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Introduction to Airbnbs in Gurugram 

While Gurugram is renowned for being an IT and business hub, its modern skyscrapers, its retail and entertainment offerings, its planned development, development and growth and various things to do in Gurugram, in the midst of all this,  It also offers a diverse range of accommodations, including unique Airbnbs in Gurugram that promise travelers an authentic and memorable experience. Well, whatever you are doing, just give it a pause and answer if you are tired of the same old decent-looking hotels with not-so-supportive staff and cold hospitality. Well, if you agree with whatever is being said, then worry not, the wondrous world of Airbnbs in Gurugram has got you covered with the best deals in the city. Just imagine the bustling streets of Gurugram, and now imagine yourself who is tired of exploring the places to visit in Gurugram, All you want is the warm and cozy apartment where you want to relax and gather up your energy to travel again, with no more generic art, no more awkward interactions with the front desk staff – just you, your travel companions, and a whole lot of unexpected surprises. From the spacious bungalows and studious that look like they are designed by some famous French architect to the “ rustic farmhouse” the options of Airbnb in Gurugram, are as diverse as Delhi’s traffic jams, and let’s give the “Luxury penthouse” a mention without which this whole blog is incomplete. So, hey traveler, if you are someone who is just exploring the city with friends or family or you are here on a solo trip and are in search of some ultimate adventure, put your seat belts on, because you are about to experience a roller coaster ride to Airbnbs in Gurugram. Okay, a mini roller coaster it is.

So without ado, let’s dive into the list of Airbnbs in Gurugram.

  1. The Treehouse 
  2. The Luxurious Villa escape 
  3. The Quirky Artist’s Loft 
  4. The cozy Countryside cottage
  5. The Urban Oasis loft 

Let’s delve into these Airbnbs in Gurugram in detail. 

1. The Treehouse 


Are you a creative being, If yes, let’s start with the Airbnbs in Gurugram which is a little out of the ordinary, being a nature enthusiast just imagine waking up to the birds chirping and a gentle cool breeze swaying the leaves with an amazing view of city skyline right through your window. Oh don’t worry, you are not in some kind of a jungle, you are just in a Treehouse which is a part of Airbnbs in Gurugram. This beautiful stay which will cost you around ₹7,000 per night, is located at Sector 57, Gurugram. Treehouse!! yes, the place which was used to be your dream and your imagination, a house perched high above the ground, with unique wooden architecture, cozy interiors, and a private balcony that’s just perfect for sipping your morning chai. It’s obvious to think that, since it’s a treehouse, it might not have those luxurious amenities that are provided by resorts and hotels in Gurugram. Well, just wait till you actually live in it. This treehouse is not an ordinary one, it is fully packed with amenities, from a fully equipped kitchenette to a cozy living area, you’ll feel the comfort of a home. One more interesting thing is you will get a chance to shower under the stars, so yeah the adventure is still on. Well, this treehouse Airbnbs in Gurugram is located in a quiet residential area and is in short distance from some of Gurugram’s top attractions. So, it’s a win-win place for you as a traveler. 

2. The Luxurious Villa Escape


Alright, Are you a person who loves to think of being a prince or someone from a royal family? A person who loves to live in large spaces? Well, if you are that type of traveler, than you should actually visit this Villa as Airbnbs in Gurugram. This premium stay pricing is ₹25,000 per night ( well, that’s what premium mindset people are charged ), located at Sector 47, Gurugram. Just imagine yourself in a two-story mansion with a private pool, a wide-stretched garden, and enough space to host a small army. That’s exactly what you’ll find at this luxurious Airbnb in Gurugram. Want some royal description, well, you will be amazed to know, how the entrance starts, as soon as you step through the doors, you’ll be amazed to see the beautiful spacious entrance hall with amazing marble floors, almost look royal, with amazing sofas, massive flat screen T.V. and beautiful natural light shimmering inside the villa. Hmm, seems like Gurgaon is more than just a ‘Gaon’ ( village ) Are you excited? Wait don’t be because the real show stopper is yet to be revealed,  the luxurious pool where you can take a sip of your favorite cafe from the nearby best cafes in Gurugram, or you can challenge your friends to a game of volleyball on the private court. Is there a need for any amenity, after all this, well Yeah, no need but, as you know, Gurugram has developed. This villa has a fully equipped kitchen, a home theater system, a sauna, and even a private gym. Well, yeah you are correct, this indeed is a luxurious private resort. Well, if you are thinking of this place being ridiculously pricy, then you should start working on yourself and probably fill up your pockets fast because, this is actually quite reasonable, especially when you consider the size and scale of this Airbnbs in Gurugram.

3. An Artist’s Loft


You might be wondering, Are there any normal Airbnbs in Gurugram that are not of high end luxury? Well, this Airbnb is not a luxurious one, but more of a quirky one. This creative Airbnb will cost you around ₹4,000 per night and is located at Sector 29, Gurugram. A spoiler for y’all, Only a creative person or a person who have knowledge of art or is fascinated by outside-the-box thinking can enjoy this Airbnbs in Gurugram. As soon as you enter into this artwork of the owner, you will be fascinated to see the outburst of colors, beautiful decor and a sense of humor that will surely put a smile on your face and is very far from the ordinary hotel or homestay you ever think of staying in. But, that’s not where the real showstopper lies, it’s the vintage typewriter or the mismatched mugs in the kitchen, that makes it more uncanny and describes the owner’s unique personality and artistic vision. And better not forget the rooftop terrace, where you can take a sip of wine with your friend while enjoying the stunning views of the city skyline. Well, if you are someone with not much of a creative mindset, you are going to think of this place as a mess. But is it really a mess? With clean and well-maintained rooms, adorned with high-end amenities, you can ever expect from high-end Airbnbs in Gurugram. So, if you are someone who is artistic enough and really wishes to discover some really different experiences, then you should visit this best Airbnb in Gurugram for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

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4. The Cozy Countryside Cottage


Have you ever heard of countryside music? ( Well travelers have a thing in common, They do have the best taste in Music ), If yes, you will love this one of the best Airbnb in Gurugram. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this cozy cottage will cost you around ₹6,000 per night which is located at Sector 81, Gurugram. What do you think of a cottage in the countryside? A place with a rustic exterior, which looks vintage, exposed wooden beams with a cozy fireplace? Well, you think of absolutely the correct place whenever it comes to the best Airbnb in Gurugram far away from the bustled life. A place where you can truly enjoy the taste of “ chai “ in the traditional way. But don’t you ever deem this place as an old stay place as this Airbnb is fully packed with modern amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and a luxurious bathroom with a spa-like interior and a bathtub that almost feels royal? What the best part is? this cottage is surrounded by hiking trails and a private pond just in walking distance away from the place of stay. Just imagine your morning switch soothing sound of birds chirping while you take a leisurely stroll through the countryside, and then return to your cozy cottage to enjoy a home-cooked meal made with fresh, local ingredients. Well, if you are thinking, that the place is miles away from the main market, then stop right away, as this Airbnb in Gurugram is actually just a short drive from some of Gurugram’s top attractions and offbeat places to visit in Gurugram, including the markets of Sector 29 and the famous cafes of Cyber Hub. So, if you are someone who loves the old-school way of living while traveling, and wants a little bit of a peace and quiet but a lively environment, this is the best Airbnb in Gurugram you can ever find.

5. The Urban Oasis Loft


Alright, How’s your adventure so far, searching for Airbnbs in Gurugram listed above? Iy must be pretty much adventurous innit? Well, let’s head back to the city for our final adventure of one of the best Airbnb in Gurugram. Welcome to this serene beauty nestled right in the middle of the Gurugram metropolis. This Airbnb will cost you around  ₹8,000 per night and is located in Sector 43, Gurugram. This Airbnb feels almost the same as those luxury hotels and resorts in Gurugram, As soon as you enter in this giant luxurious villa-cum-bungalow, you will be amazed to see the open concept layout and floor-to-ceiling windows, while the decor feels soo modern as it is some kind of a president’s residence. The carefully curated artwork ads just the right touch to the gentleman’s personality. But wait for the real show stopper, the amazing terrace with a bright and perfect view to the garden and the eye-smattering skyline. Just Imagine yourself sipping a glass of red wine with your friends and family while enjoying the most beautiful sunset of all time, from this Luxury Airbnb in Gurugram. Ow well, the amenities are a great topic to talk about in case if this luxury Airbnb in Gurugram. Let’s just say, thank for whatever you can, which can be added as in the form of an amenity, be it all the tools and appliances in the kitchen ( A kitchen chef’s dream ), And the amenities. A bedroom with a king-sized bed with of course a private bathroom with luxury dripping inside it and the living room, which is a perfect spot for binge-watching your horror series at night on the massive flat-screen TV. If you are thinking of this place as really really expensive, then you might get surprised to know that, this perfectly luxurious Airbnb has quite a reasonable price tag. And with the ability to accommodate up to four guests, it’s the perfect spot for a small group or a family getaway. So travelers, if you are looking for a place that is dripping luxury and comfort ness from it, then this urban oasis loft is the place for you. 

Conclusion: Well, there you go, A list of the best Airbnb in Gurugram, with almost amazing facilities which will not leave a single chance to et you adore the beauty they exhibit and the uniqueness they have. From the treehouses to luxurious villas, this city has something to suit every traveler’s taste and budget.

What types of Airbnb accommodations are available in Gurugram?

Types of Airbnb accommodations available in Gurugram include, Entire apartments/homes, Private rooms, Shared rooms, Serviced apartments, Villas, and cottages. 

What is the average price range for an Airbnb in Gurugram?

The average price range for an Airbnb in Gurugram is typically between ₹1,500 to ₹5,000 per night, depending on the type of accommodation, location, amenities, and number of guests. Well, if you want to experience luxury, you can always go for Luxury Villas and Bungalows ranging between ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 per night. 

Can I book an Airbnb in Gurugram with views?

Yes, you can find Airbnb accommodations in Gurugram that offer views, such as, Apartments with city or landscape views, Villas or cottages with garden or countryside views and Serviced apartments with views of the Aravalli hills.

Are there any unique Airbnb stays in Gurugram?

Yes, there are many Unique Airbnb stays in Gurugram, which include, Treehouse accommodations, Luxury villas with private pools, Converted heritage homes or farmhouses, Glamping tents or domes, Minimalist design-focused apartments, and Airstreams or campers for a unique experience. 

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