14 Weird Sports Around The World: Unconventional Athletics

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Sports is one thing that brings people together under one roof. We all know about Cricket, Football, and Basketball, but did you know that some weird sports around the world are played with great enthusiasm? 

Some people like to explore weird places such as the Island of the Dead Dolls, or some of the most haunted places in India for fun, some enjoy weird kinds of sports that are thrilling as well as scary. 

People in different countries have different sports, and they are curated in a way that they are equal amount of fun and competition, both for the public and the player. The sports in different regions also give a glimpse of their culture. 

So here is a list of some of the most unusual sports in the world

1. Toe Wrestling


You must have already been into thumb and arms wrestling, but isn’t that a little mainstream? 

So, to take the love for wrestling up a notch, people in the UK came up with the concept of toe wrestling, which has been quite a popular sport. Toe Wrestling is among the unique festival around the world that takes place in the month of August. 

2. Ostrich Racing

Source : Broad Heath Primary School

Another one of the most unusual sports in the world is Ostrich Racing, where the participants sit on the Ostriches, and these animals start running at the speed of 70km per hour. It may sound strange, but several people collect to watch the Ostrich Race 

3. World Gurning Contest


For years, we have been dreading not having an ugly face, but what if I tell you that the uglier the face, the more the chance of winning the Gurning Contest?

Yes, this contest of making ugly faces originated in the UK in the year 1297 and has been popular ever since. Whoever pulls off the ugliest face wins the contest.

4. Extreme Ironing


What I am about to tell you is beyond Bizarre because Bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

This sport involves their love for ironing clothes to another level, and they prefer to take their iron press to the remotest locations, including a paragliding session, which gives you thrills, and also the satisfaction of having a well-ironed shirt. 

You can be at a place where you can watch one of the best sunsets in the world while ironing your shirt. 

This is one of the most weird sports around the world that may make you think about what is wrong with the world. 

5. Oil Wrestling


Another weird sports in the list of strange sports around the world is Oil wrestling where the wrestlers are covered in oil from head to toe and then wrestle each other. 

It is unlike any other wrestling because the wrestlers are dripping with oil, and trying to get a grip on a greasy body is very difficult. 

Oil Wrestling takes place in Turkey every year in June.

6. Fireball Soccer


Another one adding to the list of weird sports is Fireball Soccer, where coconuts are soaked in gasoline for almost a week, and then they light it up to play this very dangerous game of Soccer.

Besides that, if it wasn’t daring enough, they play barefoot. You must have a lot of courage to play this game of fire.

7. Goanna Pulling

Source : Daily Telegraph

One of the strange sports around the world is Goanna Pulling, which is one the weird sports that originated in the 19th century, invented to honour the giant lizard of the native continent. 

The contestants put on straps on their necks while making a lizard pose, and then try to pull each other through the neck. 

The contestants get burn masks after the contest, which is not pretty to look at, but people still participate in one of the weird sports to have fun. 

8. Beer Mile


You may not consider it among the weird sports, but it is definitely one of the unusual sports around the world, and also the best one among all. 

Beer Mile is just a race where you can stop at every mile, take a glass of beer and then continue running. This is probably the best among the weird sports around the world for those who don’t understand the love people have for beer. 

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9. Under Water Hockey


One of the most weird sports around the world is Under Water Hockey. As strange as that sounds, it’s even difficult to watch it live. 

A bunch of players whose movement cannot be fast because obviously, they are underwater, making it one of the most strange sports around the world.

10. Chess Boxing


Someone was into extremes, so they decided to mix the most extreme physical game of boxing and the most extreme mind game of Chess and invented the game of Chess Boxing which is another weird sports around the world that is way too strange.

The players have to be skilled at both Boxing and at Chess. So when their mind is resting their body beats out, and while their bodies rest, their brains will do the work.

11. Shovel Racing

Source : Men's Journal

Among the most weird sports around the world is Shovel racing, where people sit on a shovel and race down a hilly ice.

Whoever reaches the end wins. This is among the most unusual sports around the world; that does not make any sense, but is a lot of fun.

12. Sporthocking

Source : Daily Mail

Now, this has to be one of the most unusual sports around the world and also a very painful one. 

Sporthocking originated in Germany and is among the most weird sports that one can imagine, which requires the participant to flip, spin, or even slide a stool. 

This is not the strange part, the strange part is that at the end of each trick, the participant gains respect only if he sits on the stool, no matter how much pain he is in. You must be thinking that these weird sports are beyond imagination. 

13. Wife Carrying


If you haven’t carried your wife ever, then you may find it one of the weird sports, and it isn’t for you.

So in this sport, men are supposed to carry their wives through obstacles in a short time. The best part about the competition is that your price is the beer equivalent to the wife’s weight. How cool is that?

14. Dog Surfing


This might be the cutest sport in the world, which was started in San Diego, and now caught the attention of many people. 

You must train your dog to sit up straight on the surfboard while hitting the waves.


All these sports may make you want to question why are we not trying these in our country, or may even make you uneasy because some of these sports include real-life dangers such as Fire Soccer and Goanna Pulling. 

However, the people of the place where these sports are carried out seem to enjoy it very much, and that is the reason why they participate every year with a lot of enthusiasm. 

Which one of these unusual sports would you like to try? 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Weird Sports Around The World

1. Why are these sports considered weird?

These Sports are considered weird because they are not like the usual sports we see on TV. Not many people are aware of the existence of these sports.

2. Are these sports popular in their home countries?

Yes, these strange sports are popular in their home countries, and especially in their own regions where these sports originated.

3. Are these weird sports safe to play?

Some of these sports are safe such as Toe Wrestling, Wife Carrying, Beer Mile, and so on, whereas sports such as fire soccer, sporthocking, and goanna pulling can cause injuries while playing. 

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