the stars.

5. Coffee Ole

Best cafe to have an evening leisure with coffee and light snacks at the shoreline.

6. Shallow Lagoon Restaurant

Offers a diverse range of international dining options and beverages.

7. Haruge Restaurant

With a distance of 6 km from Veligandu Island beach this restaurant offers the best food and desserts of a wide range.

Places To Visit In Veligandu Island Maldives

Here are a few places to visit in Veligandu Island in Maldives for relaxation and rejuvenation on your visit:

1. Veligandu Island Beach


It is a leisure place to soak in sun in sun decking with beverages, swimming sessions and also water sports. Veligandu Island Beach also offers its tourists spa services under the sun and themed special events at night.

2. Deep Diving & Snorkeling At Veligandu


You can enjoy abundant marine life like baby sharks, colourful corals, shells and also vibrant fishes in your snorkelling and diving sessions. Prefer guided tours for better sightings and safety, it hardly charges around 150 USD per person.

3. Sunset Cruise At Bikini Beach


This is one of the most romantic things to do in Maldives, you can witness the eye-feasting views of Maldivian sunset amidst the food and beverages with soothing music on deck. The speciality lies in the pink, purple and orange mix of the sky during the sunset.

4. Spa Treatment In Veligandu


Never miss out on world-class spa treatments on Veligandu Island Maldives. You can enjoy Hydri facial, full body massage, and wellness therapies to embrace your body and soul.

5. Water Activities At Veligandu Beach


​Not only snorkelling and diving there are also a plethora options of for water activities like windsurfing, paragliding, kayaking, and jet-skiing services at Veligandu Island Beach.

6. Fishing Trips


Most of the traditional fishermen in Maldives love to fish at night for better catching. You can join them on the fishing trips to try this local culture and unique experience.

7. Island Stroll


With Veligandu guided tours you can hop between the local islands to explore the native culture, traditions, food and also the vegetation views.

Nightlife At Veligandu Island Resorts & Spa


Veligandi Island Resort & Spa nightlife offers various options for its guests to create deep memories. Nightlife can be fun in the perfect backdrop of cold breeze and relaxation.

Dinner can be done under the gazing stars with multiple dining options. For newlyweds, they can opt for customised candle dinners, live music performances and also the traditional cultural shows conducted at times.

Guests can also enjoy the quiet stroll across the shoreline and have a simple sit-out under the sky. The soothing lights all across the resorts at night help you to relax and stress out.

There are times when you can observe the bioluminescence of phytoplankton, a marine microorganism that is a visual feast famous in Maldives. 

Opt for night spa services which will be a tranquillising experience and for better sleep. Places like Sunset Bar offer its visitors a wide collection of beverages and snacks with views of Indian Ocean waters.

Best Fun Activity To Do In Veligandu Island

One of the unique fun activities to do in Veligandu Island apart from snorkelling and deep diving is by participating in the traditional Maldivian cooking class.

This fun-induced activity not only helps you to explore a diverse range of culinary experiences but also helps you to immerse in the specialized cooking techniques trained under world-class chefs. ​

With premium charges, you will also get trained to cook Maldivian famous foods like Boshi Mashuni, Garudiya, Mas Huni and many more. You can learn, cook and even serve your trip partners and have a flavorful twist on your romantic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Veligandu have a house reef?

Yes! Veligandu Island resorts have 2 house reefs. One facing west is easily accessible from the beach and the other is on 5 minutes boat ride.

How many rooms does Veligandu Island Resort have?

Veligandu Island Resort is not short of rooms as it has around 91 regular villas, 54 Jacuzzi water villas, 10 water villas, 16 Jacuzzi Beach villas and 11 Beach Villas.

How do you get to Veligandu Island?

Veligandu Island rests at a distance of 58 km from the capital city Male. You can reach this place via seaplane, speedboat or even cruise varying with time and price.

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