Waterbom Bali: Splish, Splash and Splosh

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The 127-meter flatline loop length, 25-meter aqua drop, and 110-metre Wizzard length, more than 22 water slides, spa service, and buggy Jumpy, we are not describing anything in Europe or the United States but we are talking about the amazing Waterbom Waterpark in Bali, the largest waterpark in Asia. 

Waterbom Bali is spread over 3.8 hectares of land and offers a range of fun-filled, thrilling, and nerve-wracking water slides, pools, and other attractions well suited for all age groups. 

Waterbom Waterpark in Kuta Indonesia has several thrilling water slides including a lazy river, python, constrictor, smashdown, fast and fierce, and much more.

In addition, the Waterbom Bali also gave a lavish dining option for visitors to munch in between the water slides.

One of the striking features of Waterbom Waterpark Bali is its commitment to sustainability and environment-friendliness through its eco-conscious practices. The waterpark is carbon neutral and is working religiously in water recycling and waste composting. 

Waterbon Waterpark in Bali is a must-visit destination in Bali tour packages for an entertaining vacation with family and friends. 

Things to do Nearby Waterbom In Bali

There are plentiful places to visit and things to do near Waterbom Waterpark Park for the tourists who wish to utilize their day after spending a gala time at the waterpark.

1. Kuta Beach


Kuta Beach in Bali is one of the vibrant and renowned beaches of Bali. This beach with white sand and crystal clear water attracts visitors for water adventure activities, delectable local cuisine, a serene setting sun, and an exquisite shopping experience. At Kuta Beach in Bali, visitors can have a relaxing massage service and surfboards for the adventurers. 

The spotlight of this beach is the high-spirited nightlife with beach clubs and bars offering DJ night and live concerts.  

2. Seminyak Beach


This beach which is just adjacent to the Kuta beach is well established for high-end restaurants, boutiques, and classy pubs. With its sophisticated atmosphere, Seminyak Beach in Bali attracts visitors who are seeking a laid-back day in line with the elegant beachside restaurants. 

This beach attracts surfers, and swimmers alike for an adventure-filled day with the high tides of the turquoise waters. 

3. Legian Beach


This popular beach in Bali is known for an excruciating shopping experience. This beach is a shopper delight with numerous stalls, markets, souvenir shops, and local handcraft products. 

Spa and massage services are available right at the beach for a relaxing day. Legian Beachin Bali is ideal for water sports inviting swimmers, and surfers of all levels from beginners to professionals. 

Activities in Waterbon Waterpark in Bali

Here is a complete guide to all the activities for the visitors to indulge in Waterbom Waterpark in Bali.

1. Funtastic

The funtastic zone is especially for kids above the age of 6. This activity in Waterbom Waterpark has everything for the kids from water cannons to water slides to ropes and giant dump buckets to have a fun time at the waterpark.  Kids under the age of 6 must be accompanied by adults for water rides.

2. Lazy River

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This lazy river at the Waterbom Waterpark is for a laid-back and relaxing floating experience in a calm artificial river making its way through the lush tropical greenery. 

This zone in the Waterbom Waterpark is well-suited for all age groups and a perfect place for families to rewind and escape from the heat into serene settings.

3. Constrictor

Constrictor is an adrenaline-gushing water slide at the Waterbom Bali. As the adventurer slides down the slide, the various twists, turns, and curves add a level of thrill and excitement to the steep water slide. The numerous winding coils constrict the riders and offer a sensational challenge.

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4. Python


The must-try water slide at the Waterbom Waterpark Bali is the python. As the name signals this slide is designed to take the rider through the innumerable winding snake-like coils. At this signature slide at the Waterbom Balithe riders sense the splashing water as they navigate through the slide. Python slide with its unique one-of-a-kind provides a thrilling and memorable experience to the riders.  

5. Twin Racers

How electrifying it would be if you could race along the slides at the Waterbom Bali. Twin Racer a dynamic water slide offers an exciting racing experience. At this parallel slide, the two racers can slide down side by side and see who reaches the bottom first and who is the slippiest. This fun-filled slide is the major attraction at the Waterbom Waterpark Bali.

6. Smashdown 2.0


Smashdown 2.0 is an upgraded version of the smashdown with enhanced features and double the excitement.  As the riders embark on their sliding experience at smashdown 2.0, they encounter sudden drop downs, twists, turns, and sharp turns. The smashdown 2.0 at the Waterbomb Bali is nerve-wracking intense curves as the rider makes the way through the splashing water. 

7. Fast and Fierce

This dramatic slide at the Waterbom Bali adds thrill to your visit to the waterpark with the gushing speed and intense dropdowns.  The slide swears by its name that only the fiercest rider can take up the challenge and conquer it. The thrilling speed pumps the heart and adds a high level of excitement. This slide is a favorite among the challenge seekers. 

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8. Double twist


Double twist slide at the Waterbom Bali has double the thrill, double the excitement, and double the twists and turns. As the name suggests the rapid encounter of the twist at this slide adds the intensity to the sliding experience. This slide offers an unforgettable experience as the ride goes through multiple twists and turns and finally a sudden drop down at the pool of water.

9 . Pipeline

The pipeline offers an amazing view of the waterpark from a great height above the head. The transparent pipelines give the riders an amazing view of the Kuta skyline as they rider goes through at a gushing speed through the transparent pipeline directly down at the bottom. The feel of sub-zero gravity adds an adrenaline rush to the water slide rending it as a daring challenge to undertake. 

10. Climax


This slide at the Waterbom Bali will leave you screaming, however daring you might be. This slide is rated on the count 5, maximum at the thrill and speed. At this heart-pounding slide, the rider drops vertically downwards and is whipped into an inverted loop under 2.5G’s of force. Once you finish the slide you are sure to win accolades from the crowd for mastering the art of this daring slide. 

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Services at Waterbom Bali

  1. Waterebom Waterpark Bali has various dining outlets at the separate corners of the waterpark for the ease of the visitors. The waterpark has an extensive cuisine keeping in mind the tourists from various nationalities visiting the park.
  2. Visitors can relax after a fun-filled with thrilling water slides in the in-house spa service that offers massages, facials, reflexology, and other traditional services.
  3. Visitors who are visiting along with their families and friends or include a large group of people can have a private cabana booked for themselves to relax in between the water activities and recharge for the other ones.
  4. Waterbom Waterpark Bali also offers swimming services for adults as well as kids by professional instructors.
  5. Waterbom Bali also provides the facility of organizing a pool party and other corporate and private events at their property with special arrangements.

Waterbom waterpark ticket price


The ticket price for the Waterbom Waterpark Bali is different for kids and adults.

Adults: IDR   522,000                

Kids (age 2-11 years): IDR 387,000

Best Time To Visit Waterbom Waterpark

Waterbom Waterpark Bali rides are open for tourists and local guests throughout the year. People can enjoy all the rides and slides year-round. 

However, due to the massive rush at the weekend, try to plan your visit to the Waterbom waterpark around weekdays to avoid the queues and bumping with others during your steepest rides. 

How to reach WaterBon Bali


Waterbon Bali theme Park is located strategically near the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The water park is just a 6-minute drive from the airport, so tourists can begin their adventurous vacation in Bali from the amazing and thrilling water slides.

Waterbom Waterpark Bali can easily be accessed from the nearby beaches of Kutu and Seminyak via hiring a cab or renting a scooter. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does it cost to go to Waterbom Park Bali?

For Waterbom Park, visitors will have to pay a sum of the amount IDR 387,000 per child and IDR 387,000 per Adult. However, there are discounted rates for the families and groups that can be availed at the entrance. 

Can I enter again in the Waterbom Bali with the same ticket?

Your ticket is valid for the whole day. If you wish to exit and then re-enter later then you can exit by taking an exit pass. This exit pass will have to be presented when you return and enter the Waterbom Bali.

How many rides are at Waterbom Bali?

There are nearly 22 rides at the Waterbom Waterpark Bali. along with the other attractions. Especially for kids, the waterpark has a separate zone where the slides are well suited for their age group. 

What are the opening hours of Waterpark Bali?

The Waterbom Waterpark Bali is open from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. 

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