Bhutan In Autumn- A Complete Guide For 2024

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Bhutan is considered as one of the most lovable neighboring countries of India. Every year, people from all over the world visit this country to experience its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. 

Autumn in Bhutan is believed as the best season to experience its wonderful landscapes, astonishing architecture, and vibrant festivals. Apart from the scenic beauty, Bhutan Tour Packages has a lot more things to offer to its travelers.

Weather In Bhutan In Autumn

Autumn season which mainly starts from September and ends in November is one of the best times to visit Bhutan. These months basically come in between the end of monsoon and arrival of winter season, which makes it perfect for its visitors to experience a pleasant fusion of mild temperature, clear blue sky, vivid landscapes in its utmost beauty. 


In the Western region of Thimphu and Paro, the weather basically remains warm during daytime making it suitable for various trekking and outdoor activities.

In the Central region of Bumthang, the temperature remains slightly cooler throughout the day.

The eastern region experiences the same temperature as Bumthang but comes with a mild possibility of sudden rainfall. Overall, Weather in Bhutan in autumn welcomes visitors to enjoy the fall season in a unique way.

Festivals To Attend In Bhutan In Autumn

 1. Thimphu Tshechu


Thimphu Tshechu is the most popular festival amongst the people of Bhutan, which is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche who introduced Buddhist culture to the people of Bhutan in the 8th century.

People from all over the world come to see the famous Mask Dances which represents the ancient history, tradition and teachings of buddhism. Visiting this place can be one of the best Things to do in Bhutan.

2. Royal Highlander Festival


The Royal Highlander Festival is basically celebrated in the panoramic town of Laya, situated in the high mountains of the country at an altitude of 13000 feet above the sea level.

The festival is the representation of the Highlander tribe situated in the mountainous regions of the country. 

The festival also showcases the various local sports and games played amongst the highlander tribes such as Bhutanese wrestling, Yak riding, Horse Racing and Archery which provides a great source of entertainment to the visitors. You can also visit nearby places to experience the vibrant Nightlife in Bhutan.

3. Black-Necked Crane Festival


This festival is hosted in Phobjikha Valley of Bhutan. Its main purpose is to spread awareness about the black-necked crane bird which is believed as the symbol of prosperity and good luck amongst the local bhutanese people.

Along with its cultural music and dance, the festival educates the people of Bhutan about the Black-Necked Crane bird, their habitat and the importance of preserving them from getting endangered. If you like this festival then, don’t forget to explore the famous Temples in Bhutan.

Places To Visit In Bhutan In Autumn

1. Thimphu


The charming valley of Wang Chu River, surrounded by huge mountains is famous for the giant Buddha Stupa which is 54m in height and is considered as one of the best  Places to visit in Bhutan.

Thimphu city being the capital of Bhutan, provides an unprecedented fusion of modern architecture and traditional culture. 

The city also comes up with vibrant markets to shop various traditional handicrafts that look enchanting to your eyes, local embroidered clothing and freshly grown farms produce edible stuff which represents the undiscovered taste of Bhutan. 

2. Paro


An idyllic valley that represents the rich history of Bhutan is named as Paro Valley. All the wanderlusts who have an eternal love for mountains must visit these Hill stations in Bhutan once in their lifetime. This beautiful valley is spreaded across a wide area right from the conjoining of Wang Chu River and the Paro Chhu River.

Paro is well known for the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, situated tenuously on the edge of a cliff. This site being the most pilgrimage destination offers a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape from its top.

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3.  Dra Karpo


Dra Karpo as one of the esteemed pilgrimage sites, is situated 15 mins away from the meeting point of Paro-Thimphu highway. This pilgrimage site is famous for its simple architecture which makes it unique in its presence. 

It is believed that by walking 108 times around Dra Karpo devotees destroy their cumulative sins for lifetime. Anyone traveling to Bhutan must visit this place for its utmost simplicity and peacefulness. According to the ancient saints of this place, Dra Karpo is named after the fact that Guru Rinpoche killed a demon by splitting a rock in this place.

Famous Treks To Do In Autumn

 1. Snowman Trek


The snowman will give you an ‘adventure of a lifetime’ experience. This trek gets quite difficult with varied weather conditions as you go high in the terrain. 

As you start trekking high, you will encounter different mountain passes along with high peaks and deep valleys which makes the trip more interesting. Also, you will get to meet various remote villages in your journey which opens an opportunity to interact with local people and understand their culture.

This trek is generally not advisable to beginners due to its high altitude and long distance.

Duration of the Trek: 25-30 Days

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2. Jomolhari Trek


If you want to understand Bhutan’s pristine landscape and unique culture, you must experience this fantastic adventurous trek named Jomolhari Trek.

As one of Bhutan’s sacred peaks, this trek is well known for its enchanting view, stunning landscapes, and beautiful monasteries.

In the entire duration of the trek meeting different people from Bhutanese culture enlightens you with the ancient spiritual knowledge of their tradition.

Duration of the Trek: 8- 9 Days

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3. Bumthang Owl Trek


If you want to experience the deep cultural heritage of Bhutan, there can be nothing better than Bumthang cultural Trek.

Starting from Bumthang, the trek leads you through intense forests, lovely villages and sacred temples along its way. Hearing about the ancient tradition from the local people gives a detailed insight about the place.

Also, you will get to experience some delightful Bhutanese Cuisine which will leave a lasting impression in your tastebuds.

Duration of the Trek: 4-5 Days 


Bhutan is a country rich in its cultural heritage, sophisticated architecture, beautiful landscapes and traditional authenticity. Having a diverse range of spiritual experiences along with adventurous activities will attract people to visit autumn in Bhutan again and again.

Before you plan to explore this beautiful spot, keep in mind to go over Bhutan Travel Tips for a smooth journey. Visiting the place especially in the month of October which is also known as fall season allows you to delve into its magical beauty of Bhutan and cherish it for lifetime. 

Is October a good time to visit Bhutan?

October is a perfect time to visit Bhutan as the weather remains decent with clear sky and mild cold temperature at some higher regions which makes it suitable for tourism.

What months are autumn in Bhutan?

Autumn months are generally from September to November which is also known as Fall season in bhutan.

Which is the cheapest season to visit Bhutan?

January to March is considered as the cheapest season to visit Bhutan. Accommodation price drops due to snowfall and winter season.

What is the best month to visit Bhutan?

October to December is the best time to Visit Bhutan with sunny skies, clear weather and friendly atmosphere.

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