Explore The Historic Victoria Garden: Green Haven of Ahmedabad

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Victoria Garden, also known as Lokmanya Tilak Bag, is a historic public park located near the Riverfront and Ellis Bridge in Ahmedabad. It was created during the British period and initially has a statue of Queen Victoria, which is now in the Sarkar Kendra Museum. The park was renamed after Lokmanya Tilak, with his statue unveiled and honoured by Mahatma Gandhi in 1929. Today, the park is a favourite spot for people to gather, relax, and enjoy entertaining activities.

One of the main attractions of Victoria Garden Ahmedabad Lokmanya Tilak is its diverse collection of plants and trees. The garden is highly maintained, with pathways lined by tall and robust trees, colourful flower beds, and clipped lawns. Seasonal flowers add a hint of colour throughout the year, making each visit a unique visual experience. The well-maintained greenery not only provides a beautiful background for daily walking but also serves as a habitat for various bird species, making it a spot for bird watchers.

Victoria Garden: Overview

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Since the 1950s, Victoria Garden Ahmedabad Gujarat has hosted the crowded Sunday Flea Market, known as Ravivari or Gurjari. Some trees have matured over the years and provide shelter for diverse bird species, making it a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the city. Features like water fountains, play areas, and pavilions add to its charm, attracting visitors of all ages.

Victoria Garden in Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad is one of three famous gardens in India, along with other two in Mumbai and Kolkata. Recently, it began a makeover through the Pratiti Initiative, funded by the U.N. Mehta Foundation. It started in 2016 with an effort to refresh public parks across the nation. 

The work of redesigning the gardens is led by LEAF, with support from Anjali Jain of SharedGround. Their goal is to update Victoria Garden into a modern space while preserving its historical charm.

Victoria Garden Ahmedabad History

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Over 200 years ago, the British established Victoria Garden in Ahmedabad to create a peaceful retreat for visitors. The gardens, settled over 23,000 square meters, exhibit rich greenery, water fountains, and statues that only add to its beauty. During the Victorian Era (1837-1901), gardens had evolved to showcase beauty alongside its purpose.

In 1897, local people celebrated Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee by turning a jail garden into the beautiful Victoria Diamond Jubilee Garden. In 1910, a marble statue of Queen Victoria, made by artist H G Mhatre, was revealed in the garden. Today, this statue is kept in the Sanskar Kendra Museum and represents the garden’s historical importance.

Recently, the UNM Foundation, The Park’s People, and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation worked together to restore Victoria Garden. Through the Pratiti initiative, they kept the garden’s traditional design while adding modern features. They restored the water bodies, preserved old trees, and added new green spaces like a maze garden and larger lawns. They also included a children’s play area, a volleyball court, and a city plaza, making Victoria Garden a peaceful yet lively garden amid the city.

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Best Time To Visit Victoria Garden

Victoria Garden is suitable to visit throughout the year. The best part? Victoria Garden Ahmedabad entry fee is absolutely zero! Feel free to visit for free at your convenience.

However, certain seasons bring out the best of the garden. Like, the winter months, from November to February, are particularly pleasant with mild temperatures. Then during the monsoon season, the blooming flowers transform the garden into a beautiful paradise, with the fresh rain making the surroundings dewy and adding depth to the vibrancy of plants and trees.

Key Features And Attractions

1. Statue of Queen Victoria

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A majestic statue of Queen Victoria stands at the heart of Queen Victoria Garden, serving as a reminder of its historical roots. The statue, crafted with fine detailing makes it a popular spot for visitors to take photographs and appreciate the colonial heritage of the garden.

2. Play Area for Children

Victoria Garden is an excellent destination for families with children. The garden features a well-equipped play area with swings, slides, and other types of equipment, ensuring that kids have plenty to play and enjoy themselves while parents relax nearby.

3. Walking and Jogging Pathways

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For people who are looking for a space to exercise and keep their body fit, the garden offers a well-carved pathway for walking and jogging. Early mornings and late afternoons are particularly pleasant times to enjoy a brisk walk or a regular jog, surrounded by the garden’s peaceful atmosphere.

4. Ponds and Fountains

The garden is filled with ponds and fountains cemented to different nooks and corners of the garden, making it more magical.

Victoria Garden features a special Memorial Fountain honouring a beloved son along with a monument marking a major struggle for independence. These structures, along with the peaceful experiences the park offers, serve as gentle reminders of the past.

The soothing sound of splattering waters and the sight of sucks swimming across the pond creates a peaceful atmosphere, a perfect location to meditate.

5. Seating Areas and Gazebos

Many benches and gazebos are scattered throughout the garden, providing comfortable spots to sit and soak in the surroundings. Whether you’re reading a book, having a picnic, or simply enjoying the scenery, these seating areas offer the perfect place to relax.

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Tips for Visiting Victoria Garden

To make the most of your visit to Victoria Garden, consider the following tips:

1. Victoria Garden Timings

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The garden is open 24 hours; from early morning until late evening, so considering Victoria Garden timings anytime is really no issue!  The best hours to visit are during the early morning or late afternoon.

2. Pack Your Picnic Essentials

If you plan to have a picnic, bring along a blanket, snacks, and drinks. The garden’s spacious lawns with seating areas and gazebos provide an excellent setting for a relaxing picnic with family or friends.

3. Photography

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Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the garden’s beauty. Early morning light is ideal for photography, with the early sun rays highlighting the colors of fresh flowers and making the greenery come out refreshed.

4. Bird Watching Tip

For bird enthusiasts, bring a pair of binoculars to catch sight of the various bird species. Early mornings are the best time for bird watching, as many birds flock around the fresh sun rays.

Places To Visit Near Victoria Garden

After exploring Victoria Garden, you might want to check out some nearby attractions to complete your day in Ahmedabad:

1. Bhadra Fort


Bhadra Fort is just a short walk away from Victoria Garden. It is a historical fortress, well-known for its architecture from back to the 15th century. The fort houses now government offices and a Kali temple.

Distance: approximately 450 metres

2. Kankaria Lake


Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad is one of the most popular attractions in the city. The lake features a zoo, a toy train, and numerous fun activities, making it a great destination for families.

Distance: approximately 3.9 km

3. Jama Masjid


Builtin the 15th century, Jama Masjid Ahmedabad is one of the oldest mosques in India and is renowned for its stunning architecture and historical significance.

Distance: approximately 1.3 km

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Victoria Garden open?

Victoria Garden was established over 200 years ago in Ahmedabad during the British Colonial Period.

Who built Victoria Garden?

Victoria Garden was built by the Britishers.

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