Bardan Monastery: Discover Tranquility in Zanskar Valley

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Whenever ‘Yeh ishq hai’ from ‘Jab We Met’  starts playing, we think of Ladakh, Don’t we? The snow-capped mountains and valleys where music and majestic beauty blend seamlessly. Those picturesque views of Bollywood narratives are some of the most sought-after locations of our Ladakh travel package.

Among the regal beauties of Ladakh, one such mesmerizing place is the Bardan monastery or the Bardan Gompa. This is a renowned Buddhist monastery that is nestled within the bliss of the Himalayan mountains.

This place also holds a special place in the monastic region of this union territory. Bardan Monastery steeped in the history and spirituality of the Buddhists is also considered one of the most visited monasteries in Ladakh

Bardan Monastery in Zanskar Valley


Barden monastery in Ladakh is truly a Buddhist architectural wonder where there are huge prayer halls and Tibetan-style markings and designs. The vibrant colours and ornate detailing of its architecture will take you close to the simple Buddhist way of living of the monks and locals. 

The beautifully adorned prayer hall, intricately carved pillars, and stunning frescoes will steal your heart with its serene vibe. Bardan Monastery in Leh is the center of Buddhist spiritual and meditation learning in the region thus it attracts monks from all around the world. The tranquil ambiance of the monastery amidst the grandeur of nature also creates an ideal environment for introspection and spiritual growth. 

There are rituals and ceremonies that are performed on a regular basis inside the monastery. These age-old rituals have been passed down through generations to their successors. Other than regular rituals there are also annual festivals such as the Gustor festival. 

During this festival, the monk performs sacred dances and traditional rituals. Just like other festivals of Ladakh, this festival also offers a cultural extravaganza and also offers a glimpse of the deep-rooted traditions of the monastery.

Bardan Monastery in Ladakh is a must-visit destination of Ladakh as an architectural excellence, spiritual ambiance, and cultural richness of the region. The people of this region and the monks are hospitable and welcome visitors with open hearts.

What is the best time to visit in Bardan Monastery?


Summertime is considered the best time to visit Bardan Monastery in Leh, which is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh. During June and September, the temperature of Zanskar Valley is mild and pleasant. 

The skies are clear during the Summer making the journey through the rugged terrain of Ladakh less challenging. One can also visit Ladakh during the winter season but the temperature is extremely high during winter making outdoor activities difficult for visitors. 

Another reason to visit the Bardan Monastery during the summer season is that the summertime coincides with the festivals and occasions of most of the monasteries in this area. The different traditional celebrations give tourists the opportunity to become a part of their culture. 

What are the best things to do in Bardan Monastery?


When we visit a place the first thing we think of creating memories, this place also offers some amazing outdoor activities in Zanskar Valley that will help you create lifelong memories. 

So let’s understand some of the best things to do in Bardan Monastery:

1. Attend Prayer Ceremonies

You can attend the daily prayer rituals and events of the monks but there are also certain rules that you should follow while attending. Some of the rules are you cannot disturb a meditating monk, don’t speak too loudly, you can’t take pictures without permission and overall you should respect their moments of devotion. 

2. Attend meditation


You can also calm your mind within the lap of the mighty Himalayas by attending meditation. The serene atmosphere of the monastery allows you to forget all the stress of life and focus on your inner true self through meditation. 

3. Enjoy the Scenic view

You can explore the nearby scenic places of the monastery, as every corner of the area screams of picturesque charm. You can capture stunning photographs of the valley and the mighty Himalayas.

4. Visit nearby places of the monastery


There are a lot of monasteries near the Bardan Monastery so you can explore them although some of them are perched on hill tops you can still get a good adventure of climbing those hills.

5. Go hiking or trekking

The terrains of this region call for hiking and trekking, if you are at Bardan you can absolutely miss the panoramic views of its trails. So pack your gear and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime mission of discovering hidden trails, alpine meadows, and scenic viewpoints.

How to reach Bardan Monastery?


There are several ways of reaching the Bardan Monastery, you will first have to reach Padum city. The nearest airport of the city is the Kurdok Rimpochee Airport in Leh, then you can travel to Zanskar Valley by road. The journey from Leh to Zanskar Valley is approximately 12 to 14 hours. 

Zanskar Valley is also accessible by road from various cities of North India. Then once in Zanskar Valley, you can take a taxi or and other local transport such as a shared jeep and buses to reach Bardan monastery. The road to Bardan is very scenic but also challenging so it is recommended to take assistance from local drivers for the ride. 

Are there hotels near Bardan Monastery?


Although there are not any five-star or grand hotels in Bardan Monastery still there are stays near Bardan Monastery that are clean and hygienic for your stay. Some of the common homestays in Padum that you can check in into till your visit to Bardang monastery are:

  1. Padum Guest House
  2. Zangla View Guest House
  3. Hotel Stupa Guest House
  4. Noozgom Hotel

Other than these there are also some home stays near Bardan Monastery that will give you the vibes of the finest homestays in Ladakh.

  1. Chadar Homestay
  2. Zanskar Homestay

What are the best places to visit near Bardan Monastery?

Bardan Monastery in Padum is one of the most rewarding places to visit in Ladakh but there are also some other gems that we can visit during our monastery trip. Some of the other places to visit near this 17th-century old monastery are:-



This is the main city of the Zanskar Valley and is at an approximate distance of 12 km from the Bardan Monastery. If you are someone who loves to dive into the local culture then this can be the place for you. The city has a few local markets where you can enjoy the local food of Ladakh, interact with people more, understand their lifestyle, and also purchase local handicrafts. 

Stongdey Monastery

This monastery is on a hilltop that overlooks the Zanskar valley and is one of the most visited monasteries near the Bardan Monastery. This place offers magnificent views of the outside and also the inside. The monastery has a serene atmosphere that blends perfectly with its Tibetan architecture, colorful murals, and prayer halls. 

Karsha monastery


This place is at a distance of 7 Km from Padum village and is one of the most important monasteries in the entire valley. This monastery is also the largest and houses a huge collection of ancient scriptures. It attracts a lot of visitors during its annual festival Gustov, where the monks perform mask dance.

Pensi La

Pensi La is another famous tourist attraction near the Bardang Monastery, as it offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. This mountain pass connects the Zanskar Valley with the Suru Valley. 

Phuktal monastery


Overlooking the Lungnak River lies another attractive monastery named Phuktal Monastery, with panoramic views. The route to reach this monastery is through rugged terrain so it is kind of an adventure to reach this place. But once you visit this place it stays with you forever because of its enchanting views and its tranquil aura.

So What are you waiting for pack your bags and embark on a solo or family trip to Ladakh and create some memories of a lifetime. 

What is Bardan Monastery known for?

The Bardan Monastery is known for its architectural beauty, spiritual significance, and deep-rooted connection with Tibetan culture. 

How can I reach Bardan Monastery?

You can reach Bardan Monastery through the Padum village of Zanskar valley. It is approximately 12 km from the village.

What are the highlights of visiting Bardan Monastery?

Some of the highlights of visiting Bardan Monastery are its serene and calm ambiance, its majestic aura of purity, and its people.

Are there accommodation options near Bardan Monastery?

Yes there are many accommodation options near Bardan Monastery in Padum village.

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