Al Sufouh Beach Dubai: Sun, Sand and Sea

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The beaches of Dubai add more beauty to this extravagant city with one of the most stunning nightlife. The Al Sufouh Beach Dubai needs one day to make the most of your Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai has everything you need, and everything you can imagine, and that is the best part about this lavish town: from skyscrapers with record-breaking heights to being home to the world’s largest mall and the highest-performing fountain. 

The Alsufouh Beach Dubai goes by several names, including Hidden Beach, Black Palace Beach, and Secret Beach. It is located between the Island of Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab

The beach gets its name because of its secret location, accessible by a narrow path between the Al Sufouh’s Royal Palace. 

The Al Sufouh Beach Dubai is a perfect place for family outings, and due to its shallow waters, kids can play and enjoy on the beach with their parents. Since it is located in a hidden place, it is the perfect spot for spending some quality time with family and friends, and if you are looking for some peace and quiet, then look no further and head straight to Al Sufouh Beach. 

Enjoy the stunning views of Palm Jumeirah Island, the Burj Al Arab, and a mesmerising sunset that will leave you speechless as you watch the sun sinking on the beach. You can pack up a picnic and bring your swimming equipment. 

Serenity At The Al Sufouh Beach Dubai


Serenity and tranquillity surround the place, allowing you time to relax and unwind and forget all about the chaos of city life. You will quickly realise why Al Sufouh Beach Dubai is one of the best beaches in Dubai. 

Stroll through the sandy shores, get your feet wet while breathing in the fresh air, let the salty breeze brush your hair, and make the most of your day at the beach. 

Make sure you have your cameras with you because you may run out of reels due to the panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and the nearby iconic landmarks. Since the water is quite shallow, the Al Sufouh Beach allows children to explore the underwater life. 

If you are planning an outing here, then make sure you carry your food with you because it is a secluded place, and there are no food joints or other facilities around like you can get on other beaches in Dubai.

Things To Do At The Al Sufouh Beach 


The best thing to do at the Al Sufouh Beach is to lay on the sand and relax and sunbathe. This beach is suitable for kids and for an undisturbed holiday. This place has recently become a popular picnic spot among the locals. 

So you can also pack a picnic and have it here at the beach. It is also a popular fishing spot, and you can also go swimming. Its advisable that you take your swimming and fishing equipments along with you. 

Best Time To Visit Al Sufouh Beach


You can visit the Al Sufouh Beach anytime of the year but the best time to visit Dubai is between the months of October to April, and the best time to visit the Al Sufouh Beach is between April to May, where the temperature ranges between 25 degrees celsius to 28 degrees celsius. 

In winters, you may find the water too chilly and in summers, the sand will be too hot because of the scorching heat of the sun, so its best to visit between April to May. 

Tips Before Visiting Al Sufouh Beach

  • The most important thing that you should know before visiting the Al Sufouh Beach is that it is a secluded place, and it does not require any food joints, locker rooms, toilets, sunbeds, or any shops. 
  • You need to carry everything along with you to visit the beach. 
  • You should not be topless or naked on the Al Sufouh Beach. 
  • It is strictly forbidden to go swimming in the beach after sunset. 

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How To Reach Al Sufouh Beach?

The Al Sufouh Beach is accessible from any corner of Dubai. You can either take a bus or a metro to reach the beach. Buses and metros are the most convenient ways to reach Al Sufouh. 

  • Bus: Take Bus number 88 and F55A which takes you to Sufouh Road or Dubai College, which is the nearest bus stop to the beach. 
  • Metro: If you wish to take a metro then you can take the M1 Metro Line to reach Al Sufouh Beach. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Are barbecues allowed at Al Sufouh Beach?

As per the rules and regulations of the municipality, no bonfires or barbecues are allowed at Dubai beaches. Anyone who breaks the rule will be fined. 

2. Can one stay overnight at Al Sufouh Beach?

No, the municipality rules do not allow anyone to camp overnight at the public beaches of Dubai. Anyone who breaks the rules will be subject to hefty fines.

3. Is there a parking facility at the Al Sufouh Beach?

Yes, there is enough space to park your vehicle at the Al Sufouh Beach, along the sandy shores.

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