Bastakiah In Dubai: A Serene Ride To Dubai’s Old District!

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Bundled in Dubai’s bustling centre lies Al Bastakiah, also known as Al Fahidi’s historical neighbourhood. This is one of Dubai’s oldest areas and gives you a vibe of the journey back in time, retaining the ambience of the late 19th century. Its winding narrow streets with geometrical patterns create a traditional atmosphere and are tailored to make your Dubai trip more memorable and unique.

Bastakiya consistently provides a serene escape by preserving Dubai’s rich heritage. It also ensures a proper immersive exploration of its captivating charm. Therefore, it’s essential to delve deeper into what Al Bastakiya in Dubai is famous for, its history, and the best places to visit in Dubai near this cultural gem!

About Al Bastakiya Dubai


Bastakiah in Dubai has its history right from the days of Dubai’s old trading era. Most of the core commerce activities emanated from the Khor region of Dubai, often renowned as Old Dubai. This historic area is now popular as Al Bastakiya in Dubai steeped with tradition by not only serving as an epicentre of trade but also symbolising its rich cultural history and maritime trade highs.

Al Bastakiya in Dubai was constructed way back in the 19th century by popular personality Mr Qasim Bin Abdullah Al Bastaki and funded by various affluent pearl and textile merchants. Al Bastikiya, also known as Al Fahidi, is a historic district in Dubai that was once a simple enclave that now stands as a testament to Dubai’s old heritage.

This place has survived imminent demolition threats and also has the hand of protection of Prince Charles to uphold its historical integrity. Today, Al Bastakiya remains a cherished symbol of Dubai’s rich historical past, offering a clear glance into the history and the cultural significance of Dubai.

Al Bastakiya In Dubai Architecture


Al Bastakiya in Dubai has been built on a spell-bond scale architecture which shows the old heritage and the ingenuity of the local inhabitants. This historical district’s traditional buildings showcase very distinctive elements such as the Barajeel which is a wind tower that served as an early form of urban cooling fighting the scorching heat of the desert heat. 

The structures are also made from Gypsum, coral, limestone and mortar which shows a glimpse of back-then Arabian architectural styling. When the topic is Al Bastakiya in Dubai its labyrinthine street lanes need a special mention. This construction of unique lanes reflects the functionality clubbed with simplicity.

Bastakiah in Dubai never fails to uphold its cultural significance, as this place is specially designed with narrow lines to provide shade and privacy and to foster a sense of common community among the residents to stay intact.

Best Time To Visit Bastakiya Dubai


The best time to visit Bastakiah Dubai is during the winter months, from November to mid-April. The only reason is that winters in Dubai offer a pleasant and conducive environment to go for outdoor activities and can have the full potential of your trip. Considering the desert region the summers are very challenging to face here. So to wander around freely, it is highly recommended to visit in winter and in the early mornings to beat the heat and the heavy crowds.

Places To Visit In Bastakiya Dubai


Here are the most important places to visit in Bastakiya Dubai:

  1. Dubai Museum: Centred in the Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum with its authentic value is a must-visit place for every visitor. 
  2. Al Bastakiya Art Area: Showcases a vibrant art scene of Bastakiya, this place offers a varied gallery with past to contemporary arts. 
  3. Bastakiya Nights: Experience the nights in Bastakiya Dubai with a mix of music, night markets and also cultural performances. 
  4. Sheikh Mohammed Centre: This cultural exchange dialogue centre is best for interactive sessions and heritage exchange.
  5.  Al Fahidi Historical Complex: Explore the labyrinthine lanes of Bastakiya, adoring Arabian architecture, art and culture.

Top Hotels In Bastakiya Dubai


Here is a wide range of top hotels in Bastakiya Dubai:

  1. Concorde In Hotel: Hardly at a distance of 0.06 Km.
  2. Grand Nova Hotel: Best for its top-notch amenities and vibes
  3. XRV Art Hotel: Distance of 0.31 Km from the Al Bastakiya in Dubai.
  4. Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa: This place is pleasant and the most opted one!
  5.  Arabian Boutique Hotel: Located in a prime location with hardly a 5-minute drive to Bastakiah in Dubai.

Fun Activity To Do Bastakiah Dubai

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You can indulge in traditional Arabic cooking classes, enjoy abra rides on Dubai Creek, join heritage tours, and shop for unique souvenirs. A photography expedition is the best fun activity to do in Bastakiya Dubai for a memorable cultural experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is there an entrance fee for Bastakiya Dubai?

There is no entrance fee for Bastakiya Dubai.

When was Bastakiya built?

Bastakiya Dubai was built in the 1890s with the funding of rich merchants!

How to reach Al Bastakiya?

To reach Al Bastakiya in Dubai, you can take the Dubai Metro’s Green Line to Al Fahidi Metro Station and follow up with a taxi or walk.

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