Ayodhya Airport All Set To Become An International Airport

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The Union Cabinet has given approval to make Ayodhya Airport an International airport, naming it “Maharishi Valmiki International Airport, Ayodhyadham.” 

This decision aims to boost Ayodhya’s economic and global pilgrimage potential, welcoming foreign tourists and pilgrims. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the government’s commitment to connecting Ayodhya globally.

The airport is named after Maharishi Valmiki, who composed the epic Ramayana. Positioned strategically, Ayodhya is expected to become an economic hub and pilgrimage site. 

The newly inaugurated airport can initially handle 10 lakh passengers annually, with plans to cater to 60 lakh commuters after the second phase. The first phase cost over ₹1,450 crore.

The terminal building spans 6500 sq m, serving 10 lakh passengers annually. Its facade reflects the architecture of the upcoming Shri Ram Mandir, and the interiors feature local art depicting Bhagwan Shri Ram’s life. 

The airport prioritizes sustainability with features like insulated roofing, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, landscaping, water treatment, sewage treatment, and a solar power plant.

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