A Trekker’s Delight; Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

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Mother nature has showered and blessed Jammu and Kashmir, with unmeasurable beauty and spellbinding views; hence the name ‘Paradise on Earth’. A customized Kashmir trip is on everyone’s bucket list, from couples to trekking groups. 

Seasoned trekkers and adventure lovers often head towards this Himalayan retreat for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, a must-visit trek for trekking enthusiasts. 

Famed as the paradise on earth, Kashmir is a treat for the eyes and is bound to fill your senses with the therapeutic goodness of nature. There are major attractions in Kashmir, attracting tourists and travelers from India and worldwide. 

Staying in an authentic shikara or houseboat is every romantic couple’s dream. Kashmir offers many houseboat stays where you can enjoy a relaxing and calming stay. 

Kashmir is among the most popular destinations for celebrating honeymoons, family, and backpacking trips. Various expeditions, especially going on treks like Kashmir Great Lakes Trek are among the best things to do in Kashmir

Bejeweled with lavish meadows, snow-peaked mountains, and the breathtaking grandeur of the five alpine lakes, the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is not just an expedition but an experience that will leave you awestruck. 

Situated at a height of 13,800 ft., this trek is challenging and requires a certain amount of fitness, but it is among India and the world’s most popular monsoon treks. 

Kashmir is home to many popular spots and places like Gulmarg and Patnitop, where tourists flock during winter and monsoon seasons, to witness dreamlike snowfall, go for adventure sports like skiing, and much more. 

What  is the best time for Kashmir’s Great lakes trek ? 

According to the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir, taking a trekking expedition in Kashmir is allowed only during the right seasons as it can be dangerous otherwise. 

The best time for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is from July to September when the monsoon sets in and the valleys and passes are filled with myriads of psychedelic patterns formed by wildflowers.

What will you see on kashmir great lakes trek?

What will you see on kashmir great lakes trek

What will you see on kashmir great lakes trek

A unique fact about this trek is that it gives a surreal experience of high-altitude passes, and eight alpine lakes that can be spotted in five river valleys. 

As the name suggests, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek gives the trekkers a voyage through the azure blue, turquoise green, and milky white shades of Himalayan ranges. 

Some of the most exotic and mesmerizing lakes in Kashmir can be spotted during regular excursions and treks. 

But on Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, one gets a chance to see the eight of the greatest alpine lakes of the Himalayas as you traverse on an undulating path, surrounded by lush green meadows, pristine streams, multicolored flowers, and gigantic mountain peaks. 

There are several things to do in Kashmir Great Lakes Trek; Trekking, photography, camping, bonfire, and admiring the raw beauty of Kashmir. The trek starts from:

Sonamarg or Golden Meadows, where trekkers pack up and start the journey after a healthy breakfast and hike towards Nichnai the valley of flowers; one of the major Kashmir Great Lakes Trek sightseeing spots. Countless flowers spot the valley and add vibrance to the green landscapes.

After passing through the Nichnai pass, the trekkers visit Vishansar and Krishansar lakes and breathe the therapeutic and soothing breeze of the Vishansar Valley, also known as ‘the valley of medicinal plants’.

Being one of the best places to explore in Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Vishansar Lake is like the first reward one gets, after walking for 3 hours, through pine forests. 

The next stop is at Gadsar Pass, the second pass of the trek and also the highest. 

From the Gadsar valley, one can witness the top view of the Vishansar and Krishansar lakes, the perfect location for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Sightseeing.

After a tiring and tough journey of 8 hours, tourists and trekkers reach the Gadsar Lake and enjoy local Kashmiri food for lunch. 

From Gadsar, the trek moves towards Satsar lakes and Megandoab and witnesses a river that disappears under a boulder at Rashbal; another one of the fabulous places near Kashmir Great Lakes Trek to visit. 

The hike proceeds toward the next stop at Gangbal Lake through Zajibal Pass. Here one can witness the scenic views of Mount Haramukh and admire the beauty of the twin alpine lakes Gangbal and Nundkol. This point also gives amazing views of the Kolesar Lake.

amazing views of kolesar lake

amazing views of

The Gangbal pass is the peak point of the expedition, as one can witness so much from here. It is among the most loved Kashmir Great Lakes Trek tourist places, as it gives you a taste of the passes, valleys, alpine lakes, and magnificent mountain peaks, all in one package. 

Toward the end of the trek, the travelers traverse toward Naranag village, where they can enjoy a sumptuous dinner and stay at some of the best hotels in Kashmir. The Wangath Temple Complex at Naranag is a famous archaeological site and Hindu pilgrimage. It is among the famous places near Kashmir Great Lakes Trek to visit. 

The 6-8 day trek ends at Sonamarg from where it started.

How to reach kashmir great lakes trek?

How to reach Kashmir great lakes trek

How to reach Kashmir great lakes trek

To reach the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek site, one must reach Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir and then take a 3-hour drive to Shitkadi Village from where the trek starts, situated a little farther ahead of Sonamarg. 


If you plan to take up the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, then even the tourist guides or the travel agencies organizing the trip will give you a clear idea about how to reach Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

How to reach srinagar?

Srinagar, the capital city of Kashmir is a popular tourist destination, therefore it is well connected to the rest of the country by air, railways, and road. For the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and many other similar treks and tours, tourists visit Srinagar. It is among the crowd-pleasing Kashmir Great Lakes Trek tourist places. 

Duration and cost of the kashmir great lakes trek

Duration and cost of the kashmir great lakes trek

Duration and cost of the kashmir great lakes trek

After knowing so much about this exciting and enthralling trek in Kashmir, you surely must want to know the details about the trip like the Kashmir Great Lakes cost, durations and tips for traveling, etc. 

Here is all you need to know. By now you must have an idea about the popularity of this trek, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek cost can range from 12,999- 25,000/- per person, depending upon the kind of agency you are going for and the facilities they provide. 

There can be additional charges for seeing Kashmir Great Lakes Trek nearby places, as there are many places to explore in Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. 

The trek is not a cakewalk, therefore it is not advisable for beginners with no prior experience. It is a long and challenging trek, lasting for around 8 days. 

Other places to see in kashmir great lakes trek

Other places to see in kashmir great lakes trek

Other places to see in kashmir great lakes trek

Apart from the out-worldly views of the alpine lakes, rivers, pastures, pine forests, and picturesque scenes which would transcend you to a new dimension. 

There are many other places to see in Kashmir Great Lakes Trek- Chandanwari, various shopping places like Lone Complex Kangan, Zehra Enterprises, etc., and temples like Naranag and Harmukh, etc. 

So, if you are planning to go for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, then do keep certain things in mind:

  1. It is not an easy trek, therefore be fully prepared and get prior knowledge of trekking.
  2. If you have certain health conditions then consult your physician and then proceed. 
  3. There are many things to do in Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, therefore be informed and plan accordingly. 
  4. Make sure you book your trip according to the weather conditions, as this area is prone to landslides and flash floods.

What is the best time to go on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek?

Given the weather conditions, the best time to go on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is from July to September. The monsoon season is a great time to visit the beautiful valleys of the Himalayas, as the place is in full bloom and the weather is also moderate for hiking.

How difficult is the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, and what should I prepare for?

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has a moderate to difficult difficulty level. It is not suggested to be undertaken by amateur trekkers. However, if you have a good fitness level and health conditions, then under expert guidance, you can go for the KGL trek. 

What are the major highlights of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek?

The major highlights of the trek are the eight alpine lakes and the mesmerizing beauty of the landscapes. People also get to witness pieces of melting glaciers and snow, floating on the surface of the deep blue lakes.

Do I need a guide or can I trek solo? What about permits?

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is safe for solo travel. Trekkers who have good experience in hiking and have their way with the mountains, often prefer going solo on the KGL trek. Yes, you do need a trekking permit, which can be easily obtained by either the travel agency or through local authorities. 

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