Beware! You Can Be The Next Victim Of A Visa Scam

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Everyone has one wish they want to fulfill: go on a foreign trip, get an education, or enhance their career. The biggest concern is getting a visa for that proper destination; thanks to technology, applying for a visa has become easier. 

But every aspect has its own pros and cons. The biggest con in getting a visa is you can be scammed and lose your money by fraudsters, and you must try to avoid becoming a victim of this process. Here are some key points that you can look after:

Watch Out For Fake URLs or Websites


Various websites provide visa services, but most of them are fraudulent. Look out for authentic websites affiliated with the government that have been given access by the embassies.

Not Every Social Media Is Real


In a recent incident, Delhi police captured a trio doing fraudulent work related to visas. Their biggest audience was the youth across the states. They used to make attractive ads put up on social media to attract youngsters. Remember, as we say, every person you laugh with is not your friend; similarly, every ad you observe on social media is not real. Do thorough research before entering any visa agency.

Submitting Forged Documents


The fraudulent agencies take all your details and make forged or fake birth certificates, bank statements, employment letters with applications, or any other documents by which you may get caught during the visa processes and can be detained for getting any visa for several years.

The Biggest Red Flag


Do you know the biggest red flag when you find out that the agency in front of you is a fraud? Guaranteed Visas! There isn’t a single agency with a claimed visa because it takes more than a year or more to process a visa application for countries such as the USA, UK, Europe, etc. If they assure you of guaranteed visas, dear friend, you might lose your money. 

Visa On Sale


Some cases involve buying and selling of visas. Getting into another country might look like a shortcut, but this will be the shortcut to the prison with handcuffs. Buying someone else’s visa is impossible; you will get caught, and selling your visa is illegal.

Awareness Is The Key


As technology develops daily, the chances of getting scammed digitally have been raised at a 2X speed. The bottom line is, to be honest and look for sincere and authentic agencies, do thorough research on the official requirements and protocols made by the embassy of the particular country you want to visit, check those official websites, verify information, and always trust your instincts if you are feeling uncomfortable about those visa procedures given by agencies you can investigate before processing the application.


 Stay aware of the surroundings that you live in and stay informed about the tactics used by these fraudsters who will try to deceive people interested in seeking visas. Read those news articles and alerts related to visa scams and every scam that may lead to your personal loss.

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