Bingin Beach in Bali: Explore Now

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Bingin Beach – one of the best Beaches in Bali located on the Bukit Peninsula on the island of Bali, and also known as the surfer’s paradise. Bingin Beach is famous for its good waves and also an area of Uluwatu. You would see little crowds as it is a very isolated place compared to other places in Bali. 

Also, Bingin Beach is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs with bed and breakfasts, hotels, villas, restaurants, and much more. You can spend a good whole day at Bingin Beach by hanging out and swimming at the beach, getting barreled over a shallow reef, or enjoying the sunset from here. You will surely love Bingin Beach while you are here in the tropical paradise. 

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Where is Bingin Beach in Bali?


Bingin Beach is one of the string beaches located on the west side of the Bukit Peninsula in Bali. It is located between Dreamland Beach and Padang Padang Beaches. Like other Uluwatu beaches, the large limestone cliffs line the beach with houses, villas, and hotels in Bali. 

But, you should be prepared for the long walk and going down the stairs to get down to the beach. But, Bingin Beach is definitely worth it! 

What is Bingin Beach Known for?

Bingin Beach is known for the best surfing in Bali. Here, the waves break 100 meters off the beach onto a shallow reef. With the right swell and wind direction you would get hollow left-hand barrels.

How to get to Bingin Beach?


It is located on the Bukit Peninsula, popularly known as Uluwatu, so you will have to get here first! Coming from the area of Ubud in Bali, Seminyak, or Canggu, you should be suggested to hire a driver to come here. 

Also, if you are in Uluwatu, you can also have a motorbike from your hotel or Airbnb in Bali. This is the only best way to get around – but you need to be safe and comfortable riding a motorbike first. 

Also, Bingin Beach is one of the northern beaches on the Bukit but it is easily accessible. 

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Things to do at Bingin Beach in Bali


So, here are some things that you can enjoy at Bingin Beach in Bali. 

  • Swimming 

When you come to Bingin Beach, it is mandatory to enjoy swimming here with the best waves in Bali. You have the chance to swim in the Indian Ocean here when there isn’t a big swell in the water. 

But, you must be careful getting in and out of the water because of the coral that is too slippery. Also, be mindful of the tides here at Bingin Beach. So, if you are a swimming enthusiast, don’t miss this amazing chance to enjoy one of the best adventure activities in Bali! 

  • Surfing at Bingin Beach 

Bingin Beach is a paradise for surfers as well! It is the best place for beginners as well as intermediate learners to surf here. Also, there are numerous board rental huts right on the beach. 

You just need to pick your board and enjoy surfing here at Bingin Beach in Bali. 

  • Watch the beautiful sunset at Bingin Beach

Sunsets in Bali are incredible! And, seeing a sunset from Bingin Beach would be a bliss to have! If you are not spending a whole day here, you must see the sunset by coming at that time. 

You should arrive early to watch it at its best and have a beautiful time at Bingin Beach. 

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How can I get to Bingin Beach and are there any tips for first-time visitors?

To get to Bingin Beach, you can take a taxi or rent a scooter if you’re comfortable riding one. It’s located in Bali, Indonesia. Once you arrive, you’ll find steep stairs leading down to the beach, so be prepared for a bit of a workout. For first-time visitors, it’s a good idea to wear sturdy shoes for the stairs and bring some cash for any purchases or rentals. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, water, and a camera to capture the stunning views. Enjoy the surf and the beautiful scenery!

What activities can I do at Bingin Beach?

Bingin Beach offers plenty of fun activities for visitors to enjoy. You can start your day by catching some waves if you’re into surfing, as the beach is known for its excellent breaks. 

If you prefer to stay on land, you can take leisurely walks along the shore, soak up the sun, or simply relax with a good book while listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean. 

Don’t forget to explore the surrounding cliffs for breathtaking views and perhaps even some cliff jumping if you’re feeling adventurous. And of course, make sure to indulge in delicious local cuisine at the beachfront cafes to complete your Bingin Beach experience!

Are there any accommodations near Bingin Beach, and what are the dining options?

Yes, there are accommodations near Bingin Beach, which is super cool! You can find cozy places to stay like bungalows and guesthouses right by the beach, so you can wake up to the sound of waves. Plus, there are some nice dining options around. You can grab yummy food at beachside cafes serving up fresh seafood and local dishes. So, whether you’re looking for a place to crash or some tasty bites, Bingin Beach has got you covered!

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