Reasons Which Will Make You Fall With Chadar Trek in 2020

Chadar Trek is the only trek in the Himalayas that can sweep you off your feet. It’s an entirely different experience to walk over the frosted glass-like river and trekking on the stunning mountains in Ladakh. Chadar Trek is located at an altitude of 11,150 ft that makes it feel like a trek on the North Pole as the temperature drops way down to -30 degrees. A trip to Chadar Trek is enough to know about the Zanskari culture as the locals welcome you with their warm hospitality. The 2020 Chadar Trek is going to be the best trek of all time as it is going to be an experience of a lifetime.

Chadar Trek 2020

The trek takes you to snow-filled land, a pebbly canyon that leads the river Zanskar, and a warm culture that awaits you. It’s apparent that there are hundreds of reasons to do Chadar Trek in 2020. One of the reasons is that this experience is going to last for just a couple of years more as the highway constructions will make it impossible for anyone to do a long trek on the frozen river. If you are thinking about going on an adventurous Chadar Trek, then now is the time.

There is no other trek like the Chadar Trek

Before going on the Chadar Trek in Ladakh, the participants must undergo a medical examination to ensure the participant is fit enough to go on an expedition like this. The best time for Chadar trek is from mid-January to mid-February as this is the time when you can witness the freezing Zanskar River’s waterfall that is completely frozen from top to bottom. This magnificent waterfall is called the Nerak Waterfall. The trek lets you walk on the frozen river without any difficulty. Let’s check out the reasons that are evident to make you fall in love with the Chadar Trek 2020.

There is no other trek like the Chadar trek

If you are talking about trekking trips in India, then the Chadar trek is the glamorous trek of them all. It’s a unique trek as it lets you walk on a frozen river. There are other treks that go through mountains and valleys, but this one is different. It goes through the route of the beautiful Zanskar River. You can set up your own camps alongside the bank of the river and enjoy your time. The best part of this Chadar 2020 trek is the ancient Tibb Cave whose walls are always black in color due to the constant smog of the campfires. The participants go merry while enjoying their time singing and cooking hot meals altogether.

Things that you have never seen before

Things that you have never seen before
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Another reason to do the Chadar 2020 trek is that you’ll see some fantastic sights that are rare to witness on a casual day. The winter season brings out the real beauty of Ladakh as it completely changes the landscape of this territory. Since it is located at a very high altitude, it offers the most stunning views of the river valley. There are numerous waterfalls that are frozen in winters. The views of the waterfalls are spectacular and rare to witness. Consider yourself lucky if you spot mountain goats walking around the river valley as the wildlife here is scarce.

Trek on challenging conditions

Trek on Challenging Conditions
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January is the coldest month in Ladakh, and the whole region is covered with snow. It’s nearly impossible for any unfit person to trek here without any issue. It is highly mandatory for the participants to go through a medical examination that also provides a fitness certificate. Temperatures can go below zero degrees during the day and -30 degrees during the night. It’s a challenge to complete this trek in such conditions. The participants bring gears to keep them warm throughout like warm sleeping bags, hot soups, warm drinking water, and warm clothes.

Witness a whole new world

Witness a whole new world
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The Chadar trek gets you out of your comfort zone. Imagine spending a night away from the city life in a cold region like Ladakh. At this point, nature is your guide. In the wilderness of the Chadar trek region, you’ll gain a terrific experience of a whole new world. The best way to explore this trip is by learning more about the people of Ladakh, their challenges, and their culture.

Witness a whole new world
Chadar Trek is no ordinary trek and the reason lies in its experience. You’ll start off this trek as an ordinary being, but you’ll come back as a strong person who is confident and adventurous. It’s a trek of a lifetime that you shouldn’t miss. The Chadar 2020 Trek awaits you, and it will be an unforgettable trek that isn’t going to stay for a longer time.

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