Vistara Will Provide In-Flight Wi-Fi To Its Passenger

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The only thing we didn’t like about flying was the fact that it didn’t allow us to stay connected with the world. Visatara has solved this problem by allowing in-flight wifi messaging to keep their loved ones updated about them. 

With this advancement, passengers will be able to use their tablets, phones and laptops on the flight. It is quite common among International flights, especially the ones with long durations, and now Vistara has joined the club, making India proud by being the first Indian airline to provide wifi services. 

This will allow passengers to stay connected with their friends and family even at a staggering height of 35000 feet above sea level. They will be able to use their social media accounts and give updates to their families. 

This service is especially for business travellers during long flights. It allows them to respond to important emails and talk to their colleagues while they are traveling. 

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