7 Popular Wines and Drinks of Bhutan That You Must Try

Do you enjoy alcohol? Do you enjoy travelling? Are you planning a trip to Bhutan?  Well, if the answers are yes, we have some great news for you. The world knows that Bhutan is famous and appreciated for its culture, beauty and an incredible GDP measure, i.e., happiness index. But is that all about it? (We know that in itself is a lot, but certainly, there’s a lot more that we as travellers can look forward to. So, here we are.) Ahan! No. There’s one more thing that Bhutan is known for — its ecstatic drinks. Yes, in this post, we are talking about seven popular wines and local drinks of Bhutan that you can enjoy on your trip. So, buckle up. Here we go.

Popular Wines and Drinks of Bhutan That You Must Try
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K5 Blended Scotch Whiskey


First produced in the year 2008 and named after the Bhutanese king, K5 is one of the most popular Whiskey brands in Bhutan. Wanna know how this is made and what this one contains? Well, it’s an exciting mix. Brought to life from 8-12-year-old malts left distilled in Scotland and aged in Bourbon with sherry casks, this ultimate mix is one royal affair that you can enjoy while moving through Bhutan. Although the flavour may come off as nascent and strange, to begin with, it takes its time to settle down and bring in the right enjoyment that it’s known for. Every bottle of this fantastic Whiskey will cost you around INR 650 – INR 850.

Butter Tea (Suja)

Butter Tea

Yes, this one for my sober friends out there. I know life can be tough when everyone’s talking about alcohol. Don’t worry. Butter tea will save the day for you. Also known as po cha cha süma (or Suja), butter tea is one of the most buttery and the smoothest tea variants that you will ever come across. Made special with Himalayan salt, a sweet pinch of cream, and ultra-rich Bhutanese butter, this makes the perfect recipe for anyone looking for a meal sidekick.

Also, if you are a tea lover, nothing in Bhutan can beat this for you. Yep, the moment you take a sip, every molecule of this recipe will flow down your body, making you feel your whole body from head to toe. So, make sure you get this one under your tongue and caress your taste buds with the beauty of butter, cream and precious Himalayan salt (you may not find that everywhere).

Vintria Shiraz Dry Wine

Vintria Shiraz Dry Wine

Oh yes, this one is the official best wine in Bhutan (not literally officially, but yes, it’s the best). And why do we say that? Well, it’s a marvellous mix of alcohol and the rest of its recipe. With a 13.5% alcohol content, even in fair quantities, it’s enough to get you pleasantly high and tipsy. Apart from this, if you are wondering what’s the best accompaniment to take it with, a light meal such as salads or a bowl of fruit will do perfectly for this gin. And once you find it, the only regret that you are going to have is that you couldn’t find it earlier. So, go out in the streets and ask the locals. It isn’t something that’s rare or hard to find, so, in most cases, you’ll find it easily.

Priced at INR 250, Vintria Shiraz Dry Wine makes the perfect tonic for a beautiful light evening with your loved one or even friends.

Bhutan Grain Whiskey

Bhutan Grain Whiskey

Another one on the list, Bhutan Grain Whiskey is made in the Gelephu distillery of Bhutan. So, yes, it’s totally a local drink, that too with 42.8% of alcohol content. Sounds delish? Well, no wonder why it’s popular for helping travellers get a strong high even in really small quantities. Apart from this, you can also try their other popular whiskeys such as Rock Bee Brandy and Black Mountain.

Speaking of the prices, here’s the list.

  • Rock Bee Brandy: INR 100 – INR 200
  • Black Mountain Whiskey: INR 130 – INR 200
  • Bhutan Grain Whiskey: INR 300 – INR 400

Reasonable prices? Well, yes. Reasonable enough to ignite a relatively strong high that may last at least for some good 6-7 hours.

Zumzin Peach Wine

Zumzin Peach Wine
Just as the name sounds, this is one wine that’ll take you to beautiful playful vibes. Speaking of how the drink is made, it’s a perfect natural mix of peach wine, flavor and mineral water. Its special flavour, amalgamated with peach makes it the beauty that it is. And this indeed is its special character. Also, for this reason, it is able to leave a great, lasting impression on the drinkers whenever a sip goes down their throat. That’s why we’d say if you are into alcohol (which you most probably are, as you are here) and ever get a chance to get a glass of Zumzin between your fingers, don’t let it “slip”. A bottle is priced fairly at INR 250-350. Bhutan isn’t expensive anyway.

Other Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Accompany Meals

Other Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Accompany Meals

Yes, once again for my sober friends, here’s to some non-alcoholic drinks that you can have to accompany your meals. Well, it’s pretty simple and the list isn’t too long, although it’s subject to different restaurants, Here are some local drinks of Bhutan that can help you with meals.

  • Iced tea (lipton variants)
  • Big Cola
  • Suja (Butter Tea, already mentioned)

Apart from this, make sure to check the restaurant menu before ordering. You may find other nice options as well.

Try Local Alcoholic Drinks

Try Local Alcoholic Drinks

For your time in Bhutan, you may as well want to try out some “really” local alcoholic drinks (coming straight out of the roots). Well, one of those that you can try is Special Courier, which you can try at Simply Bhutan In Thimphu. It’s one of the most favourite whiskey drinks among the locals. Apart from that, you can also ask the locals for more local drink options that you may get to explore.

Travelling to Bhutan can be one of the most beautiful escapades and journeys that you might ever have been on. But, you must as well know how to make the most out of your time there.

With this post, we tried to help you. Hopefully, this was useful.

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