17 Must Try Mouth Watering Local Food in Kasar Devi

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Kasar Devi a serene village near Almora located in Uttarakhand is known not only for its spiritual significance but one can discover the best local food in Kasar Devi with a wide array of traditional dishes.

Kasar devi which is nestled in the serene hills of Kumaon known for its serene atmosphere and stunning views. Uttarakhand Tour Packages will help you to explore the diverse beauty and Cultural Diversity and its culinary adventure.

Kasar Devi is known for its geo-magnetic field and has attracted notable personalities like Swami Vivekananda,D.H. Lawrence who found peace meditating in this serene atmosphere. One can explore beautiful places to visit in Kasar Devi and panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Let’s Explore some popular Local Food Options in Kasar Devi:

If you are in Kasar Devi and want to explore Places to Visit in Kasar Devi for one day you must try traditional Kumaoni thali which is not just a meal but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the region. One can savor every bite as the celebration of the Local Flavour of this region.

The dishes in Kumaon cuisine are also unique because they’re the innovation of the locals who live in close proximity to the mountains. The people of Kumaon find ways to add herbs, seeds, and leaves found in the region to come up with simple yet delicious dishes. The dishes here get reconstructed as per the seasons and the availability of certain ingredients in the mountains. Food preparations are then creatively altered by the chefs – the local Kumaon people.

Usually, Kumaoni Thali consists of This thali has aloo ke gutke, bhatt ke dubke, bhang ki chutney, Bhatt ki Dal, Bhaang wala Kaddu,   Kheere ka raita (cucumber raita), mooli (radish) salad, madua (ragi) roti , Rice and Bal Mithai as a sweet dish which can be altered as per the seasonal availability of the certain ingredients.

Best Local Food in Kasar Devi

1. Bhang ki Chutney

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This Tangy condiment has hemp seeds, Green Chillies, Ginger, and Garlic. It is typically served with Traditional Kumaoni Thali and will delight your taste buds with its unique flavor. It is one of the best local foods in Kasar Devi, trying it’s a must for anyone who visits Kasar Devi.

2. Bhatt ki Dal

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One of the best local food in Kasar Devi is the bhatt ki dal (organic black soyabean) cultivated in the higher reaches that is rich in iron and protein.It is usually had with Mandua ki roti, a healthy bread made with ragi flour and grated vegetables. Bhatt ki dal and Bhatt ki chudkani/churdkani are the two famous dishes made using this variety.

For the best local food in Kasar devi Uttarakhand one can explore Heritage Restaurant, The Kasar Kitchen, Alhito here  they serve “bhatt ki churkani,” a savoury black bean curry cooked to perfection, you can explore the local shops in Kasar Devi or Almora Bazaar, where you can buy these traditional Kumaoni food items.

Indeed there are several resorts in Kasar devi that not only provide comfortable accommodation but also serve delicious local food which enhances the experiences of Visitors to Kasar Devi.

3. Aloo ke Gutke

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In Kasar Devi and the surrounding villages, you may discover the famous Uttarakhand delicacy Aloo ke Gutke. Restaurants in Uttarakhand especially, the Kumaon region are known for Aloo ke Gutke. Potatoes, spices, and herbs are combined to create this easy and delectable recipe. Since this is a typical dish in the area, one can try any local restaurants and cafes if you want to try it while you visit Kasar Devi.

There are several restaurants and Home Stays in Kasar Devi that offer traditional Kumaoni dishes, including aloo ke gutke. “Aaloo ke gutke,” a spicy potato dish that tempts the senses, the potatoes are boiled, cubed and sauteed with a mix of spices.  Restaurants that offer the best local food to visit in Kasar devi are The Kasar Roots Restaurant and Café, Dagriyaa Restaurant, Alhito, The Kasar Kitchen are the few restaurants that offer local Kumaoni food  like Aloo Ke Gutke as a part of their Menu.

4. Baang wala kaddu

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Baang wala Kaddu is the best local food in Kasar Devi is a dish from the Kumaoni cuisine of Uttarakhand, India. It is made with pumpkin cooked in a gravy made from roasted bhang seeds, green chilies, lemon juice, mint leaves, coriander, water, and salt. For the best local food to visit in Kasar devi, one can visit Kasar Kitchen, Alhito. They serve Baang wala Kaddu as a part of Kumaoni thali or a standalone dish as per the preference of the visitor.  The dish is known for its unique taste and is often served as a part of the traditional Kumaoni thali.

5. Kheere Ka Raita

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One of the best local foods in Kasar devi, Cucumber raita is a traditional dish from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India. It is made by combining grated cucumber with yogurt, mustard seeds, green chilies, turmeric, coriander leaves, and other spices. This refreshing raita is ideal for cooling down, especially during the summer months. The dish is easy to make and is a popular accompaniment to meals in the region.

6. Bal Mithai

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One of the best local foods in Kasar devi , Bal Mithai is a famous sweet in the hills of Kumaon. This Local chocolate fudge has khoya topped with sugar balls and is as popular in these parts as rasgulla is in Bengal.

For the finest local sweets one can explore local food near kasar devi uttarakhand Hira Singh and Jeevan Singh serves the best quality sweets in Almora

Some of the traditional dishes of Kumaoni one can explore which is often served as apart of the assortment of dishes in Kumaoni Thali

One can discover the best things to do in Kasar devi by sampling delicious cuisine and relishing it throughout your journey in Kasar Devi.

7. Palak ka kappa

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One of the  best local foods in Kasar devi to explore is  Palak ka kapa which is a traditional Kumaoni dish made with spinach. To prepare this dish, the spinach is cut very finely and sautéed with spices such as cumin seeds, whole red chilies, asafoetida, and turmeric powder. Rice flour is added to the mixture and cooked until it turns light brown. Water is added and the dish is simmered for 4-5 minutes. Finally, it is covered and allowed to cook in its own heat. Palak ka kapa is typically served with steaming hot boiled rice and dal or kadi. This dish is a staple in the Kumaoni cuisine and is known for its unique taste and nutritional value.

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8. Kandlaee ka Saag

Image source : Uttarakhand foods

One of the most delicious local food in Kasar devi is Kandalee ka Saag. Which is made with “Bichchu ka ghas” and onions and a blend of aromatic spices, Its best served with local bread  i.e, Madua made with Ragi flour.

9. Dubuk

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One of the local foods in Kasar Devi, Dubuk Like thechwani and bhatt ki dal, this heavy dish is a blend of lentils, rice flour and a dash of spices. When a bowl of dubuk comes to your table steaming hot, it’s a food that can make a person possibly warm even in extreme cold winters.

11. Kafuli

Image source : Uttarakhandi

Kafuli is a popular local food in Kasar Devi, this Kumaoni Vegetable dish made with spinach, fenugreek leaves, local spices and rice powder. Its healthy, tasty and recognized as the state food of Uttarakhand.

12. Kumaoni jholi

Image source : NDTV Food

One of the spicy local foods in Kasar Devi which boasts a spicier profile, Kumaoni jholi. It incorporates locally sourced vegetables for an added layer of goodness. It’s a versatile dish; they tailor the selection of vegetables according to the season and availability, ensuring the flavorful experience every time.

Moreover, the stunning natural beauty of the region, with its rolling hills, lush forests, and panoramic views of the Himalayas, adds an enchanting backdrop to every dining experience, making Kasar Devi a truly unforgettable destination for food enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

13. Chainsoo

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This local food in Kasar Devi is extremely nutritious and fibrous. It is also filled with proteins and chains and is a true example of healthy Kumaoni cuisine. This is made by cooking roasted black gram dal that is tempered with a lot of regional spices and herbs. It is just simply boiled and mixed with vegetables and spices. The local people like to enjoy this simple lentil dish with some steamed rice.

The use of seasonal ingredients, local fresh produce and regions indigenous spices and herbs like jakhiya, faaran, mustard, fenugreek and coriander for tempering lentils and curries, lending a distinct taste to the quintessential Kumaoni cuisine

You can also try pahadi rajma and lobia grown in these hills are relished in local homes and are a significant source of nutrition.

14. Kumaoni Dal Vada

Image source : The Himalayan Diary

Kumaoni Dal Vada, one of the temptation Local food in Kasar Devi, is another fast food in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The Vada is made by a mixture of different lentils that are mixed with herbs, spices in some other vegetables. These lentils are first boiled so that they can be managed properly to form small balls. These are then fried in oil and served with some tea in the evening. These Kumaoni Dal Vadas are a perfect teatime snack.

One can Capture unforgettable memories in Kasar Devi by exploring its diverse cuisine at the best local spots while discovering best photography spots in Kasar Devi, ensuring a blend of culinary delights and stunning picturesque Himalayas to cherish forever.

15. Jhangore Ki Kheer

Image source : Hindustan

This sweet delicacy is one of the favorite local foods in Kasar devi, Uttarakhand. This is prepared with some barnyard millet, raisins, milk and Kewra. It is called a divine local delicacy as it is delicious and comforting to the soul. This is one dish that deserves a special place in your traditional Kumaoni Thali, and you must try this once in your life.

16. Singori

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Singori is also a sweet delicacy from the Kumaoni cuisine. It is extremely nutritious and a rich source of both protein and fibre. This is made with some Khoya and coconut. This is one of the best foods in Kasar Devi. It is wrapped in a cone made of Malu leaves that are uniquely found in the Kumaon region. It is loaded with a lot of regional nutritious ingredients and is also an appetizing sweet dessert that you can eat without feeling guilty.

17. Chaat Delights

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Kasar Devi is a happening area with a rich culinary scene offering a variety of local and international dishes.

For the best local food to visit in kasar devi, one can visit Sumangalam Restaurant is a popular choice for those craving for chaat items and sweets, offering a diverse range of chat items. Jalebis, in particular, one must try here, renowned for their mouthwatering taste and crispy texture.

For those who want to relish rabris, Abhinandan Sweets is a recommended destination, well known for its delectable preparations of this traditional dessert.

You can discover the best of Kasar Devi by indulging in a variety of activities, from exploring the best treks in Kasar Devi amidst the Himalayan peaks to sampling delightful local cuisine which will ensure an unforgettable experience in this charming destination.

All of these are some interesting and appetising dishes from the Kumaoni cuisine of Uttarakhand. If you ever happen to visit places in Uttarakhand to celebrate New year then make sure that you try these delicious delicacies and savour the experience of age-old cooking traditions and dishes of Kumaon.

What is the most famous local dish in Kasar Devi?

The most famous local dish in Kasar Devi is the Kumaoni thali, which is a native thali that showcases the authentic flavors of the region. The Kumaoni thali is made up of various dishes and are prepared using local ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Some of the popular dishes that are included in the Kumaoni thali are Bhatt ki Dal,moongodi, palak ka kappa, bhatt ki churkani, chainsoo, and a variety of chaat items.

Where can I find the best traditional meals in Kasar Devi?

There are many good restaurants in Kasar Devi which offer Traditional Meals. The Good Life Cafe kasar Devi, The Kasar Roots Restaurant & Cafe, kasar cafe, The Kasar Kitchen, Rainbow restaurant, and ALhito Cafe & Resort are some of the best places to find traditional meals in Kasar Devi. These restaurants and cafes offer a range of traditional dishes, including the Kumaoni thali, and are known for their delicious food and cozy atmosphere.

What are some must-try street foods in Kasar Devi?

Some of the must-try delicacies of Kumaoni food include Bal Mithai, a sweet made from milk, sugar, and khoya, and Singori, a sweet dish made from khoya and wrapped in maalu leaves. Hot milk and jalebi is another popular Kumaoni dish, which is a perfect combination of warm milk and crispy jalebis.

Kasar Devi is also famous for the chaat items and momos which is a must try street food in Kasar Devi.

What is unique about Kasar Devi's local cuisine?

Kasar Devi’s local cuisine is unique because it is influenced by the region’s rich cultural heritage and spiritual traditions. They use unique ingredients in local cuisine, such as wild pahari herbs and seeds, warm spices, and indigenous produce, make it a culinary experience that is worth exploring.

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