10 best Cafes in Minicoy Island: A Caffeine-fueled adventure

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Minicoy Island, What do you think of, when the name of this place comes to your mind? Well, most probably you might think of tropical paradise, with its beautiful unique beaches, swaying palm trees,  and crystal-clear waters, right? Well, don’t you all think, it is somewhat common in every beach you visit? Yes, some best places to visit in Minicoy Island in the whole of Lakshadweep be it the beaches, the homestays, or the resorts you decide to stay in. But still, there is one more thing that may leave you flabbergasted, any guesses?  Well, you might be correct, it is the best cafes in Minicoy Island, right from the ambiance to the services they provide, y’all will enjoy every moment of yours in these specially curated cafes. Over the course of time since the controversy Lakshadweep V/S Maldives, Minicoy Island, and other nearby Islands have witnessed tremendous growth in their economy and an overall upgrade to the places. So, if you’re planning a trip to this stunning island (and you really should be), make sure to add these 15 cafes to your must-visit list. Trust the Island, your taste buds (and your Instagram feed) will thank you.

Best Cafes in Minicoy Island

  1. Coconut Breeze Cafe
  2. Lagoon Lounge
  3. Sunset Sippers 
  4. Spice Trail Cafe
  5. Latte Lounge 
  6. Beachside Bliss 
  7. Oasis Cafe 
  8. Cafe Harmony
  9. Dockside Delights
  10. Sunset serenade 

1. Coconut Breeze cafe


You might be wondering why this cafe is on the very first list of best cafes in Minicoy Island, well, once you arrive there, you will agree to this position of this cafe. Coconut Breeze cafe is the perfect spot to have your morning sip before starting your adventurous day on this beautiful Island with those breathtaking ocean views right in front of you. This well-known cafe is located at Minicoy Beach road where you can visit the nearby famous attraction “ The Minicoy Lighthouse “. What sets this cafe apart from the rest of the cafes is the process they indulge in while making whatever their menu features whether be it freshly brewed coffees, teas, and smoothies, or the selection of light bites and snacks. All these are made with one commitment and that is making whatever they serve using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. The cafe partners with nearby farmers and fishermen to ensure that everything on your plate or in your cup is as fresh and eco-friendly as possible.

2. Lagoon Lounge


This famous cafe is not only known for one of the best ambiances but also famous because of the number of adventurous activities in Minicoy island you can experience here on Lagoon Beach, The Lagoon Cafe originally located at Minicoy Harbour Road, is near one of the famous attractions of Minicoy Island that is  Minicoy Harbour, Minicoy Mosque, which is another reason for it being the best cafes in Minicoy Island. But what actually sets this Cafe apart from others is its ambiance which gives a perfect vibe of Modern establishments and urban sophistication. Not only this, with the arrangement of handicraft cocktails you will be able to enjoy one of the most delicious butter croissants with perfectly spiced curries, and for god sake don’t you miss the delicious and mouth-watering desserts- the coconut-infused creme brulee is to die for, you’ll want to save room for seconds (or thirds).

3. Sunset Sippers


Located at Minicoy Beach near one of the famous attractions of Minicoy Island “ the Minicoy Lighthouse “, exhibits the same traits as its name “ Sunset Sippers “As the name suggests, you will find this cafe as the best cafe in Minicoyisland, if you are searching for some delightful sips as the sun dips down, leaving its mesmerizing and soothing trace in the environment and making people awestruck with the view. Apart from the amazing views you will witness while taking delicious sips, you can also enjoy creative cocktails, mocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. From their most loved beverage i.e. pineapple-infused iced tea to their mango-coconut smoothie, every sip is a tropical delight, and if you feel like having some light bites or snacks, don’t worry the place got you covered, all you need to do is order and relax with the beautiful picture perfect view. 

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4. Spice Trail Cafe


Hey!! Would you like to experience some cowboy cultured cafe, where they come with a hat in this all-wooden cafe and order some beer? Well, all of you might have watched the scene. Do you want to witness it in real life? Not all of it but yes, if you would like to experience the rich heritage culture of Minicoy, with the charming establishment, housed in a beautifully restored traditional Maldivian building, complete with intricate wooden carvings and vibrant, colorful decor, then Spice Trail might be the only best cafes in Minicoy island you should go for. Apart from the shuns and shines of this charismatic cafe, the food here is damn amazing, with all those locally sourced ingredients, the cafe has some local Maldivian specialties and international favorites like, aromatic coconut curries, and delicious pastries, every dish is a true taste of Minicoy. And don’t forget to try their signature spiced coffee – it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a day of exploring the island. 

5. Latte Lounge


If you are looking for some place to chill with live music, poetry performances and regular art exhibitions, then Latte Lounge may be the best cafe in Minicoy Island you can ever look for. The cafe is located in Minicoy Harbour near one of the major attractions of the Island named Minicoy Community Center. More than just a cafe, this place is highly used to spend some relaxing time because of its sleek, modern establishment. With a menu that boasts an amazing selection of brews from rich and velvety espressos to smooth and creamy Lattes. Moreover, if you are feeling to eat some light snacks or quick bites, you always have the option to choose freshly baked pastries and other snacks with coffee.

6. Beachside Bliss


Hey, are you looking for a place where you can relax and take a sip while watching the sea gushing down making peaceful sounds while it strikes to the rock, where you can witness beautiful sunsets and can also enjoy your meal under the open sky with shimmering stars? Well, Beachside Bliss got you covered, If you want all of the above, this might be the best cafes in Minicoy Island to add enjoyment and relaxation to your vacation. Located at Minicoy Beach near Minioy Lighthouse, this cafe is more than just a perfect place for sightseeing and witnessing one of the most amazing sunsets in the world, the menu that they offer consists of Maldivian delicacies and amazing seafood with some delicious international cuisines, do check out their specials for each day, you won’t be disappointed. 

7. Oasis Cafe


This beautiful cafe shines with natural light and is located in Minicoy Village which is nearby to the major attraction named Minicoy Community Center. It is a perfect spot to find your way out from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. The location and view are marked in such a manner which makes the whole environment soothing which in turn makes the experience more calm and composed. Not only this, but its menu consists of old Maldivian cuisines, that has been passed down through generations which is the main reason why everything here is so natural and authentic. If you are searching for some fragrance and delicious shakes with coffee, this cafe might be the best cafes in Minicoy Island.

8. Café Harmony


Sometimes it is irrational to describe some cafes, their name says a lot of stuff about their own existence, just like Cafe Harmony, one of the best cafes in Minicoy Island among the locals and visitors alike, This soothing place is located at Maruthumkara, Minicoy Island, with the Nearby Attractions as Minicoy Lighthouse. If you want to experience the true rich culture of this Island just give this cafe a visit, also known for its unique local cuisine and warm hospitality. Offering their special dish “Minicoy Fish Curry,” a local dish that rules their visitor’s taste buds is a must-try dish and if you combine this with the delicious coconut milk, you won’t be required to eat anything else. But if you are full but still need something to refresh and enjoy the rest of your day, you can try their special light dish the “ Papaya Salad “ or you can just go on and take a nice small sip of “Lemon Iced Tea”.

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9. Dockside Delights


Get ready to experience a delightful treat with Dockside Delight, one of the best cafes in Minnicoy Island which is located at Minicoy Harbour, with the Nearby Attractions, Minicoy Harbour, and Minicoy Community Center. Travelers if you are looking for a lively cafe with a bustling environment, you should try this cafe out, which is situated on the edge of the Harbor giving you an engaging view of ferries and boats every once and then. But what makes it most engaging is the food they offer, Talk about the taste, the environment, the view, the staff, and whatnot, you will find everything at their own specific place which will increase your delightful experience. If you are planning to visit this cafe in Minicoy Island. You should really have a taste of their special “ The Masala Chai “ a favorite beverage for all the Indians and the British apparently. 

10. Sunset Serenade


This beautifully located cafe is just a bliss to those who enjoy a soothing and calm environment,  why is this in the list of best cafes in Minicoy island? It’s just because of the sunset views, You won’t be able to figure out, what’s the best thing about the cafe, whether it is the stunning sunset view or it is the freshly-caught seafood dishes, buttery pastries, and the delicious culinary dishes they have to offer you? As the name suggests, Sunset Serenade is the ultimate spot to enjoy a your refreshing Maldivian cuisine with international flavors added. So get ready for an Indian delight with refreshing international dishes and don’t forget to try signature pineapple-infused iced tea to make up our mood to enjoy the rest of the island. 

What are the popular cafes in Minicoy Island?

Here are some most popular and best cafes in Minicoy island.
Coconut Breeze Cafe, Lagoon Lounge, Sunset Sippers, Spice Trail Cafe, Latte Lounge, Beachside Bliss, Oasis Cafe, Café Harmony, Dockside Delight, Sunset Serenade.

What kind of cuisine can I find at cafes in Minicoy Island?

Here are some delectable cuisines you can find in cafes of Minicoy Island.Local Maldivian specialties, International favorites, Aromatic coconut curries, Delicious pastries, Signature spiced coffee, freshly caught seafood dishes, Butter croissants, Creative cocktails, Mocktails, Non-alcoholic beverages, Pineapple-infused iced tea.

Are there any beachfront cafes in Minicoy Island?

So far the most amazing and bet cafe in Monicoy Island with beachfront views are Coconut Breeze Cafe (located at Minicoy Beach), Beachside Bliss (located at Minicoy Beach).

Are there vegetarian-friendly cafes in Minicoy Island?

You may end up finding every cafe with a vegetarian touch but if you are looking for a perfect vegetarian cafe then these are some, Vegetarian-friendly cafes in Minicoy Island: Oasis Cafe, Café Harmony, Sunset Serenade.

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