Top 8 Bhutan Wildlife Sanctuaries for Nature Lovers

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Travelers have a zeal to explore everything about the new place, which includes nature as well! So, here we are with the list of Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries that can make you closer to nature, and nobody can deny the fact that having Bhutan wildlife sanctuary tours can be a very different and interesting experience for visitors. 

Whether you want to enjoy the greenery or witness the different animals, you can find them in the Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries. So, align your Bhutan trip packages with the dates and get ready to have a close call with nature in the Land of Thunder Dragons. 

Get ready to witness the best nature in one of the most amazing places to visit in Bhutan – the top wildlife sanctuaries of Bhutan. 

Top 8 Bhutan Wildlife Sanctuaries 

Here is a whole list of the top wildlife sanctuaries of Bhutan to have a look at the nature, flora, and fauna spread out in a widespread area. 

1. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary


Located in the Trashigang District of Bhutan, it is well known for providing a home for the easternmost ecosystems and landscapes of Bhutan. 

It is one of the most popular Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries, and that is why most of the tourists prefer this one for visiting. You can find some of the unique species of flora and fauna here, like the coniferous evergreen which only grows in the mountain valleys. 

Also, Blue Poppy is the national flower of Bhutan and grows in the spring season! Not just this, the black-rumped magpie, which is known to be the smartest bird also resides in this ecosystem. 

There are many other unique creatures present here which you can witness during the Bhutan Wildlife Sanctuary tours. Isn’t it amazing? Get to see some of the thriving living beings here and explore more about it. 

Best time to visit: March-August

Distance from Thimphu: 340 km

How to reach: Sakteng Village in Bhutan

2. Jomotsangkha Wildlife Sanctuary 

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This was formerly known as Khaling Neoli and is one of the most popular Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries that you must visit while in Bhutan. But, it is known to be the smallest protected reserve in the country. 

Here you can find the rare Pygmy Hog which has attracted so many tourists in recent times. Yes, you can find so many species like this which might mesmerize you with nature in Bhutan!

So, why miss such amazing Bhutan wildlife sanctuary tours when you have the chance to explore more of the fauna? 

Best time to visit: March-May and August-November

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3. Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary 


How can we miss the home of some of the unique creatures on this earth? Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top wildlife sanctuaries of Bhutan spanning more than 1500 sq km and 420 sq km of a buffer area. 

This sanctuary also shares borders with Tibet in China and also some of the northeastern regions of India. So, you would be facing some high-security checks while visiting the same. 

Also, there are so many endangered species like the red panda which is not seen in any chances. But, you can witness it here and see some of the unique creatures that you would not find anywhere else. 

Best time to visit: March-October

Distance from Trashigang: 140 Km

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4. Royal Manas National Park


Bhutan’s Crown Jewel and the oldest protected area in the country, it is one of those Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries that was upgraded to the status of a national park in 1993. It is spread over a very huge area and has so many endangered species present here. 

It is definitely one of the best Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries that you should not miss on your tour! It has the endangered royal Bengal Tiger, which is a really popular species of tiger. Also, it is one of the best photography places in Bhutan for your interest! 

Also, here you would be able to find the Asian elephant, One-horned rhinoceros, Himalayan black bear, clouded leopard, Pangolin, and the Ganges dolphins if you are lucky enough. 

Best time to visit: August-November and April-May

Distance from Gelephy: 80 Km

Nearest airport: Paro

How to reach: By Car

5. Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary


It was initially made to protect and receive the sal forests of the country but now it has become one of the best tourist destinations of Bhutan. 

It is home to various species like Golden Langurs, Gaur Asian Elephants, and many more like these. The main attraction of this sanctuary is the Chital deer which is really unique for people to see. 

And, apart from these animals, you will come across many different birds such as Hornbills and more. So, get ready to see more of these in one of the best Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries. 

Best time to visit: March-June and September-November

Distance from Sarpang: 150 Km

Nearest Airport: Paro

How to reach: By Road

6. The Jigme Dorji National Park


It is one of the largest national parks in Bhutan and covers 5 Bhutanese districts of Thimpu, Paro, Wangdue Phodrang, Punakha, and Gasa. 

So, the species found here would be seen by the visitors according to the ongoing climate and altitude, like the snow leopard would be found in the glacier peaks like Mount Jomolhari along with other animals such as tigers, red pandas, and Himalayan Blue sheep. 

So, are you ready to see some of the unique and endangered species here? Pack your bags for some great adventure in Bhutan

Best time to visit: February-May and August-November

Nearest airport: Paro

How to reach: By road

7. Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park


Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park is a big, beautiful park in Bhutan. It’s named after the former king, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who loved nature and wanted to protect it. 

The park is like a home for many animals and plants. You can find cute red pandas, majestic snow leopards, and colorful birds living there. The park is full of green forests, tall mountains, and clear rivers. People visit the park to see the amazing wildlife and enjoy the peaceful nature. It’s an important place for Bhutan because it helps keep the environment healthy and lets everyone appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

Best Time to Visit: March-August

Nearest Airport: Paro

How to reach: By Road

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8. Phrumsengla National Park

Image Source :

It was established in 1998 and is one of the most beautiful Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries. It is open all year round. 

It attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year and is a great sanctuary to spot wildlife and also participate in different adventure activities. Also, there are some of the best trekking routes in Bhutan that you can experience here. 

You can witness the rhododendrons during the months of April to June and because of the rugged landscape, it is a great place for nature excursions, wildlife spotting, trekking, and hiking. 

Best time to visit: April-June

Nearest airport: Bathpalathang Airport

How to reach: By Road

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

1. What is the significance of wildlife sanctuaries in Bhutan?

Wildlife sanctuaries in Bhutan play a crucial role in protecting and preserving the country’s rich biodiversity. 

These sanctuaries are like safe homes for various plants and animals, providing a secure environment where they can live and thrive without being harmed by human activities. In Bhutan, where nature is highly valued, these sanctuaries contribute to maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. They help conserve endangered species, ensuring that they do not disappear forever. 

2. Can I go trekking or hiking in Bhutan’s wildlife sanctuaries?

Yes, you can go trekking or hiking in Bhutan’s wildlife sanctuaries! Bhutan is a beautiful country with amazing nature, and its wildlife sanctuaries are like special homes for animals and plants. 

When you go trekking or hiking there, it means you get to walk in these natural places and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views. Remember to follow the rules to keep the animals and plants safe, like not making too much noise and not disturbing them. 

It’s a great way to explore Bhutan’s wild side and see some of the incredible creatures that call the sanctuaries their home. Just put on your walking shoes, bring some water, and get ready for an exciting adventure!

3. Are Bhutan’s wildlife sanctuaries open to the public?

Yes, Bhutan’s wildlife sanctuaries are open to the public. In Bhutan, there are many beautiful places where animals live freely, and the government wants people to visit and enjoy them. 

Wildlife sanctuaries are like special homes for animals where they can live without being disturbed. When people visit these places, they can see amazing creatures like red pandas, snow leopards, and colorful birds. 

It’s important for visitors to follow the rules and be respectful to the animals and their homes. Bhutan wants everyone to appreciate the wonderful nature it has and learn about the importance of protecting animals and their habitats.

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