Anjuna Flea Market: The Famous Wednesday Flea Market Of Goa

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The Hippie culture in Goa began in 1960 when Americans and Europeans wanted to sort out a more peaceful life in Goa. Though hippies are not minorities and only reside in Goa mostly, the experiences are not just confined to hippies but also to the locals and other tourists. 

Anjuna Flea Market in Goa also known as Hippies Market opens every Wednesday. The vibrant market comes to life with floral clothes for both men and women. You can buy jewellery, home decor, spices, flavoured tea, etc. You will get a reasonable deal at Anjuna Flea Market. The market is open on every Wednesday. So if you are planning your trip on Wednesday to Anjuna please don’t forget to shop at Anjuna Flea Market. 

Initially, at the Anjuna Flea Market in Goa, only hippies used to be the vendors, but today many locals earn their bread from this Market. The Anjuna Flea Market timings can differ. Although it is open every Wednesday. The Ideal Anjuna Flea Market timings are 9 am to 6 pm, however, it can differ from shop to shop, making it one of the best places to visit in Goa.

History Of Flea Market


Initially, in 1960, Anjuna gained popularity among the hippies from America and Europe. The hippies wanted a peaceful life and wanted to attain spirituality from the East. They saw Goa as a great option as there were not many restrictions and it was a beach-oriented state. 

When Hippies arrived in Goa, many of them settled in Anjuna. Hippies were often broke and didn’t have money to sustain their living. They started bartering things they required to sustain in Goa with locals and other hippies. The locals usually were fascinated with these things as they usually were from the West. 

According to a popular rumour, Eight Fingers Eddie was the founder of the Anjuna Flea Market. Once the hippies reached the shore of Anjuna and accidentally burnt their passports. They were almost broke and had no money. To deal with this situation they started selling and bartering their products which were considered unique and this started the famous Anjuna Flea Market. 

How To Travel To Anjuna Flea Market


By Road 

You can either hire a cab or rent a car or bike. A cab rent can vary according to the place from where you are travelling, if you are hiring a cab from Panjim then it would cost you around INR 1000 to Anjuna Flea Market in Goa. 

Renting a cab or a bike for a whole day can cost you around INR 300- 500 per day for a bike and INR 1500- 2000 for a car. You can get a bike or a car from any rental car and bike agency. There are a lot of agencies in Goa for renting bikes and cars.

Getting a Bus from any part of Goa to Anjuna Beach will cost you around INR 20 to INR 100 maximum.  The bus stop is around 2 km away from the Anjuna Flea Market. You can get a rickshaw or a cab from the bus stop to Anjuna Beach. 

By Rail 

The nearest railway station to Anjuna is Karmali which is around 29 km from Anjuna. From here you can hire a cab or get a bus.

By Flight 

The nearest airport to Anjuna is Goa Mopa (GOX) which is 21.1 Km from Anjuna and Goa Airport (GOI) which is around 24.4 km from  Anjuna Beach.

Anjuna Flea Market Timings


Anjuna Flea Market timings might differ. The hours might differ depending on the shop owner. However, for shopping at Anjuna Flea Market you should visit the market from 9 am to 6 pm. 

The best time to visit Anjuna Flea Market is early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not harsh.  

Shopping At Anjuna Flea Market


Anjuna Flea Market is a paradise for tourists, offering a wide range of products including clothing for both men and women, jewellery, home decor, etc. You can get a variety of products at Anjuna Flea Market. 

It is advisable to go to the market in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not harsh. Anjuna Fea market timings may differ from shop to shop. So Anjuna Flea market timings are not specified on Wednesday. It is undoubtedly one of the best shopping places in Goa.

Following are some of the things you can get at Anjana Flea Market –

1. Clothes


Shopping at Anjuna Flea Market is incomplete without getting some floral shirts, Tops, bikinis, dresses, pants, shorts, and plenty of other variety of clothes you will find at Anjuna Flea market. 

The clothes are made of different materials including linen, cotton, silk, synthetic, etc. You can also get your clothes customized and tailored at the market itself.

2. Jewellery


Shopping at Anjuna Flea Market can make you explore various pieces of jewellery you have never seen or tried. The jewellery is made of different stones and metals. No, you do not have to break your bank to buy these jewellery, they aren’t made of any precious metals and stones. 

It will mostly cost you around INR 100 to 1000. You can get lockets, rings, anklets, bracelets, nose rings, etc. 

3. Handicrafts


Anjuna Flea market is also a great place to buy handicrafts goods made by locals and people stay outside states. You can find a variety of handicraft products at Anjuna Flea Market. 

Shopping at Anjuna Flea Market is incomplete without buying some of the handicrafts made by locals including paintings, sculptures, masks, umbrellas, pottery, ceramics, wooden work, etc. 

The handicrafts are mostly made by locals and there are also people from other states who come to Anjuna Flea Market in Goa to sell their handicraft products.

4. Antique


At Anjuna Flea Market you can find valuable antiques like stamps, coins, clocks, cameras, lamps, etc. These antiques date back to different eras and come from different places. These antiques are later restored by the collectors. So while shopping at Anjuna Flea Market you should not forget to check out the antiques.

5. Books


You can find many books at Anjuna Flea Market. These books are mostly second-hand and are of different genres and languages. You can find novels, magazines, guides, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. These books cover various subjects and themes. You can also exchange the booze at Anjuna Flea Market. 

6. Spices And Tea


You will find people selling different spices and different kinds of teas at Anjuna Flea Market. Spices like pepper and chilli, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamon are mostly available in the Anjuna Flea Market. Followed by different flavours of tea including Vanilla Tea, Red Rose Tea, Lemon Tea, Orange Tea, etc.

Places To Visit Near Anjuna Flea Market

There are many places to visit near Anjuna Flea Market. These places are worth trying once when you visit Anjuna Flea Market.

1. Anjuna Beach


Anjuna Beach is just beside Anjuna Flea Market. You can take a stroll at Anjuna Beach once you do your shopping at Anjuna Flea Market or vice versa. Anjuna is famous for its full moon parties, nightclubs, beach shakes, water sports, golden coastline, etc. 

Visitors are rejuvenated by the scenery which stretches around 2 km long. The beach is a home for visitors who are backpackers, family-oriented, solo travellers, and friends. 

2. PUBG Paintball Battlefield

Source: Sea Water Sports

Paintball is a fun adrenaline-pumping activity where the player is given an air-powered gun to shoot paint-filled pellets at the opposite team. This is enjoyed by the players and gives them a real feeling of combat with the opposite team. 

The theme is PUBG of the paintball battlefield. It is just a 5-minute walking distance from Anjuna Flea Market.

3. Lerapush Point


A hidden gem of Anjuna is Lerapush. It is around 1.3 km from Anjuna Flea Market. Lerapush is a hilltop from where you can watch the sunset engulfing the vast ocean. The scenery is magnificent, you can watch Anjuna Beach with a mountain range and lush blue ocean. It is a major escape from the crowd. 

4. Anjuna Market


Like Anjuna Flea market Anjuna Market is near Anjuna. There are some things that you can buy at cheaper amounts in Anjuna Market than Anjuna Flea Market, but you will not find varieties like Anjuna Flea Market.  

Compare the price at both markets before buying anything.

5. Anjuna Cliff


Another place near Anjuna Flea Market is Anjuna Cliff. It is 1 km from Anjuna Flea Market. You do not have to trek like Lerapush Point but from a little distance to Anjuna Flea Market, you will find Anjuna Cliff. 

Here you can take an afternoon walk and at around 6:30 pm enjoy the beautiful sun engulfed by the vast ocean. Be very careful while trekking on the cliff.

Restaurants Near Anjuna Flea Market

Source: EazyDiner

There are many restaurants and shakes near Anjuna Beach, which makes it one of the best places to eat in Goa. Following are some of the Restaurants and Shakes for your reference-


  1. Purple Martini
  2. Cafe Cotinga
  3. Baba Au Rhum
  4. Anand Sea Food Bar & Restaurant  
  5. Artjuna
  6. Curlies
  7. Eva Cafe
  8. Bacchus – Cafe and Restaurant 
  9. Aura Beach Cafe


  1. UV Bar
  2. Obbello Beach Club Goa
  3. Plunge Beach Lounge
  4. Cafe Lilliput
  5. Bob Caper Goa
  6. Waters Beach Lounge & Grill

Hotels Near Anjuna Flea Market

Source: MakeMyTrip

There are availabilities of many hotels near Anjuna Flea Market. These Hotels near Anjuna Flea Market cater to different people including those who want to enjoy luxury stays as well as people who are on a tight budget trip. 

It is very important to book the hotels near Anjuna Flea Market in advance as on-the-spot without research, booking might break your bank. 

Following are some of the hotels near Anjuna Flea Market 

  1. Whoopers Hostel Anjuna
  2. Craft Hostels
  3. Casa De Mor
  4. Hotel Mandala
  5. Michele’s Garden
  6. Neev Beach View Goa
  7. The Funky Monkey Hostel
  8. Sort by Stay 
  9. The Musafir Hostel

General Tips Before Visiting Anjuna Flea Market

  1. If you are buying anything without bargaining, is a crime. While visiting Anjuna Flea market do as much bargaining as possible.  
  2. Goa is mostly humid and not cold most of the time, so it is advised that you wear something suitable to the climate.
  3. Barring empty bags with you, because you do not know what all the things you might buy from the Anjuna Flea Market.
  4. Research about when the live music takes place at Anjuna Flea market. If you are a Party animal then you might want to visit Anjuna Flea Market for Live music. Live Music includes rock, pop, jazz, blues, reggae, trance, techno, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anjuna Flea Market open every day?

No Anjuna Flea market is open every Wednesday.

Why is Anjuna Beach so famous?

Anjuna Beach is famous for its golden coastline, Beach Shacks, Nightlife, Full Moon Parties, and Anjuna Flea Market.

Is Anjuna Flea Market expensive?

Anjuna Flea Market is not at all expensive, though comparing the prices with the Anjuna Market and bargaining with the vendors is a must.

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