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Today what you see is not the same Mumbai that was there to four centuries back. Mumbai was a cluster of seven islands including Colaba, Little Colaba, Bombay, Mahim, Parel, Mazgaon, and Worli. The current Mumbai that we see today came into existence in 1895. So, today’s peninsula of Mumbai, centuries back was an archipelago.

Located on the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra and the West Coast of India, Mumbai is blessed with the magnificent Arabian Sea. In a heated discussion on which city is the best Mumbaikar always puts an end to the discussion by saying; ‘We have Sea’, and surprisingly the discussion ends. 

Mumbai is blessed with beautiful beaches and coastlines. If you have toured Mumbai even once you would have explored the beaches or the coastlines. Be it Marine Drive, Shivaji Park, Juhu Beach, or Bandra Bandstand every coastline and beach in Mumbai has serenity in its own way. 

Take for example Mumbai Versova Beach, the moment you sit on tetrapods facing the majestic Arabian Sea, the only thing you will hear is the waves colliding with the shore and the only thing you will feel is marine air.

About Versova Beach Mumbai

Mumbai Metro Times

Versova Beach is located in Andheri, an extension of Juhu Beach, and is one of the underrated beaches and one of the best picnic spots in Mumbai. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, although a few years back it was commonly known as the dirtiest beach in Mumbai. The beach of Versova underwent a massive clean-up drive in 2016. This tough grind by the activists led to the basking of the 80 endangered species of turtle famously known as olive ridleys that came for basking on the shore of Versova Beach Mumbai for the first time in 20 years.

Today you can see people including youngsters and adults visiting Mumbai Versova Beach regularly, some spending their leisure time, while some doing exercise. Also, don’t be surprised and try to act a little cool if you see your favourite Bollywood and television actor strolling, jogging, or even playing volleyball with the locals at Versova Beach Mumbai. 

Mumbai Versova Beach is also famous for its water sports including jet skiing, speed boating, banana, sofa, and dragon riding. If not water sports then you can also go with ATV rides which is equally fun.

History Of Versova Beach Mumbai


Versova initially used to be called Vesava means rest, and was a village of Koli People (indigenous people of Mumbai). Versova came under Portugal in the Mediaeval era, during this period many Koli’s were converted to Christianity, today they are famously known as Christian-Koli.

Versova was later conquered by the Marathas followed by the Britishers. In 1800 the British established a training facility for artillery and engineering cadets. However, the facility was moved to the old Bombay city after a fever epidemic affected nearly all the cadets and killed many of them.

Versova Beach was neglected for a long period. This led to environmental degradation and made it the dirtiest beach in Mumbai. In 2015 a major clean-up drive happened at Versova Beach which was led by Afroz Shah, a young lawyer and environmentalist, and Harbansh Mathur, an 84-year-old man. It took them over 21 months to clean the whole coastline of Mumbai Versova Beach. With the help of several volunteers, they closely removed 5,300,000 kilograms (11,684,500 lb) of trash, most of it plastic. The volunteers also cleaned up 52 public toilets and planted over 50 coconut trees. Today Versova Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai.

A little sense of reward was felt when in 2018  Olive Ridley sea turtles returned to the beach for the first time in 20 years to nest and hatchlings were observed heading toward the sea on 22 March 2018.

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Things To Do At Versova Beach

Although Mumbai Versova Beach was not always clean, the largest ever massive clean-up drive that happened in 2016 has made Versova Beach Mumbai one of the cleanest beaches in the city. There are a lot of fun activities to try at Versova Beach Mumbai.

Following are some of the things to do at Versova Beach

1. Watersports


Well, when in Versova Beach, the little adventurous heart wants to play hopscotch in the chest and climb onto the ribs like monkey bars, then you should exactly know that watersport is what will make it serene.

Watersports is one of the major things to do at Versova Beach, it includes jet skiing which costs around Rs. 300/-,  Speed Boating will cost you around Rs. 200/- per person, Banana ride, sofa ride, and dragon ride will cost you around Rs. 300/- per person. 

However, if you are not into watersports then you can always try ATV rides which are equally fun and reasonable. It will cost you only Rs. 200/-.

2. Watching Sun Sets On The Horizon

Sunrise Sunset Times Lookup

The coastline of Mumbai has one of the best sunsets, then be it Bandra Bandstand, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, or Versova Beach. The best feeling at Versova Beach Mumbai is when you take a seat on a tetrapod watching the sun setting on the horizon.

3. Spend Leisure Time With Your Loved One


Be it your wife, girlfriend, friends, or children beaches are the best spot for everyone to spend some quality time and this hidden gem offers you the best place with serenity around. 

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Best Time To Visit Versova Beach

The best time to visit Versova Beach during the day time is during twilight when the sun is not harsh and quite bearable at this point, the sky can turn lavender, red, or orange and it is surely going to be the most beautiful thing you will see after a long day.

If you talk about the season then the best time to visit Versova Beach is during March and April when you can see many turtles basking during this time.

How To Reach Versova Beach


You must be wondering how to reach Versova Beach, which is the nearest railway station so on and so forth. Well, let’s get to all the questions one by one.

Via Metro

The nearest metro station to reach Versova Beach Mumbai is Versova Metro Station. If you are on the Western Line then you can get the metro to Versova from Andheri Railway Station as Andheri Railway Station is connected to Andheri Metro Station. 

If you are on the central line, then you can get the metro from Ghatkopar Metro Station which is connected to Ghatkopar Railway Station. 

Once you reach Versova Metro Station then Versova Beach Mumbai is around 1.1 km.

Via Flight

After you arrive at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport you can get a cab from the airport. The airport is around 7.6 km from Versova Beach Mumbai. Once you reach Andheri you can also opt for a rickshaw, bus, or metro.

Via Road

One good thing about Versova Beach Mumbai is that it is well connected with the other parts of the city via road. Many bus stands are also in use, you can get a bus or a rickshaw to reach Versova Beach Mumbai.

Restaurants Near Versova Beach


At Versova Beach, you might not get something fulfilling to devour the finest Mumbai street food, although there are small vendors selling bhelpuri, momos, chana jor garam, and roasted corn. However, many restaurants near Versova Beach are not only famous for their luscious meal but also offer an aesthetic vibe. 

Following are some of the restaurants near Versova Beach Mumbai

  1. Banana Leaf
  2. Versova Social
  3. The Tanjore Tiffin Room
  4. Miky’s Café & Pizzeria
  5. Cat Café Studio
  6. Global Fusion
  7. Dakshinayan
  9. The Nines
  10. Joey’s Pizza

Hotels Near Versova Beach


Located in the major part of the city, Versova Beach Mumbai is one of the posh areas of Mumbai. Renting hotels near Versova Beach might be expensive. If you are planning to stay near the vicinity then you should pre-book your hotels near Versova Beach to avoid last-minute hassle.

Following are some of the listed hotels near Versova Beach

  1. Asian Suits Andheri
  2. Hotel Ariana Residency
  3. Panchavati Residence
  4. Hotel Classio Andheri
  5. Svenska Design Hotel 
  6. Hotel Aksa Inn
  7. Hotel Vaithi Residency
  8. Unique Peaceful Cottage
  9. De Classico Hotel
  10. Village Residency Apartments
  11. Hotel Aksa Inn
  12. Hotel Amber Paramount
  13. Hotel Astros
  14. AR Residency 
  15. The Lalit, Mumbai

Places To Visit Near Versova Beach

Located in the posh location of Mumbai there are many places to visit near Versova Beach.

Following are some of the places to visit near Versova Beach

1. Juhu Beach


Versova Beach Mumbai is an extension of Juhu Beach. Near Juhu Beach, you can locate a handful of eateries including street food and restaurants. Horse riding at Juhu Beach is another fun activity you can try.

If you have come to Juhu Beach in the radiating summer then let the savoury ice gola come to your rescue. From kala khatta to mango, lemon, and rose, the vendors have them all.

2. Cat Cafe Studio


Well, if you are a cat person and want to pet a cat but cannot because, of “abba nahi manege” don’t worry, Cat Cafe Studio has got you covered. Cat Cafe Studio is one of the best places to visit near Versova Beach. It is a cafe cum petting arena. Here you can munch on some of their mouth-watering cuisine.

3. ISKCON Temple, Juhu


It is one of the best places if you are seeking spirituality near Juhu. The temple is around 3.5 km from Mumbai Versova Beach. The temple is beautifully made with white marble and is one of the largest Krishna temples in the vicinity.

4. Mount Mary Church


Located in Bandra, Mount Mary Church is around 12 km from Mumbai Versova Beach. It dates back to the 15th Century making it one of the oldest churches in Mumbai and is located on the hilltop which is around 80 meters from the sea level. The church was originally built as a chapel by a Jesuit priest and was later rebuilt as a church.

Is Versova Beach crowded?

Versova Beach Mumbai is comparatively less crowded than other beaches in Mumbai.

Which is the nearest station to Versova Beach?

Andheri Railway Station is the nearest Railway station to Mumbai Versova Beach and the nearest metro station is Versova Metro Station.

Why is Versova Beach famous?

Versova Beach Mumbai is famous for its cleanliness and enchanting beauty.

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