2024’s Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kashmir For An Amazing Visit

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Welcome, adventurous souls, to a whirlwind escapade that will leave you spellbound! As you unwrap one of our enchanting Kashmir tour packages, prepare yourself for a journey that’s far from ordinary. Here, in the heavenly abode known as Kashmir, the landscapes unfold like a magical tapestry, promising more awe-inspiring places to visit in Kashmir than you can imagine.

If you thought Kashmir was all about shimmering lakes, verdant valleys, and snow capped peaks, wait until you explore the wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir. These natural wonderlands form a lively tableau where nature’s most exquisite creations scamper, prance and fly.

The wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir are where the whispers of the wild meet the silence of the snow. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the majestic snow leopard on a crisp, white canvas or spot a Himalayan black bear against the backdrop of lush green foliage.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! From bird watching at Hokersar to trekking in Dachigam, the things to do in Kashmir expand beyond the typical tourist’s itinerary. It’s in these wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir that you can unravel the secrets of nature and experience the thrill of meeting its inhabitants face-to-face.

So, come, wander into the wild heart of Kashmir. It’s time to see, hear and feel the symphony of nature, and in doing so, rediscover the world and yourself. Prepare for a journey that’s not just about seeing new places but also about experiencing new adventures. You’re in for a wild ride!

10 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kashmir

1. Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary

Source : Wikipedia

In the treasure chest of wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir, the gem known as the Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary sparkles particularly bright. This sanctuary, a natural haven tucked in the Himalayan ranges, offers visitors the opportunity to witness rare and beautiful creatures in their untouched habitats.

Set amidst ethereal beauty, the Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary is home to diverse species like the Musk deer and the Brown bear, showcasing the true wilderness of Kashmir. After a day of exploring, you can retreat to the warm comfort of the nearby hotels in Gulmarg, perfecting your expedition.

This sanctuary, a standout among wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir, paints a picture of tranquility. The Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary, with its lush green landscapes and abundant wildlife invites you to immerse yourself in the quiet charm of nature.

Location: Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: March to June

2. Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary


Nestled away in the picturesque landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary emerges as a hidden gem amidst other national parks in Jammu and Kashmir. 

This wildlife sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir is an exquisite canvas of lush greenery, bubbling streams, and a rich tapestry of wildlife. As you wander through its trails, you might catch a glimpse of animals like the barking deer, wild boar or the rhesus macaque. 

The sanctuary is also a haven for birdwatchers, with winged guests like the Indian myna and blue rock pigeon frequenting its skies. With its unspoiled beauty and vibrant biodiversity, Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary certainly offers a splendid retreat into the heart of nature’s wilderness.

Location: Jasrota, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: March to May 

3. Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary


Step into Hirpora, a treasure trove of natural wonders tucked away in the Shopian district and you’ll discover why it’s often regarded as a crown jewel among the wildlife sanctuaries in Jammu and Kashmir.

Covering an area of about 341 square kilometres, Hirpora is a vibrant canvas of biodiversity. It’s home to an enchanting variety of fauna including the rare and elusive Markhor, the largest species of wild goat. You’ll also find a bustling community of Himalayan brown bears, musk deer, and the endangered Pir Panjal pheasant, among others.

Flourishing with verdant forests of pine, cedar and fir, Hirpora’s beauty is further magnified by meandering streams and serene meadows. The sight of such biodiversity, playing out amidst stunning landscapes, is enough to make any nature enthusiast’s heart flutter with joy.

After an exciting day exploring Hirpora, what better way to unwind than to retreat into one of the many cozy hotels in Kashmir? With warm hospitality that matches the natural warmth of the land, these hotels offer the perfect end to your day, allowing you to rest, recharge, and prepare for the next day’s adventure in the beautiful wilds of Hirpora.

So come, discover the symphony of nature at Hirpora, a unique experience that promises to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Location: Shopian District, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: October to March 

4. Hokersar Wildlife Sanctuary

Source : Outlook India

Hokersar Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the captivating wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir is nothing less than a paradise for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike. An unmissable sight, it brings the magic of Kashmir’s wild beauty to life. 

Nestled amidst the snowclad mountains and lush greenery, Hokersar is an oasis of calm and serenity, where the symphony of nature takes centre stage.

This sanctuary is most famous as a temporary home to thousands of migratory birds that travel from as far as Siberia and Central Asia. From the elegant Wigeons to the vibrant Shovellers and the graceful Pintails, these birds add a touch of charm to the already enchanting Hokersar.

If you have ever dreamt of losing yourself in nature’s lap, then Hokersar is the perfect destination for you. Walking around, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a living canvas of vivid colors, melodic birdsongs, and fresh air. 

Here, in the heart of one of the most mesmerizing wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir, time seems to stand still.

Location: Gund Hassi Bhat, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: October to January

5. Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Overa Aru, a name often unheard amidst popular wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir is a hidden gem that unfolds a world brimming with unspoiled beauty and diverse wildlife. Located in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, it is a paradise where the chirps of exotic birds mingle with the roars of elusive predators.

Encompassing a sprawling area of 511 square kilometres, this sanctuary houses a cornucopia of flora and fauna. From the endangered hangul and musk deer to the rare Himalayan brown bear and snow leopard, the sanctuary is a biodiversity hotspot. 

The spectacle of these magnificent creatures thriving in their natural habitat is a sight that leaves visitors with lasting memories.

Nestled amidst snow-capped mountains and lush alpine meadows, Overa Aru is not just another name on the list of wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir. It’s an experience, an exploration, and a story waiting to be lived. As you journey through its wild trails, you’ll find yourself forging an inexplicable connection with nature’s untamed beauty.

Every visit to Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary brings with it a new tale of discovery, making it an absolute must-visit for all wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The sanctuary’s spectacular landscapes and rich biodiversity make it a heaven on Earth, where nature’s magic is at its most enchanting.

Location: Forest Block, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: May to August

6. Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary

Source : Northlines

Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the enchanting wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir is a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Nestled amid majestic peaks and lush green valleys, the sanctuary is located in the Baramulla district. It spans over an area of 32 square kilometers, sheltering a myriad of diverse flora and fauna.

This sanctuary is home to several endangered and rare species, thereby playing a critical role in biodiversity conservation. From the majestic Himalayan brown bear to the elusive musk deer, the sanctuary provides refuge to an extensive range of wildlife. It also supports numerous bird species, making it a popular spot among bird watchers.

In addition to its rich biodiversity, the sanctuary’s captivating natural beauty and serene environment make it an appealing spot for visitors. Its strategic location near the Line of Control (LoC) gives it additional significance, and it contributes to eco-tourism in the region.

Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary like other wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir is an epitome of Kashmir’s diverse ecology. It not only serves as a natural habitat for various species but also offers stunning landscapes that leave visitors spellbound. For anyone exploring Kashmir, visiting this sanctuary is a must for an authentic wildlife experience.

Location: 90 kms from Western Part of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: September to March

7. Achabal Wildlife Sanctuary


Welcome to the wild rollercoaster of nature, known as the Achabal Wildlife Sanctuary one of the standout wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir. Forget about theme parks; this place is the Disneyland of biodiversity!

This treasure trove of wilderness, tucked snugly in the stunning Kashmir landscape, is an A-list hangout for a myriad of animals and birds. From the proud Himalayan black bear strutting about its business to vibrant pheasants playing hide and seek in the foliage, every day is a fuzzy and feathered carnival here. The trees seem to gossip in the wind while the rivers hum along, carrying tales of the forest.

And what about Kashmiri food? Oh boy, don’t get me started. There’s a secret pact here, you know! The picnic parties and trekkers who visit often bring delicious samplings of Kashmiri food. The air gets scented with the aroma of Rogan Josh and Dum Aloo. They don’t share with the bears though – imagine a bear with a spicy aftertaste!

Round two of our wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir tour takes you on a journey through snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys, and enchanting forests. This is Achabal, it’s nature unscripted, and everyone’s invited!

Location: Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: March to June

8. Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

Source : A Soul Window

Nestled in the heart of India is the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary, a playground for nature’s most vibrant inhabitants. Picture this: you’re walking through verdant greens when – surprise! A chortling langur swings overhead, possibly cracking monkey jokes. Or maybe you stumble upon a stealthy cheetah mid-stalk, perfecting its feline version of hide and-seek.

Every corner of Nandini is like opening a fresh page in a fantasy book. The trees aren’t just trees, they’re sky-high condos for chirpy birds, gossiping in their own feathery language. The undergrowth buzzes with critters on million-legged marches, while the lagoons are gossip corners for the amphibian crowd, belting out ribbits like a froggy choir.

When the sun slumbers, Nandini transforms into a bustling night club. Glowing fireflies put on their own disco show, while night owls hoot the night away. The sanctuary’s nocturnal inhabitants sure know how to party!

Yes, the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is more than just a preserve; it’s a land of wonder and whimsy, where every critter big and small has a quirky story to tell. So buckle up for a wild, wild adventure in India’s most enchanting natural theme park!

Location: 30 Kilometres from Jammu

Best Time To Visit: September to March 

9. Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary


The Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful, serene spot located in Jammu. Covering an area of nearly 98 square kilometres this sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife species, including deer, barking deer and leopards. The two major lakes – Surinsar and Mansar – add to the beauty of the place.

What makes it unique is the sanctuary’s rich bird life. Birdwatchers would be thrilled to spot a wide array of birds like Indian Myna, Jungle Crow and the Blue Rock Pigeon. But the real beauty lies beneath the lake waters where there are a lot of fishes.

Walking trails through the lush green forests offer an amazing experience to nature lovers and adventure seekers. And if you’re lucky, you might spot some rare animals.

The Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary also holds significant religious importance to the locals. It’s believed to be linked to the legendary warrior of the Mahabharata, Arjuna.

If you’re a nature lover, animal enthusiast, or birdwatcher, this sanctuary is a must-visit for a day full of discovery and enjoyment!

Location: 58 Kilometres from Jammu

Best Time To Visit: September to March

10. Dachigam National Park


Dachigam National Park is a beautiful and serene place located in Kashmir, India. It’s one of the notable wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir, known for its rich biodiversity. The park is home to many unique animals, like the endangered Hangul or Kashmir Stag, and a wide variety of birds.

Dachigam is split into two areas: lower and upper Dachigam. Lower Dachigam is full of lush green meadows and gushing streams. In contrast, upper Dachigam is rugged and more mountainous, offering great hiking opportunities.

One of the best ways to experience Dachigam is to stay at one of the many hotels in Srinagar. They offer comfort and easy access to the park. 

Remember Dachigam is not just about animals; it’s also about appreciating the stunning landscapes and peaceful environment. Don’t miss the chance to witness the park’s natural beauty especially during the changing seasons.

The falling leaves in autumn and the blossoming flowers in spring make for an unforgettable sight. If you love nature, wildlife and want a serene getaway, Dachigam National Park is the perfect destination.

Location: Dachigam Road, Mughal Garden, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit: April to August 

Wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir, like the Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary are indeed precious gems. They’re not just about preserving the area’s diverse flora and fauna, but also about offering a space where humans can connect with nature in its purest form. 

These sanctuaries hold the heart and soul of Kashmir, echoing the region’s commitment to conserving biodiversity. So whether you’re an animal lover, birdwatcher, or just an admirer of nature’s beauty these sanctuaries in Kashmir offer a unique, enriching experience.

 They serve as a reminder of our responsibility to respect and protect the natural world for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kashmir

1. How many wildlife sanctuaries are there in Kashmir?

Jammu and Kashmir has a total of 17 wildlife sanctuaries, they are geographically distributed. The wildlife sanctuaries are in different parts of the state like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Anantnag and more.

2. Which wildlife sanctuary is best to visit in Kashmir?

Dachigam National Park situated in Kashmir is the best wildlife sanctuary to visit in the region. It hosts a rich array of wildlife including the endangered Hangul and offers stunning landscapes. Its diverse terrains offer opportunities for sightseeing, hiking and bird watching making it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

3. Is it safe to visit wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir?

Visiting wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir like Dachigam National Park is generally considered safe. However it’s always crucial to check the latest travel advisories and local news, follow rules and guidelines for wildlife interaction and respect local customs for a safe and enjoyable visit.

4. How can one reach Gulmarg wildlife sanctuary?

To reach Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary in Kashmir you can first fly into Srinagar International Airport, the nearest airport. From Srinagar hire a taxi or take a local bus to Gulmarg which is approximately 50 kilometres away. The journey offers scenic views of Kashmir’s beautiful landscapes.

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