Workcations : The New Trend that Brings Travel and Work Together

Once upon a time, Travel was all we needed to break the humdrum affair of our boring work life. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we didn’t get a chance to fulfill the desire of traveling even once. Numerous restrictions, Work From Home (WFH) duties, and the fear of Coronavirus has forced us to stay at home for the last three-four months.

Now when state governments of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, and several other states have announced preventive guidelines to resume tourism again, everyone is willing to reach their favorite travel destinations. But it is not a cakewalk, as all the travelers have to follow certain guidelines.

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Key points from the travel guidelines issued by government authorities.

Key points from the travel guidelines issued by government authorities
1. ICMR RT-PCR Covid-19 negative certificate issued 72 hours prior to the trip.
2. E-Permit issued by respective State governments.
3. People traveling from containment zones will not be allowed to enter.
4. Government IDs and address proofs.
5. Proper booking documents.

After all these precautionary measures government is insisting people stay at least 7-15 days at these destinations. Due to these reasons, people are willing to plan long stays for all travel destinations.


With some relaxation in travel, people who are exhausted from their WFH life are now preparing to leave their places and move to some remote destination for a vacation. Considering the present COVID situation, the corporate world is witnessing a unilateral shift towards remote work where most of the employees are directed to work from home. And howsoever attractive work from home might sound, it comes with its own set of distractions.

So what’s the best way out? It is to combine work and vacation, and turn it into a Workcation!

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Work and Vacation (Workcations) is dreamy and fascinating as it sounds, waking up to breathtaking sunrise vistas, sipping a cup of tea with a panoramic view of nature, and your work desk pointing towards your favorite mountains or beaches, that is all we need now. Now you can turn these dreams into reality as we have come up with our venture Workcations. It will help you to set up a workstation at your favorite travel destination.

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How can you plan your Workcations?

It is as simple as booking a movie ticket! We at Workcations designed a platform to plan your work & vacations together. All you have to do is pick your favorite destination, book your stay for as many days as you want and it’s done!

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Here are the primary services we are going to provide you to give a home away from home feeling at your favorite travel destination.

  • Homely Food
  • Economic, Clean & Hygienic Stay
  • 24×7 High Speed Internet
  • Dedicated Workspaces
  • Recreational Activities to unwind!

Finally, It is time to call off the monotonous affair of your WFH life, and plan a Workcation right away.

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