Dream Wedding Destinations in India To Plan Your Special Day

Following the trend nowadays, Destination Wedding has become a thing. Away from the humdrum of city life, one wishes to escape to an altogether new destination so to adorn the special day with grandeur and enamour. Not to lie, each one of us must have desired at some point of time to have a fairytale wedding amidst the wilderness of ancient forts or in the open arms of beaches or with the mountains in the backdrop. Now it’s the time to fulfil these desires as we bring you the ideas of the most affordable and best places for a destination wedding in India. Our promise- These sites will leave you awestruck and will be etched in not only your heart but of the ‘chugalkhor’ guests forever.

Best wedding destinations in India to plan your special day
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Jaipur – Marry in the Royal way!

Jaipur - Marry in the Royal Way
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The very loving and hospitable pink city offers a blend of heritage and modernity. Apart from being a famous tourist destination, Jaipur is also known for its extravagant wedding mansions and palaces. Gold Palace, Raj Palace, Samode Palace, Hotel Diggi Palace, and Nazarbagh Palace are a few places to host your destination wedding in India. Also, Jaipur has great connectivity, be it road, rail or air, you can reach this city in the easiest way possible. The city believes in vibrant celebrations and hence having your wedding here will add a warm Rajasthani touch, making your ceremonies more entertaining and happier.

Goa – A mesmerizing beach wedding

Goa - A mesmerizing beach wedding
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Tying a knot or kissing the new bond in Goa is like living a dream. Several people think of hosting their wedding celebrations in the tiniest yet the most happening state of the country. A beautiful blend of white sands, lush green vegetation and blue skies, Goa is one of the best places for a destination wedding in India. Imagine walking the aisle in a bridal lehenga, saree or a pearly white gown, won’t it be a magical moment? Yes indeed!

Mussoorie – Hills by your side

Mussoorie - Hills by your side
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A wedding where hills are evidence to your everlasting love, a wedding where you actually feel on the top of the world, a wedding where sunrises are the best, a wedding amidst the green valleys, a wedding in Mussoorie leaves you lovestruck!  JW Marriott in Mussoorie is known as a world-class wedding destination in India. Also, situated in ‘Devbhoomi’ Uttarakhand there can be no better place than Mussoorie to receive the blessings of the Almighty while you start this new journey.

Jaisalmer – A Golden Wedding in the Golden City

Jaisalmer- A Golden Wedding in the Golden City
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If your wedding has been planned for the winters, then don’t even give it a second thought, for Jaisalmer as a wedding destination in India needs to be on the top of your priority list. Take your wedding vows at a place where heritage forts have historical stories and sand dunes set your mood. The city is best suited for people who are looking forward to experiencing royal grandeur on their special day. Wedding celebrations at Suryagarh and Fort Rajwada in Jaisalmer are a magical affair.

Havelock Island – Paradise is here

Havelock Island- Paradise is here
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Andamans is known for its serene beautiful beaches and extremely clean environment. Trust me when I say so, it is in India still not in India! Havelock in Andamans is a paradise when it comes to planning a destination wedding. The Golden sands and blue skies are enough to decorate your wedding venue. The most unique and remarkable resorts to tie a knot here is Munjoh Ocean Resort. Also, make sure you plan your wedding between November and March as it is the best season that Andamans witness throughout the year.

Agra – Little Cliched But Can’t Ignore

Agra- Little cliched but can’t ignore
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A list of the best wedding destinations in India is incomplete without adding Agra to it. Moreover, it houses one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal which in itself is an epitome of endless love. So wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to celebrate your conjugal bliss in a place where love is celebrated? Possessing some of the most beautiful resorts and hotels overlooking the Taj, Agra can host the wedding which you only could have imagined.

Alibaug – You Can’t Miss This!

Alibaug - You Can't Miss this!
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A scenically blessed and peaceful town, Alibaug or Alibag in Maharashtra is a hot-shot wedding destination not only for Maharashtra but for the whole of India. Possessing refreshing beaches and massive resorts, Alibaug is great for celebrating your matrimonial bliss. Radisson Blu Resort and Spa is one of the top properties where one can realize their dream of having a destination wedding.

Kerala – Go Offbeat

Kerala - Go Offbeat
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The backwaters of Kerala suits well to those seeking a wedding among the closed ones in a picturesque location. It’s no less than coastal heaven comprising of lush green forests and idyllic beaches. Cherish your special celebrations in a massive houseboat or on a beach or a relaxing resort located in the vicinity of nature.

Mandu – A Rustic Destination That’ll Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Mandu- A rustic destination that'll make your heart skip a beat
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I am not everyone here must have heard about this tiny town in Madhya Pradesh. But now that you have, no place for hosting your wedding can be better than this. Located in the backdrop of the romantic saga of Rani Roopmati and Prince Baz Bahadur, Mandu has spellbinding architecture and streets speaking of history. Surrounded by the Satpura ranges, this town serves every purpose for making your love story a success.

Best wedding destinations in India to plan your special day
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Be it any destination, every place has its own charm. Destination wedding no doubt takes you away from the unwanted crowd and you just have a few special ones to celebrate your happiness with. So go ahead choose one for yourself and your better half!

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