Zuma Restaurant Dubai: A Must-Visit Japanese-Themed Eatery!

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In the heart of Dubai, there rests the special place called Zuma Restaurant a revered Japanese-themed restaurant started by Rainer Becker in London back in 2022. This is a serene place where the Japanese styling swiftly blends with the modern touch creating a sense of being in another world. Sweetly resting in the bustling Financial centre this palace is best for its ambience and food taste with world-class services.

Right from the inception of Zuma restaurant this plan has been a global hit and now expanding over 15 global locations and 9 seasonal locations. So, let’s delve more and find out why Zuma Restaurant is famous, the best things to do in Dubai, the timings and the budget to visit Zuma Restaurant Dubai.

About Zuma Restaurant Dubai

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Zuma restaurant Dubai is located in the city’s famous International Financial Centre(DIFC). This restaurant is in the style of contemporary Japanese Izakaya styling which was established in 2008. Zuma Restaurant Dubai offers an informal yet authentic mining experience inspired by the traditional Japanese cuisine settling that is the Izakaya concept, where food is served in order to share.

The Menu here is diverse and features various kinds of dishes from miso-marinated black cod to spicy beef and beverages range from wine to cocktail. Zuma restaurant was designed by popular personality Noriyoushi Maramatsu of Studio Gilt, where he combined natural elements like wood and stones to create a strong and natural inviting atmosphere for its guests. The charm of Zuma restaurant is enhanced more with its open kitchen and the stylish modern bar area which serves as a proper backdrop for socialising and enjoying the exceptional service of Zuma staff.

Zuma Restaurant Dubai Location

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Zuma Restaurant is in the Dubai International Financial Centre(DIFC), Gate Village 06. This place is considered one of the best places to visit in Dubai for business and lifestyle purposes. DIFC is also revered for its vibrant ambience setting and the decent dining scene with high-end retail outlets and cultural attractions making it the standout place. 

How To Reach Zuma Restaurant Dubai

To reach Zuma Restaurant Dubai you can directly take a private car and navigate to DIFC and enjoy the free valet parking services. If you want to stay economical you can prefer public transportation by heading to the Red Line of Dubai Metro to the Financial Centre Station and then followed by a short walk for 10-15 minutes to the Zuma Restaurant or can prefer a Taxi using Uber or Careem. To get on the bus you can take 27, 29, 98E, or F11 to reach the Financial Centre Station and from there you can directly short walk to Gate 06.

How Is Food In Zuma Restaurant?

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The food in Zuma Restaurant is revered for its contemporary Japanese styling named Izakaya style with a wide range of diverse menus. People head here to enjoy expertly cooked Japanese and international dishes with precision and taste.

The signature items like Beef tenderloin and Tuna grills are on the must-try list and every item here has an innovative taste with high-quality standards. With its special sophisticated styling and the best-quality services, Zuma restaurant grabs a special spot in the list of best restaurants in Dubai.

Zuma Restaurant Reservation Rules

To enjoy dining at Zuma restaurant it is highly recommended to reserve a table prior considering its popularity. The best way to reserve a table is by directly contacting the Zuma Restaurant staff by dialling 00971 4 425 5660 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM or by filling out the customer form on Zuma’s official website.

Make sure to confirm your visit in the call or message to avoid unnecessary cancellations and if you want to cancel your reservation, please do atleast 24 hours in advance. Zuma Restaurant expects its visitors to wear formal and decent clothes, funky clothes like shorts, flip-flops, and sportswear are not at all encouraged. 

Famous Dishes Zuma Restaurant

Zuma Restaurant in Dubai is revered for its exquisite Japanese menu. Here are the top picks from the famous dishes Zuma Restaurant:

1. Spicy Beef Tenderloin


In this authentic cuisine, you will be served with delicately spiced and grilled beef with a harmonious blend of heat and added flavours.

2. Zuma Signature Sushi Rolls

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Signature Sushi Rolls are one of the famous dishes Zuma restaurant for the inducement of the fresh ingredients and the creative flair of the unique flavours.

3. Miso Marinated Black Cod


Miso Marinated Black Cod is considered to be one of the most lip-smacking foods in Dubai with its rich and savoury miso glaze grilled to perfection.

4. Robata Grilled Skewers

Source: Hot Dinners

This is a segregation of the skewered meats, seafood, and veggies grilled over the traditional Japanese robata-styled charcoal. This serves as one of the luscious and famous dishes Zuma restaurant for its ambience and taste.

5. Wagyu Beef Dubai

Source: Khaleej Times

This is a premium cuisine with a mix of Wagyu Tataki or Wagyu Taartate with special flavours to create a unique sense of special taste of excellence and creativity.  

Zuma Dubai Restaurant Prices

Here is a rough glance at Zuma Dubai restaurant prices: 

  • Zuma Starters: These have a range between AED 50-AED 150 depending on your choice
  • Main Course: This will range from AED 150-AED 400 per item.
  • Desserts: AED 50-$110 (Varies with quantity)
  • Beverages: Beverages range between AED 60 and AED 100 per pint.

Preferably it can cost around AED 800 – AED 1800+ for a full meal for two depending on your culinary selections.

Best Time To Visit Zuma Restaurant

The best time to visit Zuma Restaurant is during the evenings, especially in the early supper hours between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM. This time is when the restaurant seems to be more vibrant and cater for the culinary desires of its visitors at its best. To access food in this restaurant at this time you need to book a table prior and mention your purpose to have a relevant dining experience.

Best Place To Visit Near Zuma Restaurant Dubai

Here is the best place to visit near Zuma Restaurant Dubai:

1. DIFC Art Galleries


If you are interested in exploring the vibrant art scene DIFC ART gallery is one of the best places with the display of contemporary artworks by various artists.

2. The Dubai Mall


The Dubai Mall is located very close to Zuma Restaurant where you can enjoy world-class shopping, entertainment options and also the underwater zoo at your leisure.

3. Dubai Opera


Dubai Opera is the best place to visit near Zuma Restaurants for its cultural significance. Here you can enjoy the performing arts, special events, themed settings, unique concerts, ballets and also theatrical productions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Zuma restaurant originate?

Zuma Restaurant originated in London, way back in 2002.

Is Zuma a Michelin?

Despite its world-class services, Zuma is not a Michelin star rated yet!

Who is the owner of Zuma?

Zuma Restaurant was founded by Rainer Becker a famous chef and restaurateur partnered with Arjun Waney.

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