Travelling Has Become Easy With Visa-Free Entry For Indians In Thailand!

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To help Thailand’s tourism and economy, the government decided to let tourists from India and Taiwan stay longer without needing a visa. The Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, said they can visit until November 11 with Visa-Free Entry for Indians in Thailand. They can stay for up to 30 days each time they come. This gives them more time to enjoy Thailand’s many sights and help the country’s economy grow.

Thailand decided to let Indian and Taiwanese tourists stay longer with Visa-Free Entry for Indians in Thailand because it worked well last year. Before, they could stay for 15 days with a visa when they arrived. But now, they can stay longer without needing a visa. Thailand depends on tourists, so they’re making it easier for people from important places like China and Russia to visit too.

Guess what? Thailand got a massive boost in tourism! Over 12 million foreign tourists visited in the first four months of 2024, which is a whopping 39% increase compared to last year. And get this, a bunch of these visitors were from China, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, and India. They were like half of all the tourists! This surge in visitors shows just how vital it is for Thailand to keep attracting people from these countries to help its recovery. Let’s keep those tourists coming!

Thailand is still dealing with COVID-19, but they’re determined to boost tourism. So, they’re letting Indian and Taiwanese tourists stay longer without needing a visa. This shows that the government wants to bring back tourists and make sure everyone feels welcome.

Lots of Indians love visiting Thailand because it’s so awesome! Every year, millions of them come here to enjoy the lively culture, beautiful beaches, and busy cities. Whether you like the excitement of Bangkok or the peaceful vibes of places like Phuket and Koh Samui, Thailand has something cool for everyone to enjoy.

Indians love going to Thailand for vacations because it’s close by and doesn’t cost a lot. Whether they’re chowing down on tasty street food, checking out old temples, or chilling on beautiful beaches, Thailand always gives them an amazing time that they want to repeat every year. Plus, the friendly people, fun nightlife, and cool culture make it even more appealing to Indian travellers.

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