Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur: A Tour Concluded To Class and Luxury

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Vintage Car Museum, which is located in the lively city of Udaipur has stored something special for their visitors to showcase the glory of the Mewar Dynasty and that is their rich collection of vintage cars. 

This museum in the Rajasthan package has a valuable collection of about 22 cars, including four Rolls-Royces, two Cadillacs, an MG_TC convertible, a Ford-A convertible, a Vauxhall-12, and other special vehicles like solar-powered rickshaws. This extravagant collection of the Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur serves as a medium to describe the lives of Maharajas of Udaipur. 

Despite the age of these cars, they have been maintaining their condition, keeping them squeaky clean, and proving that these aren’t just to show; they could still run smoothly. Although Udaipur is widely renowned for its architectural wonders, royal forts, and beautiful lakes, the Vintage Car and Museum is another new perspective that dotes keenly on the rich history of this city. Anyone interested in witnessing the lavish past of the Mewars and understanding their legacy, planning a visit to Vintage Cars and Museum in Udaipur is all you need.

Location Of Vintage And Classic Car Museum

The location of Vintage and Classic Car Museum is conveniently located at a distance of 1.5 km from Udaipur City Railway Station and only 1 km from Udaipur City Bus Depot. The museum is situated inside the premises of the Grand Hotel and Restaurants, a property of HRH Group of Hotels, Udaipur, and can be easily found on the Gulab Bagh Road, just opposite the Gulab Bagh and Zoo.

Ride a taxi or a fun local rickshaw to get there!

Architecture & History Of Vintage Car Museum

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The Vintage Car Museum or Vintage & Classic Car Museum is owned by Rana Shri Arvind Ji Mewar. The museum was announced to the public on February 15, 2000, and was inaugurated by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, who is the founder of the National Motor Museum in England.

The architecture of the Vintage Car Museum is exactly what someone would imagine when thinking about cars. A garage! Yes, Within the great expanse of the hotel, there lies a major portion of a semi-circular garage. The forecourt of this garage is trapped inside the larger courtyard of the hotel. While the sandstone walls of the grand hotel exude the royalty and legacy of Udaipur, the architecture of the Vintage Car Museum in contrast is classy and simple, breathing the air of homeliness.

As these vintage cars can be geared up to this day, the premise of the museum also exhibits a petrol pump to support the working conditions of these automobiles. The Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur has not only been a shelter for classic twenty cars but it is also a living testament to the Mewar dynasty. It narrates the tales of their lavish pursuits and is a living example of how the Mewars make runs at keeping their legacy alive.

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Best Time To Visit The Vintage Car Museum

The best time to visit the Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur is the autumn and winter season, between October to March, when the temperature during the day hours typically ranges around 10°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F). During this time, the weather is more pleasant for exploring and sightseeing. Visitors are also free from any discomfort of intense heat.

It is also advisable to consider visiting during the mornings or late afternoons. The location of Vintage and Classic Car Museum allows the visitors to bargain more time from their tour hours and combine it by exploring the nearby attractions to make the most out of this beautiful city.

How To Reach The Vintage Car Museum

If you compare the location of Vintage and Classic Car Museum to the location of your arrival, then you will notice the distance is quite manageable; 1.5 km from Udaipur City Railway Station and only 1 km from Udaipur City Bus Depot. Visitors can easily ride the local buses or rickshaws to reach. The best part about how to reach the Vintage Car Museum? It is convenient and inexpensive.

However, if you’re taking the airport route then the matter of reaching is slightly different. The distance from the Maharana Pratap Airport to the Vintage Car Museum is 20 km. Although, private cabs and taxis are conveniently available as per your requirement.

Entry fees and timings of Vintage Car Museum


The prestigious Vintage Car Museum Udaipur, home to a rich collection of luxury and vintage cars, has set specific hours to manage crowd flow and charge a fair amount for visiting to help fund maintenance and operations to enhance the experience. Below are the details for entry fees and timings of Vintage Car Museum:

Entry fees

  • For Adults- 250
  • For Kids- 150
  • For Foreigners- 500


  • Opens Daily from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Please note that the management has the right to either change or withdraw these rates without any prior notice.

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Things To Do At Vintage Car Museum

Other than exploring this assemble of cars, there are further things to do at Vintage Car Museum:

Admire the Car Collection

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Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur showcases a classic collection of unique and antique cars. Visit and admire multiple high-end car brands like Mercedes Benz, Ford, Rolls Royce, and many more. They also exhibit some other special vehicles like solar-powered rickshaws.

Explore Beyond Cars

Apart from the rich collection of cars and other automobiles, the museum often arranges temporary exhibitions or galleries related to the art of classic automobiles, photographs, and other souvenirs.

Expect Educational Tours

Indulge in more guided tours from knowledgeable guide members who can provide more insight on the designs, and engineering aspects and can also shed some light on their cultural significance. These tours would especially interest car enthusiasts.

Attend Workshops and Events

The museum often arranges several workshops and events to attend for visitors. They provide more detailed knowledge of these vintage cars and their history. These events also discuss the techniques to restore their safe-keeping and methods of furnishing, which is overall an interesting session to not miss.

Capture the Experience

Don’t just admire, take the whole experience with you forever. The museum provides a classy setting amidst all the luxury cars, that provide you perfect opportunities to take as many memorable shots as you wish to capture.

Shop at the Museum

The Vintage & Classic Car Museum also has a museum gift shop inside the property. You can freely browse and shop for various items like souvenirs, books, car miniature models, or some other related merchandise that could give you a lifetime memory of these vintage cars and vehicles.

Places to Visit Near Vintage Car Museum Udaipur

While visiting to witness the lavish assembly of these vintage and classic cars, there are other prominent places to visit near Vintage Car Museum Udaipur:

The City Palace Museum


This enchanting 450-year-old palace, the City Palace in Udaipur used to serve as a residence to the Mewar rulers. It was in 1996, through the potential help of Maharana Bhagwat Singh, that the City Palace was declared as the City Palace Museum to the public. The Palace originally was divided into two sections; the Mardana Mahal and the Zenana Mahal, and both of the divisions were donated to the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) which led to the establishment of the museum.

This palace is an architectural wonder with intricate carvings that are inspired by the Rajasthani and Mughal styles. The City Palace Museum is interwoven with multiple structures like Pols, Chowks, Niwas, Vilas, and Mahals. Many of these structures are undergoing reparation and restoration projects.

The City Palace Museum has a vast and rich collection of galleries and displays that highlight the lavish lifestyle and cultural heritage of the royal of the Mewar-like historical photographs, artefacts, Armor, weapons, miniature paintings, and chandeliers. This majestic palace also has allowed visits inside the royal residence, their courtyards, and gardens for visitors to admire and understand the royal lifestyle. 

Lake Pichola


Udaipur is renowned as the ‘City of Lakes’ as this beautiful city is surrounded by several lakes. One of the lakes that is as pretty as the picture is Lake Pichola. This artificial setting of the lake sits right in the middle of the city and was built in the year of 1362 AD. Yes, it’s that ancient and was named after the village Picholi. The lake was initially built by a gypsy but was expanded further by building a dam under the reign of Maharana Udai Singh.

The lake has four islands— Jag Niwas which is the birthplace of Lake Palace, now transformed into a hotel. The second one is Jag Mandir which is home to the infamous Lake Garden Palace. Third, Mohan Mandir, a sacred island from where the King used to watch the Gangaur festival celebration that was held every year. Last but not least of the islands is Arsi Villas, which was specifically designed to delight in the sunset on the lake. Arsi Villas is now a sanctuary for a variety of birds including ducks, coots, kingfishers, and many more.

Saheliyon Ki Bari


Saheliyon Ki Bari, also known as the Garden of Maidens, is a beautiful blend of nature and human creativity. Located in Udaipur, this Bari is a walking heaven with its stunning marble pavilions, lotus ponds, and rain fountains. The garden was built between 1710 and 1734 by Rana Sangram Singh, also known as Rana Sanga, who built it for his queen and the 48 maids who came with her as a wedding gift. It was meant to be a peaceful retreat from political matters, where the queen and her maids could enjoy the beauty of nature.

The garden is well-designed with lawns, flowerbeds, and dome-shaped fountain compartments, carved with intricate designs, which only adds to its charm. The fountains are spread across four water pools. Maharana Bhopal Singh added an alcove with rain fountains to make it look like maidens dancing in the rain. These fountains were brought from England and add a special touch to the garden.

The garden also has a museum exhibiting royal household items, including stuffed cobras and other animals which offer an interesting look into the past. The shady lawns adorned with bougainvillaea and a central bath area with a fountain make the garden even more beautiful.


Visiting the Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur promises an exciting journey into the royal history of this beautiful city. With its fascinating collection of vintage cars and accessible location, it’s a must-visit attraction for everyone. Besides admiring the cars, visitors can enjoy educational tours, and workshops, and even grab some souvenirs at the museum shop. 

Don’t forget to explore nearby sights like the City Palace Museum and Saheliyon Ki Bari for a complete Udaipur experience. And remember, check the Entry fees and timings of Vintage Car Museum before planning your trip to make sure you don’t miss out. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends or family, book your ride, and take on a memorable journey through the rich heritage of Udaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entry fee for the vintage car museum in Udaipur?

The entry fees and timings of Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur are 250 INR for adults and 150 INR for children. The museum opens and closes at 9:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M., respectively.

Is the Vintage Car Museum worth visiting?

Yes, the Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur with its rich collection of luxury cars and other activities to explore like visiting workshops, educational tours, etc., is worth visiting.

How many cars are there in the Vintage Car Museum Udaipur?

The museum has a valuable collection of about 22 cars, including four Rolls-Royces, two Cadillacs, an MG_TC convertible, a Ford-A convertible, a Vauxhall-12, and other special vehicles like solar-powered rickshaws.

Who is the biggest vintage car collector in India?

Pranlal Bhogilal, who was a notable businessman and philanthropist, acquired about over 200 vintage cars and classic automobiles.

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