Lost Your Passport? Here’s What You Need To Do

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When you are in a foreign country, your passport is like your friend who knows how to get out of that particular place, which means you cannot afford to lose it; otherwise, you will be in serious trouble. 

However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so there is a way to get out of this situation as well. 

The moment you lose your passport, the first and foremost important thing to do is to report it at the nearest police station or the passport office. 

You can apply for the re-issue of your passport, provided that you have all the documents required to submit along with the application form to re-issue the passport. 


If you lose your passport while you are still here in India, then make sure that you: 

  • File an FIR at the nearest police station with your passport copy, but if you miss the first step, then it is advised that you get an appointment with the nearest Regional Passport Office(RPO).
  • It is essential that you have the required documents, including your address proof, Adhaar card, and your birth certificate as well. 
  • Since everything is available online, you can also apply for the passport online over the passport seva portal. 
  • Signup on the website, and if you are in some sort of hurry, you can choose the Tatkal option too. 
  • For lost passports, a processing fee is charged, and the regular steps will be followed to re-issue the passport.

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