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Beaches in Silvassa, known for its scenic beauty and long coastal stretches that offer picturesque views and tranquil ambience ideal for relaxation and adventure activities. Silvassa, the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, known for its cultural richness and scenic beauty is surrounded by hills and lush greenery. The Beaches in Dadra and Nagar Haveli near Silvassa offer scenic beauty along the Arabian Sea, a range of attractions and experiences to visitors. 

The Beaches in Silvassa are less in number but momentous enough to pull the tourist traffic. Here are some of the most popular beaches near Silvassa, along with their unique features:

  • Tithal Beach
  • Gomtimata Beach
  • Jampore Beach
  • Moti Daman Beach
  • Devka Beach
  • Dahanu Beach
  • Chinchani Beach
  • Umbergaon Beach
  • Bordi Beach
  • Chakratirth Beach

1. Tithal Beach


Tithal Beach is a popular destination for Beaches in Silvassa . The beach is known for its black sand and crystal clear waters, and one can spend good time here by enjoying swimming, sunbathing, or simply admiring the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea.

This beach in Silvassa is a great place to relax, known for its serene environment. One can enjoy the coastal beauty of the beautiful beaches in Silvassa. The beach is surrounded by resorts like The Gold Beach Resort, Mirasol Resort, Sandy Resort, and others.

One of the most popular attractions of South Gujarat, Tithal Beach is the go-to destination for many when in need of a revitalising break. Located about one hour away from Daman in South Gujarat, one of the best Beaches In Silvassa Dadra and Nagar Haveli is flocked by local tourists who come here to lounge enjoy the sunsets, take a stroll down the coast in the gentle breeze, and enjoy some coconut water, and roasted corn.

Things to do at Beach

This beach offers many adventure activities in Dadra and Nagar Haveli like jet skiing, sailing, speed boat and banana rides at competitive rates. There are rides for kids to enjoy like the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, etc. Balloon shooting games, pop-the-ring games, and bouncy castles can also be quite fun. One can also opt to ride a horse or a camel along the coastline and enjoy the sunset view at the beach.

You can also try some delicious fast foods like Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Bhajiyas, Chana chaat, and roasted sweet corn. The street food at Tithal Beach is quite famous around the area and draws the attention of many locals as well as tourists.

2. Gomtimata Beach


Gomtimata Beach is a hidden gem that is perfect for those looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway. Beaches in Silvassa are surrounded by lush green; one can spend their time admiring the stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

Gomtimata Beach is a horse-shoe-shaped beach. A palm-fringed, Less crowded beaches in Silvassa, Gomtimata Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Since the beach is not well known, it makes for the perfect hidden beach near Daman for an escape. The beach is lined with coconut trees and offers spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The Gomatimala Beach in Silvassa is the right place for a quiet holiday and is a great getaway spot for both friends and family.

Gomtimata beach, one of the deserted beaches in Silvassa compared to others boasts off heavy and lashing waves.


The Beaches in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli are perfect places for sunbathing, swimming, surfing and other marine activities.

3. Jampore Beach


Jampore beach is one major attraction of Beaches in Silvassa. This beach in Beaches in Silvassa Dadra and Nagar Haveli, is famous for its blackish mud-coloured water. The sight of the sea creates such a soothing effect and is a perfect place for the ones seeking some peace and solitude. The beach is away from the hustle of the city and is, therefore, a great place to relax. The beach is covered with trees all over which makes the place breezy and gives it an ecstatic look.

You can walk by the sea and capture the beauty of the sunset, gorge on the most delectable local food in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and enjoy every fun-filled sports activity at the beach. This serves as a perfect place for the weekend.

Jampore Beach offers a variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food stalls where one can easily satiate their hunger pangs. Vegetarians can hop at Vada Pav, sweet corn, chana bhel, and some other delicious dishes at an affordable price.

Activities at Jampore Beach

For Adults – Touch the skies with parasailing and paragliding, zoom over the beach into buggies, and feel like a king while you ride a motorboat over!

For Children- It stores in its closet, camel and fancy horse cart riding along with some ATV rides for children. Jampore Beach is the perfect place to bring your child.

4. Moti Daman Beach


Surrounded by the magnificent Moti Daman Fort and loved as one of the quietest beaches in Silvassa. The beach is very peaceful and beautiful and hence, it is a perfect place in Daman to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Visiting this beach during the sunset would be the best way to enjoy its beauty and exquisiteness.

Moti Daman Beach landscapes striking black sand, adding to its natural beauty and attraction. The area around the beach is well-illuminated enhancing the ambience and safety of the area. Moti Daman Beach is well surrounded by the magnificent Moti Daman Fort. This beach in Silvassa is a relaxing destination to slow down and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere during the evening hours.


Many Adventure and Water Sports options may be available in the area.

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5. Devka Beach


Devka Beach, one of the best Beaches in Silvassa, is a sight of pure beauty. Like so many other beaches in Silvassa Dadra and Nagar Haveli. This beach in Silvassa is too huge, picturesque and quite unspoiled. This Top Beach in Silvassa is so beautiful with clean blue waters and well-maintained shores. Also, there is a special Amusement Park here which houses huge fountains and a play area for kids.

These beaches near Silvassa offer one of the best places to visit in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, from relaxation and peace to adventure and water sports.


Visitors at the beach can enjoy a range of water sports activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. The beach offers a bunch of opportunities for adventurers and thrill-seekers. Devka Amusement Park is located adjacent to the beach, providing entertainment options for visitors.

6. Dahanu Beach


Dahanu Beach is one of the quiet beaches situated in the coastal town of Dahanu, Silvassa. Dahanu Beach, One of the longest Beaches in Silvassa, features black sand and is known for its tranquil atmosphere. This is one of the less crowded beaches in Silvassa and is known for its beautiful sunsets and scenic views of the coastline. Dahanu Beach is a popular destination for relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty.

A lot of people come here either for long walks to play or even to spend the day. It is quite a popular beach among the people from nearby cities. There are Good Resorts in Dadra and Nagar Haveli just opposite the Beach where you can stay & most of them also have nice Restaurants, for you to enjoy a good meal as well.

Activities and Attractions

Dahanu Beach near Silvassa offers opportunities for both relaxation and adventure activities in the surrounding area.

It also offers many adventure activities like trekking, rappelling, and rope climbing. The Chikoo (Sapodilla) festival is held at Dahanu Beach, Silvassa celebrating the local culture of the region.

7. Chinchani Beach


Chinchani Beach is a large beach situated in Tarapur,Silvassa  not far from the Tarapur Atomic Energy Plant, near Dahanu, Silvassa. It is known for its serene environment and offers a peaceful atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. The beach is a popular destination for relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty of the coastline. Additionally, Chinchani Beach is well-connected by roads making it easily accessible for visitors. The beach is part of the Dahanu Taluka and is known for its scenic views and tranquil surroundings, attracting both locals and tourists looking for a coastal retreat

Chinchani Beach is a Large Beach in Silvassa; the Sand is mostly White with a few patches of Black Sand in some places. It is a good beach to take long walks on, to swim in the calm sea, or to enjoy the Spectacular Sunsets.

Beautiful beaches in Silvassa offer scenic beauty,Tranquil atmosphere and range of activities along with cultural experiences. Visitors in Silvassa can enjoy a well-rounded, enjoyable and memorable trip.


Chinchani Beach Cafe & Camping offers camping facilities and dining options at the beach. This place offers one of the Best Restaurants in Dadra and Nagar Haveli which serves a variety of cuisines, making it a delightful destination for food enthusiasts.

8. Umbergaon Beach


Umbergaon Beach is a beautiful beach located in the Umbergaon Taluka of Valsad District in Gujarat, India. It is situated in a charming small coastal town called Umbergaon, near the Arabian Sea.

The beach is known for its picturesque setting and breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea coastline. Umbergaon Beach offers a serene environment, making it a popular destination for relaxation. The beach is well-connected by roads making it easily accessible for visitors.


This beach is typically known for offering opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the coastal ambiance.

Umbergaon Beach in Silvassa is a beautiful, peaceful, and easily accessible beach destination located in the Valsad district of Gujarat, offering visitors a chance to enjoy the scenic coastal beauty of the region

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9. Bordi Beach


Bordi Beach is a popular Beaches In Silvassa Dadra and Nagar Haveli located in Bordi, a quaint and cozy beach town known for its scenic beauty and serene environment. This beach, situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea, offers visitors a relaxing retreat with its black and sticky sand. Bordi Beach is safe for visitors, allowing swimming up to half a kilometer from the shore. It is not artificially beautified, maintaining its natural charm and tranquility. Bordi Beach is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty, making it a favorite spot for beach lovers looking to unwind and enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere by the waters.

At Bordi Beach there are many chikoo orchards Visitors can enjoy the sweet aroma of Sapodilla orchards in the beaches of Silvassa.


This beach in Silvassa offers a “host of fun water activities like swimming”.

There are nearby attractions like the Bahrot Caves and Dahanu Fort offer opportunities for adventure and exploration.

10. Chakratirth Beach


Chakratirth Beach one of the best beaches in Silvassa is a getaway for both the domestic and the international tourist. The beach provides the opportunity to break away from the shackles of monotony and soak of up the fun. Chakratirth Beach near Silvassa is made more picturesque by its surrounding landscape predominated by the hills. This Beach in Silvassa is beautifully landscaped and well-maintained gardens are an aesthete’s delight.

Tourists at Chakratirth Beach enjoy the Sunset Point and the quaint temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.


If you are the lover of sea, sand and surf, you can’t ignore Chakratirth Beach, Silvassa. The sunbathers would love to lie straight on their back and forgetting the cares and worries associated with the fretful world.

The beach is made more tourist-friendly by constructing an open-air auditorium facilitated with changing rooms on the sea side of the hillock.

Are there any beach safety guidelines I should be aware of?

The beach safety guidelines that one should be aware is, one has to prioritize water safety by swimming near lifeguards, supervising children attentivel, and remaining attentive of weather conditions, currents, and beach hazards to ensure a safe beach experience.

What should I pack for a beach day trip from Silvassa?

For a pleasant beach day trip from Silvassa, you can pack essential items such as a swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, and snacks along with light clothing, a hat, and sunglasses for sun protection. Additionally, you can consider bringing personal toiletries, a beach mat, and a camera to capture memorable moments while keeping your beach essentials streamlined and convenient.

Are there any water-based activities in Silvassa?

There are many water-based activities in Silvassa such as boating, and jet skiing on different beaches. Visitors can also enjoy swimming and picnicking by the beach area offering a refreshing break amidst scenic surroundings.

What are the nearest beaches to Silvassa?

The beaches closest to Silvassa are: Jampore Beach, Chinchani Beach, Bordi Beach, Tithal Beach, Dahanu Beach known for beautiful picturesque and long coastal stretches.

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