Worli Sea Face: A Complete Guide To The Vitamin Sea Of Mumbai

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One thing Mumbaikars are proud of and people from other cities are fascinated with, is the Arabian Sea. If any random debate on which city is the best kicks in, then Mumbaikars with their chests swollen with pride and a vivid smirk on their faces have to end the conversation by saying, ‘We have Marine Drive‘.

Being a peninsula region, Mumbai is surrounded by the Arabian Sea from three sides; therefore, it is obvious to have a beautiful sea view. Apart from Marine Drive one such sea view that is lost somewhere in between the capitalistic dream of a developing nation is Worli Sea Face.

About Worli Sea Face


Just like Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face has its own joggers park. Due to the Coastal Road construction, you cannot have the sea view at Worli Sea Face. However, many hidden spots near Worli Sea Face have a beautiful panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and Bandra Worli Sea Link. 

Locals, who are fond of fitness regularly jog at Worli Sea Face Mumbai. Although there is no best time to visit Worli Sea Face as such, if you truly want to witness the climate near Worli Sea Face then come while the sun is setting on the horizon.

Things To Do At The Worli Sea Face

Worli being located in Central Mumbai is widely accessible to to the other parts of the city. You will find that there are tons of things to do at the Worli Sea Face

1. Cars Road Show

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If you are a fan of sports and luxury cars then Worli Seaface is the best place to spot such cars. Many rallies of luxuries and sports cars happen near Worli Sea Face. It is a true heaven for a car connoisseur. You could easily spot cars from Ferrari to Mustang, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and the list goes on.

2. Ride At Worli Sea Link


If you are coming to Mumbai for a tour or even if you are a local then you shouldn’t miss this architectural marvel that connects Bandra and Worli. It covers around 5.6 km distance which is around 3.5 miles. 

For the best experience roll down the glass of your car window, if your car has a sunroof then it is an icing on the cake. Open It! And enjoy the breezy ride. 

Pro Tip: Try taking a ride from Bandra to Worli instead of Worli to Bandra because this view has some breathtaking landscapes of the Mumbai Coastline.

3. Stroll At Worli Sea Face Mumbai


Although you cannot see the sea at Worli Sea Face, because of the construction of the Coastal Road, you can still take a stroll. Early morning or evening is the best time to visit Worli Sea Face for a stroll.

Places To Visit Near Worli Sea Face

Worli is in the heart of Mumbai and is accessible. There are a lot of hidden places to visit near Worli Sea Face. These places are not known to many people. Following are some of the nearest places to visit near Worli Sea Face 

1. Worli Fort


Around 2.4 km from Worli Sea Face Mumbai is Worli Fort. Built by the Portugals it was later captured and controlled by the Britishers. Worli Fort is located in Worli Koliwada. After walking through the narrow streets of Koliwada, Worli Fort is on a little elevation. 

From here you can see the vast Arabian Sea and the Worli Sea Link that connects Worli and Bandra. The breathtaking landscape is all you need for a perfect Instagramable picture. 

Being a perfect Bollywood location many movies have been shot here including Singham Return, ABCD, Ek Villan, Brothers, and many more. 

2. Nehru Science Centre


Nehru Science Center is around 2.2 km from Worli Sea Face Mumbai. Sprawling 8 acres it is one of the largest science centres in India. This place is for all inquisitive minds who are keen to learn about Science.

The major objective of this Centre is to educate the students about science and its applications in human life and industry. The Centre has five major parts including Science Centre, Science Odyssey Film, Science On A Sphear, 3-D Science Show, and Motion Simulator. 

3. Siddhivinayak Temple


Siddhivinayak Temple is around 3.1 km from Worli Sea Face Mumbai.  Specially dedicated to the revered Hindu Diety Ganesha, the ‘destroyer of obstacles’ attracts major devotees from all corners seeking divine intervention.

It is one of the Ashtavinak Temples (the eighth manifestation of Lord Ganesha in Maharashtra). The temple has a huge significance in the city and is known among locals, tourists, and many celebrities as well.

4. Haji Ali Dargah


Located at the backdrop of the Arabian Sea Haji Ali Dargah is around 5 km from Worli Sea Face Mumbai. It is one of the most iconic places in Mumbai. One of the best time to visit Haji Ali Dargah is said to be from October to March; it is the time when the tides of the sea remain lower and allow easy access to the Dargah. 

You can also visit the Dargah during festive times such as Ramadan, Eid, and the occasion of Urs, known as the most significant occasion in the Dargah. 

5. Dadar Chowpatty


Dadar Chowpatty is 4.5 km from Worli Fort Mumbai. It is the best place to get a landscape view of Worli Sealink. At the start of the beach is a viewing deck built recently where you can sit and enjoy the mesmerizing Arabian Sea. 

The best time to visit the viewing deck at Dadar Chowpatty is during sunset when the sun is setting on the horizon. 

Best Time To Visit Worli Sea Face

There is no better time to visit Worli Sea Face, although if you want to enjoy the true essence of Mumbai then you should come to Mumbai during Monsoon. 

Not many people are fans of monsoons in Mumbai, but it is one of the best times one can visit Mumbai.

How To Reach Worli Sea Face

Still searching, how to reach Worli Sea Face? Well let us see some of the convenient options to travel to Worli Sea Face Mumbai

Via Rail

The nearest railway station to reach Worli Sea Face is Lower Parel which comes under the Western Line. The distance is around 3 km, you can take a bus or a Kali Pili Taxi according to your convenience. 

Via Road

The roads are well connected to the Worli Sea Face. If you are coming from Marine Drive you can come to Pedder Road which will take you to Haji Ali and then from there you have to take Dr. Annie Besant Road and take a left turn which will take you to Worli Sea Face.

Restaurants Near Worli Sea Face

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There are many options of Restaurants near Worli Sea Face. Following are some of the curated ones for your reference. 

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  • Maaslli Saraswat And GSB Specialty

If you are a seafood lover and want to try some Maharashtrian Sea Foood Cusiun then Maaslli is a place for you. Their must-try dishes are Surmai Thali, Bombil Fry, Crab Lollypop, and Crab Soup. It is a humble request not to miss their Modak and Kharvas for Dessert. The restaurant is 1.6 km from the Sea Face.

  • China Bistro Worli

If you are a fan of Chinese then this restaurant is for you. Their bestsellers are Chicken Drums Of Heaven and Shanghai Chicken Dim Sum. There are a variety of veg options as well including Veg Dumpling and Crispy Vegetable Konjeenaro. China Bistro is around 2.4 km from Worli Sea Face Mumbai. 

  • Waah Marathi

Waah Marathi is one of the famous restaurants among the locals. It is famous for its milkshakes, shawarma, nachos, and Mango Mastani. Although it is a small place it is budget-friendly and one of the best restaurants near Worli Sea Face. It is around 1.5 km from Worli Sea Face Mumbai.

  • Ashok Vada Pav

The legendary Ashok Vada Pav is 2.4 km from Worli Sea Face. It is one of the oldest Vada Pav centers in Mumbai. Be it monsoon, Winter, or summer you will see a long queue for Ashok Vada Pav irrespective of the season. 

Like, don’t be surprised to see a queue for Vadapav in heavy rain, where people are hiding under umbrellas and raincoats and waiting patiently holding the aroma of hot vadas in their nostrils. 

Hotels Near Worli Sea Face

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There are many options for hotels near Worli Sea Face. However, it is advisable to pre-book your hotel to avoid last-minute hassle and save yourself from breaking the bank. Following are some of the curated hotels for your references 

1. Four Season Hotel Mumbai
2. Hotel Hilltop
3. Ekostay
4. Hotel Kohinoor Park

Frequently Asked Questions

How to visit Worli Sea Face?

The nearest railway station to reach Worli Sea Face is Lower Parel. YOu can take a cab or a bus whatever is convenient for you. If you are traveling by car then the roads are well connected to Worli Sea Face.

What is the name of the sea that Mumbai faces?

Mumbai is facing the Arabian Sea.

Can we sit on Worli Sea Face?

Yes, you can still sit on Worli Sea Face. However, due to the Coastal work construction, you cannot see the sea.

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