Winters In Dubai – A Winter Extravaganza

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Winters are one of the most beautiful times of the year, no matter where you are, and for a desert oasis like Dubai, which remains hot for most of the year, the residents wait for the winters in Dubai so they can finally go out and make the most of the winter season, and if you are on a vacation, you can enjoy your Dubai Trip Package to the fullest. 

The tourist season of Dubai starts in October when the city has just said goodbye to the scorching heat of the sun and is preparing for the winter season.

Weather During Winters In Dubai 

Winters in Dubai is the most fabulous time of the year; there is merriment in the air, you can feel the cold breeze brushing through your hair, great deals on merchandise due to the festive season and plenty of activities to indulge in. 

The Months of December and January are considered the winter months in Dubai, where the temperature varies accordingly: 

October: The maximum temperature: 35℃; Minimum temperature: 26℃

November: The maximum temperature: 29℃; Minimum temperature: 21℃

December: The maximum temperature: 26℃; Minimum temperature: 18℃

January: The maximum temperature: 24℃; Minimum temperature: 16℃

February: The maximum temperature: 25℃; Minimum temperature: 16℃

Places To Explore During Winters In Dubai

Being home to towering architecture, best-in-class malls, luxury hotels, stunning beaches, and plenty of adventure activities to indulge in, Dubai is undoubtedly the epitome of architectural beauty and has something for everyone, making its place one of the top holiday destinations in the world. 

Some of the best places to visit in Dubai Winter Season are:

1. Burj Khalifa 


If you are in Dubai and you are planning to skip visiting Burj Khalifa then that would be the biggest mistake you make during the trip. Burj Khalifa is a stunning piece of architecture, standing tall at a height of 828 meters above the ground, with 163 floors. 

We are no strangers to the fact that Burj Khalifa has broken the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the tallest building in the world. Besides that, it also has the highest observation deck, the highest restaurant in the world, and the world’s most travelled elevator. 

There are many corporate offices, residential floors, hotels, lounges, and eating outlets inside the Burj Khalifa. The view from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa is a sight to behold. Imagine standing inside the tallest building in the world, and watching the entire city from there, does it get any better than this? 

During winters in Dubai, the views get stunningly beautiful, so it is quite a reasonable time to visit Dubai since the weather is in your favour and the scorching sun has goodbye for the season. 

Location: 1 Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Road, Downtown Dubai

Price:  Adults AED 125 and Children AED 95. For children below the age of 4 years, the entry is free. 

2. Dubai Creek


Dubai Creek is a natural saltwater creek, and it is that place that became a turning point in the history of this desert Oasis, contributing to its transformation to becoming a global metropolis. The early settlers settled near the creek and started fishing, and pearl diving business. 

Visit the Dubai Creek during winters in Dubai and take an abra ride, for the picturesque views of the sunset. Ride along the waters and forget anything else. 

The Creek divides Dubai into Bur Dubai and Deira, and the boat ride here is quite popular and cheap costing you around 1 AED. 

You can also take the famous Dhow Cruise Dubai ride which is an experience worth having. On board the cruise you can enjoy live music and entertainment, savour your taste buds on delicious food, and drinks, and have the most amazing time on the cruise with your loved ones. 

Location: Creek, Dubai

Entry Fee: AED 5; Children below the age of 2 years have free entry

3. Dubai Parks & Resort


Dubai has something for everyone, and it is a haven for kids because of the various theme parks in Dubai, that allow both kids and adults to have the best time in this magical city, allowing them to go for fun rides, and a lot of entertainment. 

The wintertime in Dubai is not so cold that you will start to shiver or anything, as it happens in India and other countries, so you can enjoy the water parks in Dubai as well. 

You can head to the Aquaventure Park, which is the largest water park, not only in Dubai but in the entire Middle East. There are plenty of rides, some almost 90 feet tall to quench your thirst for a water adventure or shall we say aqua venture. 

It is an award-winning water park, where you can swim with the sharks and sting rays, with safety equipment of course. 

Another theme park in Dubai for kids is Legoland Dubai, which has been introduced by a popular toy manufacturing company that makes Legos and sells them all over the world, I am sure you must have played with Legos at least once in your childhood or maybe even after growing up. So can you imagine how cool would it be to have a park based on that theme? 

If you are a Bollywood fan, then you can head to the Bollywood Park, which, as the name suggests, is entirely based on the Bollywood theme. The park features multisensory 4D theatres, which is quite an interesting experience for first-timers. 

4. Palm Jumeirah


The Palm Jumeirah is a testament to creativity, engineering, and technology, as it is a man-made artificial archipelago, shaped like a Palm Tree. 

The best views of the Palm Jumeirah can be seen while skydiving above it, however, the place is no less than a paradise. 

The Palm Jumeirah is the place where the rich and the high society people live, because no ordinary man can afford the places there, so it’s a posh area of Dubai. 

The structure of the Palm is something you have never witnessed before, the central part has a trunk with 17 fronds that extends both sides. It is also home to the popular Atlantis Hotel and gives out stunning sunset views. 

The weather during winters in Dubai is absolutely pleasant, and spending the day in the Palm Jumeirah, on the beach sipping on some drink, is the best way to enjoy the Dubai winter season. 

Location: Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai.

Timings: The Island remains open 24/7.

Entry Fees: There is no entry fees. 

5. Jumeirah Mosque


The United Arab Emirates has a majority of Muslims, thus there are a lot of mosques in the UAE, including in Dubai. But wait a minute, when it comes to architecture, Dubai doesn’t make something that is just ordinary. 

Similarly, the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is a beautiful piece of architecture and is said to be the most photographed mosque in Dubai. 

The insides will leave you awestruck with beauty, the best part is that it allows everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs. They welcome people with Open doors and Open Minds, which is a lovely concept. You get to know more about the culture and history of Dubai and also of the entire United Arab Emirates. 

Winters in Dubai is the perfect time to explore the mosque and the nearby areas as well, making it one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Locations: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Timings: 10 a.m to 5 p.m

Entry Fee: AED 20

6. Dubai Frame

Image Source : Dubai Frame

Winters in Dubai is quite a pleasant time, and roaming around Dubai city is among the most loved winter activities in Dubai, because why not? 

So now that you are wandering around, why not head to one of the most iconic landmarks of Dubai, the one and only Dubai Frame? 

The Dubai Frame holds a record of being the largest frame in the world, standing at a height of 150 meters above the ground. This stunning building serves as an observatory, providing beautiful views of the Old Dubai as well as the New Dubai. 

As beautiful as the Dubai Frame looks from the outside, it is even more impressive on the inside, providing you with breathtaking views of the city, even on its elevator. You can also walk on the glass bridge inside the frame. You will not regret going to the Dubai Frame because the experience will be a unique one. 

Location: Zabeel Park, Dubai

Timings: 9 a.m to 9 p.m

Entry Fee: AED 48 to 50 AED

7. Dubai Mall


Shopping is the most loved activity of almost everyone because no matter how many clothes you buy, there will never be enough clothes, right? 

So to get the best merchandise, look no further and head straight to the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world, located in the most happening place, the Downtown Dubai. 

The Dubai Mall has over 1200 shopping outlets, including foreign brands such as Armani, Bloomingdales, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vitton, and ample other brands to choose from. To satiate your taste buds, there are around 200 eating outlets to ensure that you don’t stay empty stomach while exploring the mall. 

Winters in Dubai means heavy discounts and great deals on almost everything you have eyes on, making it one of the best times to shop. Since Christmas and New Year in Dubai is around the corner, the Dubai winter season turns out to be the most fruitful for the shopaholics, who can buy a lot of stuff without worrying about the budget. 

The most fascinating part about the Dubai Mall is that it houses the Dubai Aquarium and an underwater zoo, where you can spot various aquatic creatures, offering a unique experience to the visitors. 

Location: Downtown Dubai, Next to Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Timings: 10 a.m to 1 a.m

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee to get inside the mall, however, you have to buy tickets for the underwater zoo and aquarium. 

8. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House


The best place to visit during winters in Dubai is the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. If the history and culture of a place fascinate you, then you should definitely visit this place, which was the residence of the former Dubai ruler, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. 

This place will add great value to your Instagram feed, giving a vintage touch to your pictures, so forget to take a lot of pictures here. 

It is a historical building in Dubai, reminding us of the rich cultural past of Dubai, and now houses the Dubai Museum, which contains some of the important documents and historical photographs of the time. 

You get to see the Emirati architecture and get to peep into the historical past of Dubai and its culture, making it one of the best places to visit during winters in Dubai. 

Location: Al Shindagha, Bur Dubai

Timings: From Saturday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m; On Fridays: 3 p.m to 9:30 p.m

Entry Fee: AED 3; Children: 1

Things To Do During Winters In Dubai

If all the hotspots and iconic landmarks are not enough to get you going, then you can also indulge in various winter activities in Dubai. 

1. Ski Dubai

Image Source : Visit Dubai

If you are bummed by the fact it doesn’t snow during the winters in Dubai, then you can also visit the Ski Dubai resort and enjoy the artificial snow on which you can ski. The experience is as real as skiing on real snow. 

Covering around 22000 meters, the Ski Dubai allows you round-the-year snowboarding and skiing opportunities. There are five levels: level 1 is for beginners who know nothing about skiing, and level 5 is the level chosen by professionals. 

So, not only do you get to ski, but you can also learn how to ski and become an expert. It is the first indoor ski resort in the entire Middle East, located inside the Mall of Emirates. 

Just grab your tickets, and learn from the experts at the Ski Dubai, and enjoy the best indoor adventure activity in Dubai. 

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Timings: 10 a.m to 11 p.m

Price: AED 180 for adults for 2 hours and AED 150 for kids. 

2. Skydiving In Dubai


Soar above the clouds by Skydiving in Dubai, which is not limited to winters in Dubai, as it can be done round the year. 

First, decide whether you want to go for indoor skydiving or outdoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving is for people who really want to try skydiving but are afraid of heights, so they can do the activity inside a controlled atmosphere. 

Outdoor skydiving is not for the weak-hearted because you will literally be jumping off the plane, which is easier said than done because jumping off the plane from 13000 feet is not a cup of tea for everyone, but the adrenaline rush you will feel during the activity will leave you numb.  

It is very scary, but you will be accompanied by a professional instructor, who will make sure that everything goes smoothly during the flight. 

There are various places that offer skydiving activities in Dubai, and the prices may vary from one agency to another. 

Prices: AED 1700 onwards

3. Desert Safari


If the Desert Safari in Dubai during summer isn’t your thing because of the scorching heat of the sun, then try doing it during winters in Dubai. Picture this: A pleasant weather in the desert, and you are having the best desert camping in Dubai. How cool would that be?

Enjoy the thrill of the safari and go dune bashing, and when you get too tired after having all the fun during the day, relax in your camps. Get to know about the Emirati and Arab culture in the desert and have the most amazing experience of your life. 

In the evening, get ready for the Emirati dance by trained professionals in various traditional and Emirati music, followed by a barbeque dinner that will leave you drooling for more. 

Price: AED 30

4. Scuba Diving


If you are more into water sports, then you can also try scuba diving in Dubai, where concrete meets nature. 

Scuba diving is one of the best adventure sports in Dubai, allowing you to feel your every breath and your heart pumping.

The scuba diving activity allows you to explore the coral reefs and various wreckage sites, some of which are artificially made to enhance the experience of the divers; after all, it’s Dubai, it has a habit of leaving no stone unturned to give the people an unforgettable experience. 

5. Dubai Winter Festival

Image Source : Time Out Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai in December then you are in for a treat because it is that time of the year when the Dubai Winter Festival takes place, and trust me, you should not miss out on this festival. 

It is the largest festive weekend in the United Arab Emirates, where you can indulge in some fun activities for children and adults, including talent competitions, and other celebrations to mark the festive week of Christmas and New Year in Dubai. 

Places To Stay In Dubai


If you are planning a trip to Dubai, then there are things that you are already worried about accommodation and are looking for places to stay in Dubai. Well, worry no more because we have got you covered. Let’s see where exactly you can stay according to your budget. 

1. Burj Al Arab

If you have lots of money and budget is the last thing on your mind then you can book your stay at Burj Al Arab, which is said to be the only seven-star hotel in the world, so you can imagine the luxury of the place, offering top-notch services with its extremely polite and trained staff. 

2. Atlantis The Palm

Another luxury hotel that you can go for is the Atlantis The Palm, located on the man-made Palm Island, The Palm Jumeirah. Again, this hotel drips with luxury with top-notch services, and the best part is that it also gives visitors the opportunity to go scuba diving and take lessons as well. 

3. Media One Hotel

Image Source : Tripadvisor

If you want to spend all your money on travelling and experiences and want to spend the least amount on your stay, then you can go to Media One Hotel in Dubai, located just 15 15-minute drive away from the Mall of Emirates. 

There is a poolside lounge offering stunning views of the Dubai Skyline. It also has an in-house gym and will not break your budget, so this would be a great choice for you. 

4. Alphatel Beach Hostel

If you think the budget hotel is out of your budget, then you can head to the Alphatel Beach Hostel as well, where you can crash at night because that is the only time you will be in there, and the rest of the time you will be exploring this fabulous extravagant city. 

5. Torch 77 Dubai

Torch 77 Dubai is best for students and youngsters who are always broke. The hostel offers crazy discounts, and it’s best if you are trying to do some cost-cutting on accommodation. The hostel has a terrace providing views of the Dubai Skyline, so you can hang out on the terrace at night. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Winters In Dubai

What is the weather like during winter in Dubai?

The weather becomes very pleasant during winters in Dubai, and the maximum temperature goes up to 26℃, and the minimum temperature remains around 16℃.

What are the popular outdoor activities to enjoy in Dubai during the winter months?

Popular outdoor activities that one can do in Dubai are skydiving, skiing at Ski Dubai, Scuba diving, shopping, and wandering around the city.

Are there any special events or festivals during the winter season in Dubai?

Yes, the most important event is the Christmas and New Year during winter, and the whole city gets decked up like a bride. There are plenty of parties and crazy discounts on merchandise. 

What should I pack for a winter trip to Dubai?

Pack light clothes, but keep a jacket or two because you may need it if you plan to go desert camping because the desert becomes cold at night. 

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