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Ever thought a festival could make even the mountains sing? Welcome to the Ziro Music Festival, a true spectacle nestled in Ziro Valley. This isn’t just another North East India music festival; it’s a cultural odyssey! Each year, camping in Ziro Valley becomes a haven for those chasing the rhythm of the Indie music festival India scene. 

From securing your Ziro festival tickets to planning how to reach Ziro Valley, every detail adds to the adventure. The Ziro Festival of Music stands out with its commitment to sustainable practices at the Ziro Music Festival. 

Get ready to groove with the Ziro festival line up under the stars at the Ziro Music Festival and embrace the enchanting experience. Dive into the magic of the Ziro Music Festival!

Story of Ziro Music Festival

Beginnings and Early Struggles

Story of Ziro Music Festival

The Ziro Music Festival started its journey in 2012, created by Anup Kutty and Bobby Hano. It quickly stood out as a unique outdoor music festival in India. Despite the tough start with bad roads and financial challenges, the festival’s charm and the dedication of its founders kept it alive. By 2018, the Ziro Music Festival had overcome its early hurdles, turning into a beloved event that many looked forward to each year.

Growing Bigger and Better

Over the years, the Ziro Valley music festival broadened its horizon beyond just music. It started including activities like butterfly trails, yoga, and village tours, making it a perfect spot for families too. This blend of activities helped it grow into a much-loved North East India music festival.

Cultural Melting Pot

In 2022, the festival showcased an array of performances in both English and local tribal languages like Nyishi and Galo, highlighting its commitment to cultural diversity. The Ziro Music Festival also embraced literary arts by hosting the Ziro Literary Festival, promoting the region’s cultural tourism.

Sustainability and Community

From the start, sustainability has been a core part of the Ziro Festival of Music. The festival uses eco-friendly materials like bamboo and involves local communities in its setup and operations. These efforts ensure that the Ziro Arunachal Pradesh festival not only entertains but also educates and involves the local community, strengthening the bond between visitors and hosts.

A Symbol of Unity and Culture

Today, the Ziro Music Festival stands as a significant cultural milestone, representing the rich heritage and stunning beauty of the region. It’s more than just a festival; it’s a place where music, culture, and nature come together to create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re looking for Ziro festival tickets or planning your stay by camping in Ziro Valley, this festival promises something special for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for music and nature lovers alike.

Sustainability at the Heart of Ziro Music Festival

Sustainability at the Heart of Ziro Music Festival

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

The Ziro Music Festival sets a remarkable example of environmental stewardship by using locally sourced materials like bamboo and wood, which are integral to the festival’s construction. Handcrafted by local Apatani artisans, the festival’s stages and infrastructure showcase a deep respect for traditional skills and sustainable materials. Each piece is reused annually, minimising waste and supporting sustainable cycles.

Green Practices and Materials

A cornerstone of the Ziro Festival of Music is its commitment to a zero-plastic policy. By utilising biodegradable Tamul plates and bamboo mugs instead of plastic cutlery and cups, the festival significantly reduces its plastic waste. Signages around the venue are made from reclaimed wood and painted with eco-friendly paints, demonstrating the festival’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint.

Water Conservation and Waste Management

The Ziro Music Festival encourages attendees to bring their own water bottles, providing water free of charge to reduce plastic bottle use. Waste management is a critical focus, with the implementation of waste segregation pits and the distribution of biodegradable garbage bags. The festival organises waste-collection drives in collaboration with local partners and volunteers, ensuring the site remains pristine.

Community and Cultural Integration

The involvement of the Apatani tribe in the festival not only promotes local culture but also embeds traditional ecological knowledge into the event’s practices. This community’s influence is evident in the festival’s overall design and operations, which align with the tribe’s long-standing respect for nature.

Sustainable Visitor Management

To protect the delicate ecology of Ziro Valley, the Ziro Valley music festival caps the number of visitors to 10,000. This controlled attendance helps maintain the balance between celebrating cultural festivities and preserving the natural environment, ensuring the festival’s activities do not leave a lasting negative impact.

Promoting Sustainable Practices

The Ziro Music Festival is not only a place for music and culture but also a platform for promoting sustainable practices at Ziro Festival. From sustainable practices in camping at Ziro Valley to the careful management of resources, every aspect of the festival emphasises sustainability. Ziro festival tickets are designed to be eco-friendly, and extensive efforts are made to educate participants about sustainable practices at Ziro Festival through various interactive sessions and workshops.

Legacy of Sustainability

Each year, the Ziro Music Festival continues to enhance its sustainable practices at Ziro Festival, making it a leader in environmentally friendly event planning. The festival’s dedication to sustainability is not just about reducing impact for the duration of the event but about fostering a long-term sustainability culture among all participants.

This commitment to sustainability not only enhances the festival experience but also sets a benchmark for other events worldwide, proving that environmental responsibility and cultural celebrations can go hand in hand.

Ziro Festival Line Up

Ziro Festival Line Up

Well, the Ziro Festival Line Up has not been finalized yet, but following are the few performers expected to perform this year!


  • G Jackals, India: A dynamic blend of traditional folk and contemporary sounds marks the G Jackals as a standout act at the Ziro Music Festival. Their unique fusion captivates the diverse audience of this celebrated outdoor music festival.
  • Puuluup, Estonia: Hailing from Estonia, Puuluup breathes new life into traditional Estonian music with modern twists, adding an international flavor to the Ziro Valley music festival.
  • Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, India: A master of the Mohan Veena, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt brings his soulful melodies to the Ziro Festival of Music, mesmerising listeners with his profound musical expressions.
  • Joydeep Mukherjee, India: Known for his innovative approach to classical Indian music, Joydeep Mukherjee adds depth to the Ziro festival line up with his soul-stirring performances.
  • Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar, India: This renowned flautist from India showcases his exceptional skills at the Ziro Music Festival, enchanting the audience with his melodious flute tunes.
  • Shourya Malhotra, India: Representing the new wave of Indian music, Shourya Malhotra blends traditional elements with modern sounds, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of the Ziro Arunachal Pradesh festival.
  • Shashikala Dani, India: With her soulful renditions, Shashikala Dani connects deeply with the audience, making her performances at the Ziro Music Festival truly captivating.
  • Run Monday Run, India: This energetic group from India gets the crowd moving with their lively performances, a perfect fit for the energetic vibe of the North East India music festival.
  • Maylula, India: Maylula creates a delightful fusion of traditional Indian sounds and contemporary music, enriching the diverse Ziro festival line up.
  • Himali Mou, India: Himali Mou brings a touch of soulfulness to the Ziro Valley music festival with her emotive and melodious performances.
  • Goutam Das Baul, India: As a master of Baul music, Goutam Das Baul infuses spirituality and soul into his performances, embodying the essence of a true tribal music festival at Ziro.
  • East Himalayan Folk Q: Offering a unique blend of Himalayan folk music, this group provides a cultural journey through their melodies and rhythms, adding a distinctive touch to the Ziro Music Festival.


  • Chaar Diwaari, India: Under the alias Chaar Diwaari, Garv Taneja from New Delhi is reshaping the Hindi music scene with his experimental approach, making waves at the Ziro Valley Music Festival.
  • Mohit Chauhan, India: Known for his soul-stirring vocals, Mohit Chauhan brings his emotive and captivating performances to the Ziro Festival of Music, touching the hearts of audiences.
  • Jatayu, India: At the Ziro Arunachal Pradesh Festival, Jatayu blends traditional Indian music with modern influences, creating a sound that’s distinctly contemporary yet deeply rooted in heritage.
  • Farhan, India: Showcasing versatility, Farhan spans a spectrum from soulful ballads to high-energy numbers, a highlight at this vibrant outdoor music festival.
  • Contre Jour by Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer, United States: This duo brings their avant-garde music and visual arts project to the Ziro Valley Music Festival, offering an immersive experience.
  • The Boo Boo Bama Orchestra, Sweden: With a mix of jazz and world music, this Swedish ensemble adds a unique flavor to the Ziro Festival of Music lineup.
  • Mannequin Death Squad, Australia: Known for their boundary-pushing sounds, Mannequin Death Squad delivers an experimental performance that stands out at the Ziro Arunachal Pradesh Festival.
  • MC Altaf, India: MC Altaf mixes traditional beats with hip-hop, reflecting the vibrant culture at the Ziro Valley Music Festival through his socially conscious lyrics.
  • Alif, India: This collective explores the fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds, enhancing the diverse music of the Ziro Festival of Music.
  • Taba Chake, India: Taba Chake’s introspective songs resonate deeply with the festival-goers, making his performances a soulful addition to the Ziro Arunachal Pradesh Festival.
  • Eliasse, France: Eliasse brings a fusion of global musical styles to the Ziro Valley Music Festival, creating an eclectic sound that captivates listeners.
  • Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys, Lithuania: This Lithuanian group is known for their experimental approach, adding a unique edge to the Ziro Festival of Music.
  • Flying Kik, Bhutan: Representing Bhutan, Flying Kik merges traditional Bhutanese music with modern elements, enriching the cultural diversity of this outdoor music festival.


  • Deep Brown, India: Deep Brown delves into the depths of electronic music at the Ziro Festival of Music, crafting emotive soundscapes that transport listeners to transcendent sonic realms.
  • Angata, Israel: Angata introduces a mesmerising blend of electronic and world music to the Ziro Valley Music Festival. Their performances offer a sonic journey that intertwines diverse cultural influences with modern beats, enhancing the festival’s vibrant ambiance.
  • Leon Somov, Lithuania: Known for his rich electronic music that weaves ambient textures with rhythmic intricacies, Leon Somov adds a layer of immersive soundscapes to the Ziro Festival of Music.
  • Barnet, Germany: Barnet’s innovative approach to electronic music, which combines various genres to forge dynamic sounds, makes him a standout performer at this renowned outdoor music festival.
  • Unnayanaa, India: At the Ziro Arunachal Pradesh Festival, Unnayanaa captivates with his eclectic mix of electronic beats and traditional Indian sounds, reflecting the festival’s ethos of cultural blending.
  • Smokey, India: Smokey brings his soulful melodies and deep lyrics to the Ziro Music Festival, offering a heartfelt musical experience that resonates deeply with the audience.
  • Motif, India: Known for their electrifying fusion of electronica and live instrumentation, Motif energizes the Ziro Festival line-up, connecting with audiences through their dynamic performances.
  • Kiss Nuka, India: Kiss Nuka injects a fresh and vibrant energy into the Ziro Valley Music Festival, combining pop elements with Indian musical traditions to create a compelling and engaging sound.
  • DJ Ina, India: DJ Ina keeps the energy high at the Ziro Music Festival with her eclectic mixes and masterful ability to keep the crowd dancing with her infectious beats.

Ziro Festival Tickets Information

Ziro Festival Tickets Information

1. Ticket Pricing and Details

  • Day 1 (Thursday 26 Sept 2024): ₹2,600.00
  • Day 2 (Friday 27 Sept 2024): ₹3,500.00
  • Day 3 (Saturday 28 Sept 2024): ₹3,500.00
  • Day 4 (Sunday 29 Sept 2024): ₹3,500.00
  • Four Day Festival Ticket (Phase 1): ₹8,500.00

Tickets for the Ziro Music Festival are specifically designed to cater to various preferences, ensuring everyone can enjoy the rich tapestry of music and culture at one of the most anticipated indie music festivals in India.

2. Entry Requirements

International guests must obtain a Protected Area Permit (PAP) and Indian nationals an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to enter Arunachal Pradesh, the proud home of the Ziro Festival of Music.

3. Ticket Usage

E-tickets must be presented in printout form or digitally along with a valid photo ID at the festival box office to receive a wristband. Tickets grant entry only and do not cover accommodation or meals.

4. Refund Policy

Tickets are non-refundable. The Ziro Music Festival does not offer refunds for lineup changes, cancellations of individual performances, or extreme weather conditions.

5. Age and Pet Policies

Children under 12 enter free but must be accompanied by an adult. Pets are welcome but must be managed responsibly by their owners throughout the festival.

6. Payment and Recording Policies

The festival accepts various forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payments. Recording through professional equipment is not permitted, ensuring privacy and respect for all performances.

7. Prohibited Items and Festival Rules

To maintain safety and enjoyment at the Ziro Music Festival, items such as glass bottles, explosives, and illegal substances are strictly prohibited. The festival emphasises responsible behaviour, including the proper disposal of garbage and respectful conduct towards fellow festival-goers and locals.

8. Liability and Contact Information

The Ziro Festival of Music is not liable for personal accidents or theft. For any concerns or inquiries, attendees can contact info@zirofestival.com.

9. General Agreement

Purchasing a ticket signifies acceptance of these terms. Attendees are encouraged to review all guidelines on the official website to ensure a safe and enjoyable festival experience.

10. Refund and Credit Conditions

In exceptional circumstances such as event cancellation due to uncontrollable factors, ticket holders may be eligible for refunds excluding service fees, or credit for future events. Changes in the artist lineup or individual performance cancellations do not qualify for refunds or credits.

This comprehensive ticket information ensures that attendees can fully prepare and immerse themselves in the unique and vibrant atmosphere of the Ziro Music Festival, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh at this renowned outdoor music festival.

Beyond the Music: Discovering the Cultureof Ziro

Beyond the Music: Discovering the Cultureof Ziro

1. Exploring Traditional Arts and Culture

The Ziro Festival of Music goes beyond just being a musical extravaganza. It serves as a vibrant platform for experiencing the rich cultural heritage of the Apatani tribe. Festival-goers can engage in various workshops that highlight traditional arts and crafts, offering hands-on experience in painting, crafts making, and even learning to play the indigenous Apatani flute (elu), crafted from paddy straw. Additionally, yoga, meditation, dance, and movement sessions are available to enhance your spiritual and physical well-being during the festival.

2. Signature Masterclasses and Local Gastronomy

A unique aspect of the festival is the opportunity to participate in Signature Masterclasses, such as those hosted by celebrity mixologist Yangdup Lama. These classes use local ingredients to create exceptional cocktails, showcasing the culinary diversity and sustainable practices at Ziro. The festival’s commitment to sustainability is also mirrored in these sessions, which emphasise the use of local resources and traditional methods.

3. Cultural and Natural Excursions

Outside the musical venue, the Ziro festival offers guided tours to nearby Apatani villages, where visitors can enjoy ethnic meals and understand the community’s way of life. For wine enthusiasts, a tour of Naara-Aaba winery in Hong village offers a taste of India’s first kiwi wine, a local enterprise featured in Shark Tank India Season 2.

4. Natural Wonders and Wildlife

Ziro’s natural beauty is on full display with several attractions within easy reach. From majestic waterfalls and innovative paddy-fish farms to the scenic beauty of Kile Pakho ridge, where the views of the plateau and the snow-clad Himalayan range, Nyime Pembu, are truly breathtaking. The Shri Sidheshwar Nath Temple near Hapoli, known for the world’s tallest naturally formed Shivling, is another must-visit for both spiritual enrichment and its stunning architectural design.

5. Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

For wildlife enthusiasts, the Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary offers an adventurous escape, with potential sightings of exotic species like clouded leopards, black giant squirrels, and the Asian palm civet. Bird watchers can also delight in spotting rare birds such as the black eagle and golden-breasted fulvetta.

6. Plan Your Visit

To make the most of your visit, check the Ziro festival timings and plan your activities around the music performances. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in both the sonic and cultural offerings of the festival. Remember, engaging in these activities supports the sustainable practices at Ziro, contributing to the preservation of this unique cultural and natural haven.

Accommodations at Ziro Festival of Music: Tents, Homestays, and Hotels

Accommodations at Ziro Festival of Music

1. Camping Options in Ziro Valley

For those looking to fully immerse themselves in the festival atmosphere, camping in Ziro Valley offers a variety of options. Campsites range from basic setups to luxury accommodations, ensuring that every festival-goer’s needs are met. Notably, Camp Zingaros, Kite Manja, and Stay High Adventures offer prime locations close to the festival grounds, making them popular choices for both convenience and their longstanding association with the festival.

In line with sustainable practices at Ziro Valley, Signature Packaged Drinking Water is introducing luxury camps that are both eco-friendly and comfortable. These camps allow you to enjoy the festival while contributing positively to the environment. Additionally, Encamp Adventures provides a BYOT (bring your own tent) option, appealing to those who prefer a more personalised camping experience.

2. Homestay Experience

Homestays are a fantastic way to connect with the local community. Many Ziro residents open their homes to festival attendees, offering a unique and authentic lodging experience. These homestays can be booked online, and many visitors return year after year, building lasting relationships with their hosts. This intimate accommodation option not only supports local households but also helps visitors experience the true essence of Ziro’s hospitality.

3. Hotel Accommodations

While Ziro does not host large hotel chains, several local hotels provide comfortable accommodations. The Ziro Valley Resort and Ziro Palace Inn, located less than 1km from the festival grounds, offer convenience and comfort close to the festival activities. For those looking to explore more of Ziro outside of the festival times, Hotel Blue Pine located in the market area offers a good base from which to venture into the valley.

4. Sustainable Lodging Practices

All accommodation options are encouraged to adopt sustainable practices at Ziro Valley, from waste management to the use of local resources, contributing to the preservation of Ziro’s natural beauty and cultural integrity. Whether you choose to camp, stay in a homestay, or book a hotel, your stay can contribute to sustainable tourism in the area.

What To Eat And Drink 

What To Eat And Drink

At the Ziro Festival, visitors can enjoy a variety of food and drinks that reflect the local culture and flavours of Arunachal Pradesh. The festival ground offers a range of options, from fries and burgers to pasta, catering to diverse tastes. However, to truly experience the essence of the region, sampling the local fare is a must.

Local cuisine in Ziro revolves around the use of bamboo, fermentation, boiling, and steaming. Vegetarians can savour dishes like bamboo shoots with rice or opt for traditional staples like rice and dal paired with locally grown vegetables. Ziro residents are accommodating and can customise dishes to suit vegetarian or vegan diets.

For those who enjoy meat, Apatani delicacies include roasted and boiled pork in bamboo stem, beef stew, or roast. Fish is a popular item on the menu due to the unique paddy-fish cultivation practised by the Apatani tribe. Adventurous eaters can try roasted grasshoppers, a local snack on the go.

To quench your thirst, indulge in Apong, a rice or millet-based drink that resembles wine. The region also offers delicious apple or kiwi wine, with Arunachal Pradesh being India’s largest producer of kiwis. The kiwi production is certified organic, reflecting the Apatani tribe commit

Travel Tips To Keep In Mind

Travel Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Plan Ahead

  • Research your destination: Learn about local customs, weather conditions, and essential sights. Knowing what to expect can help you pack appropriately and create a fulfilling itinerary.
  • Book in advance: Secure accommodations, transportation, and tickets for attractions ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress and potentially higher prices.

2. Pack Smart

  • Essentials first: Always pack important documents, medications, and valuables in your carry-on. Make sure you have copies of your passport, travel insurance, and emergency contacts.
  • Pack according to weather: Check the forecast for your destination a week before you travel and pack clothes that can be layered if necessary.
  • Limit luggage: Try to pack light to move more freely. Use packing cubes or rolling techniques to maximise space and keep your belongings organised.

3. Stay Safe

  • Keep valuables secure: Use hotel safes or keep important items close to you in a secure bag, especially in crowded areas.
  • Stay informed: Keep up with local news and be aware of any travel warnings or safety advisories for your destination.
  • Health precautions: Depending on your destination, you may need specific vaccinations or health precautions. Consult a travel clinic before your trip.

4. Money Matters

  • Notify your bank: Inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any fraud alerts or blocks on your cards while abroad.
  • Local currency: While it’s important to carry some local currency, consider using credit cards or travel money cards as safer alternatives to carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Budget wisely: Keep track of your expenses to avoid overspending. Consider using budgeting apps to manage your finances on the go.

5. Local Interaction

  • Learn basic phrases: Knowing simple phrases in the local language can enhance your interaction with locals and show respect for the culture.
  • Respect local customs: Be mindful of local traditions and etiquette, especially when visiting religious sites or participating in local festivals.

6. Sustainable Travel

  • Respect the environment: Practise eco-friendly habits such as recycling, using public transportation, and avoiding single-use plastics.
  • Support local businesses: Opt for local eateries, stay in local accommodations, and purchase souvenirs from local artisans to help support the local economy.

7.  Stay Connected

  • SIM card or roaming: Depending on the length of your stay, consider buying a local SIM card for data and calls or arrange a roaming package with your current provider.
  • Portable charger: Keep a portable charger handy to ensure your phone and other devices never run out of battery when you need them most.

How to Reach Ziro Valley

How to Reach Ziro Valley

By Air

  • Primary Airports: Fly to Guwahati Airport or Itanagar Airport for reliability.
  • Transport: Bus pickup and drop-off from Itanagar to Ziro available for INR 2000.

By Rail

  • Nearest Station: Naharlagun, about 3 hours from Ziro.
  • Options: Overnight trains from Guwahati; Shatabdi Express runs three times a week.
  • Transport: Bus service from Naharlagun station to Ziro for INR 2000.

By Road

  • Route: Drive from Guwahati to Ziro, which takes about 7 hours via NH27 or NH15.
  • Scenery: Enjoy scenic northeastern landscapes along the way.

Travel Tips

  • Advance Bookings: Essential during festival season for all modes of transport.
  • Travel Light: Makes for easier and more comfortable journeys, especially on winding roads.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with travel updates and maintain contact with transport providers.


In conclusion, the Ziro Music Festival is not just an event but a comprehensive cultural experience set in the breathtaking Ziro Valley. From the diverse musical lineup to camping in Ziro Valley under the starlit sky, every aspect of the festival is designed to offer something unique to every attendee. The festival is not only about entertainment but also emphasises sustainable practices at Ziro Festival, ensuring that the celebration does not compromise the beauty of the local environment. Remember to check the Ziro festival timings and plan your activities to make the most of your visit. Prepare to immerse yourself in the music, culture, and scenic beauty of Ziro for an unforgettable adventure.

What is the Ziro Music Festival?

The Ziro Music Festival is an annual music event held in the Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, India. It showcases a blend of indie, folk, and tribal music from across the globe, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Eastern Himalayas.

When is the Ziro Music Festival held?

The Ziro Music Festival typically takes place towards the end of September each year. Specific dates can vary, so it’s advisable to check the official festival website or latest announcements for the current year’s schedule.

How can I book tickets for the Ziro Music Festival?

Tickets for the Ziro Music Festival can be purchased online through the official festival website or other authorised ticketing platforms. Early booking is recommended as tickets and accommodations in the vicinity can sell out quickly.

What should I know before attending the Ziro Music Festival?

Before attending the Ziro Music Festival, ensure you have the necessary permits like the Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Indian tourists or the Protected Area Permit (PAP) for international visitors. It’s also wise to familiarise yourself with the local culture, weather conditions, and festival guidelines. Pack accordingly for outdoor living, as many guests choose to camp in Ziro Valley during the festival, and participate in sustainable practices promoted by the festival organisers.

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