Waterfalls In Sri Lanka: Explore The Beauty

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Sri Lanka, known for its enchanting beauty, has so many gorgeous waterfalls to witness. But, many of them are inaccessible which makes them more magical. But, the ones accessible are no less gorgeous either! 

Why not see the beauty of this island where it’s all about dense forests, rocky terrains, and gorgeous waterfalls? You will definitely feel mesmerized by seeing the surreal views of the location. There are so many places to visit in Sri Lanka, so why not spend your time in the most beautiful location? 

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Best Waterfalls In Sri Lanka

Let us help you know the must-visit waterfalls in Sri Lanka! These are the ones that will take you through the magical beauty of the country. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Ravana Falls

Image Source : Kuda Ravana Ella

This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Sri Lanka, which is why you would find it a bit crowded. Also, they are known to be the wildest waterfalls and look the best during rain. 

Located in the misty mountains of Ella, they gush down a height of 25 meters falling from an oval concave rock. Also, during the wet season, it shows the best of it but decreases in the off-season. 

Also, it is named Ravana waterfalls as they have a great significance for him. You must remember the Ramayan tour in Sri Lanka! So, whenever you plan to have a trip to this beautiful place, don’t miss this gem.

Height: 25 meters

How to reach: You need to take a 20-minute drive from Ella in Badulla. 

Important information: You should not miss the Ravana Ella cave, which is a little far away from the place.  

2. Dunhinda Waterfalls

Image Source : Dunhinda Waterfall

You cannot miss this beauty! It was formed by the diversion of the Badulu Oya River. They are mesmerizing and popularly known for the smokey surrounding spray. 

They are absolutely stunning and definitely worth a visit while you are in Sri Lanka! Also, 64 meters long, located 30 kilometers away from Ella and you need to walk for 1.5 kilometers after entering the main gate. 

Here, people can witness the various species of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife as well. Also, you should keep in mind that the best time to visit Sri Lanka for waterfalls is between November to March which demonstrates the rainy season in the country. They will have more volume and a whole different vibe that results in more spray to attract tourists as well. 

Height: 64 meters

How to reach: You can take a tuk-tuk from the city of Badula

Important information: You can also see Kuda Dunhinda, which is another beautiful waterfall but you should know that the path is muddy for that. 

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3. Bakers Falls

Image Source : Baker's Falls

When we talk about the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka, you cannot miss this surreal beauty. They are the widest waterfalls in the country, which are made of little streams rushing down the rocks. Many people consider this to be one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka. 

There is a bit of a hike through Horton Plains National Park, but a beauty worth visiting! Also, these get a little risky during the rainy season because of the slippery nature out there. So, you need to put on the best hiking shoes for your own convenience. 

They have been named after the famous British explorer, Sir Samuel Baker. 

Height: 20 meters

How to reach: You can take the short trek from the Horton Plains National Park 

Important information: You should avoid this during the rainy season because of the risk involved. 

4. Lover’s Leap Waterfall

Image Source : Lover's Leap Waterfall

Let’s talk about this one great magical waterfall in Sri Lanka! Located in the countryside of Nuwara Eliya with a height of 30 meters. It is one of the best honeymoon places in Sri Lanka

They are genuinely stunning with the views of tea plantations and people can walk towards the top of the waterfall via Pedro tea factory to enjoy the great views. It is definitely one great tourist attraction and is considered to be one of the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka. 

5. Diyaluma falls

Image Source : Diyaluma Falls

They are known to be the second-highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. With a height of 220 meters, they are located right next to the road so you can easily admire the beauty of the waterfall. 

Also, if you want to witness it closely, there is a hike for all the adventure-driven people out there. You will definitely have the greatest view from the top and because the waterfalls have different levels and pools, you can also take a dip to cool off the hike and relax a bit. 

So, why not take the greatest adventure during your trip and make the most out of it? It will definitely be worth visiting. 

Height: 220 meters

How to reach: It is 6 km away from Koslanda, Badulla

Important information: The path in the last is in bad condition for the hikers 

6. Kirindi Ella

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Make sure you see this impeccable beauty during your vacation. They are definitely among the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka and a sight to witness. 

They are located 5 km away from the A4 highway, this is one hidden gem of Sri Lanka. Many people still don’t know about this place and miss out on it. There is a pool at the base made from the cascading stream. 

Height: 116 meters

How to reach: It is 7 km away from the Kuttapitiya road. 

Important information: You should be very careful of the water level, especially when you come closer to the base of it. 

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7. Ramboda Falls

Image Source : Ramboda Falls

They are 109 meters in height, the 11th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka! Also, they are located deep in hill country and surrounded by emerald forest, which makes them worth a visit whenever you are here. 

Also, the middle section of the waterfall is easily visible from the road. But, to absorb the wholesome beauty of this place, you need to get to the base of the waterfall by going through the path from the Ramboda Falls Hotel. 

Also, the other option is to climb to the top of the upper section.

Height: 109 meters

How to reach: They are located in Pussellawa, on the A5 highway, and only 15 minutes away from Katukithula 

Important information: You can stay at Ramboda Falls Hotel to have the whole vibe of the place. 

8. Bambarakanda Falls

Image Source : Bambarakanda Falls

They have an enormous height of 263 meters which makes them the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is located in Kalupahana and is formed by one of the Walawe rivers, 

You cannot visit the bottom pool of it as there is no access to it. But, they are visible from the road that climbs up the hill. It looks really beautiful after the rains, but you need to face the mud for its way. 

Height: 263 meters

How to reach: Off the A4 highway, there is a walk of around 5 km in a narrow valley from Kalupahana. 

Important information: People can cover the last of the distance, approximately 5 km by road, but it can get worse during the rains. 

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9. Laxapana Falls

Image Source : Laxapana Falls

This surreal beauty is worth visiting while in Sri Lanka. According to popular stories, it is the place where Buddha mended his saffron robe while visiting Sri Pada. 

The waterfall’s name has its origin in the Sinhala words, where Laxa means hundred thousand and pahana means rock. 

Height: 126 meters

How to reach: Located in the Maskeliya area, Nuwara Eliya district

Important information: They are usually slippery and people should be really cautious while walking over here. You should not step on loose rocks for your own safety. 

10. Elgin Falls 

Image Source : Wikipedia.org

They offer the most delightful sights for tourists. Also, it has been named after the major town of Moray in Scotland. It is picturesque and visible when traveling on a train from Nanu Oya to Ambewela. 

Height: 25 meters

How to reach: They are located at Ambewela 

Important Information: You can walk on the regular path/ track instead of trying new ways around the waterfalls as it can hamper your safety for that matter.

11. Devon Falls 

Image Source : Devon Falls

If you are looking for the right escape near Colombo, this is the best one! It is ranked as the 19th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and is known to be a lovely tiered formation. 

Also, it has been named after the coffee planter, Devon. This is definitely one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka that you must witness. 

People have been visiting Colombo the most, and that is why this waterfall has been the most popular attraction for people. 

Height: 97 meters

How to reach: It is 6 km away from Talawakelle town, and falls on the A7 highway. 

Important information: If you are here for an adventure, you can reach the base of this waterfall by taking a descent through the tea estate, also you can contact the locals to know the best way. 

12. Aberdeen Falls

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This majestic waterfall is a real beauty. You cannot miss this one whenever in Sri Lanka. Located on the Kehelgamu Kya near Ginigathena in Nuwara Eliya. Your visit to this stunning waterfall will mesmerize you. 

People consider this to be one major tourist attraction in the place and believe it to be a real beauty. So, do not miss to tick it while you are here on the beautiful island. It would definitely give you a refreshing feel on your vacation. 

Height: 98 meters

How to reach: The most convenient way to reach here is by road only and you can also take Ambatale Road to the Buddha statue to reach here. 

Important information: You should not bathe here in the middle of pool because it has resulted into being very risky. 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)

Which are the most famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is home to some stunning waterfalls that capture the beauty of nature. One of the most famous waterfalls is Diyaluma Falls, standing tall at 220 meters.

Its cascading waters create a mesmerizing sight, and adventurous visitors can even take a dip in the natural pool at the base. Another popular waterfall is Ravana Falls, named after the legendary king from the Ramayana. 

This waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a picturesque spot for tourists. Dunhinda Falls, with its misty spray and scenic surroundings, is also a must-visit. These waterfalls not only showcase the breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka but also offer a refreshing escape into the heart of nature.

How many waterfalls are there in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is home to numerous waterfalls. The country has a rich landscape with many rivers and elevated regions, leading to the creation of numerous waterfalls. There are more than 400 waterfalls documented across Sri Lanka.

Some of the notable waterfalls in Sri Lanka include Bambarakanda Falls (the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka), Diyaluma Falls, Dunhinda Falls, and Ravana Falls, among many others. It’s advisable to check the latest information or consult local sources for the most up-to-date count and details about waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

When is the best time to visit waterfalls in Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit waterfalls in Sri Lanka is during the monsoon season, which typically occurs from April to September. During this period, the waterfalls are at their peak flow, presenting a spectacular sight. The southwestern part of Sri Lanka experiences the first monsoon from April to June, while the northeastern part experiences it from October to November.

It’s important to note that some waterfalls may be difficult to access during heavy rains, as the roads leading to them could be muddy and slippery. Therefore, it’s advisable to check weather conditions and road accessibility before planning your visit.

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