Bali’s Blue Point Beach: Nature’s Playground By The Sea

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Blue Point Beach in Bali is situated in the heart of Bali, Indonesia. This beach is also known as Suluban Beach. It is a hidden gem you cannot miss visiting on your Bali Trip. As you step into this paradise, you will be greeted by the dramatic limestone cliffs that are the charm of the Indian Ocean. This beach is perfect for every adventure you are looking forward to. Before planning your trip, check the Travel Tips for Bali for safe and adventure-filled travels. 

The Best Time To Visit The Blue Point Beach

The best time to Visit Blue Point Beach is during the dry season, from April to October. 

The weather in the dry season brings sunny and pleasant winds, which is ideal for beach activities and water sports. Rainfall is rare during this period. The showers are very soothing and can be enjoyed by the rain lovers. The wave conditions are perfect, making it one of the best surfing beaches in Bali. The consistent waves during the dry season attract surfers from around the world. Blue Point Beach is the best place to witness the magnificent Sunsets in Bali.

But remember that this would be the peak season to visit Bali, which will result in overcrowded beaches, and the accommodation prices could also be high.

If you prefer a quieter vacation, you can plan the shoulder seasons, i.e. September- October.

Things To Do At Blue Point Beach


1. Surfing

If you want to learn surfing in Bali, Bluepoint Beach is the best place. The local instructors are patient and ensure your experience is safe and comfortable. You can enjoy the high tides in the evening if you are a trained sufferer. The view is beautiful and will leave you feeling fantastic.

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2. Sunbathing 

Blue Point Beach provides a beautiful setting for basking in the sun. The relaxing waves with the soothing sound are like a cherry on top. Children can build sand castles while adults can sip in the crazy cocktails at the beach. The ambience is beautiful throughout the day, with the clouds swinging in the sky. Rugged cliffs and rocky shores surround Blue Point Beach. You can explore the cliffs for the panoramic views while discovering the hidden coves and caves. 

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3. Photography

The beautiful coastal scenery at Blue Point Beach is a paradise for photographers. You can capture the natural beauty. The sea, sky, and you could be a great muse. The vibrant cliffs and the soothing sunsets will ignite the photographer in you. You can keep the moments alive in your heart by photographing what your eyes witness. The pictures will not justify what you see with the naked eye.

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4. Beach Clubs

The exotic beach clubs surrounded by Blue Point Beach will win your heart. Serving exotic dishes and beautiful cocktails is the trade mark of these beach clubs. You can enjoy a meal and sip on the refreshing drinks on the shore. The food will make your taste buds happy and satisfied.

5. Swimming 

You can take a swim in the calmer areas of Blue Point Beach. While the waves can be heavy for swimming, there are points on the beach near the rocks where the waves are suitable for swimming. The main attraction of Blue Point Beach is the Beach parties. The lively parties are excellent during the high season, and you can check the local listings to see if any events are planned during your visit. The raver and techno parties also take place on these Blue Point Beaches. 

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How To Reach Blue Point Beach In Bali

Image Source : Tripadvisor

You can plan to visit Blue Point Beach in Bali via the below table. Make sure to fit this into your itinerary beforehand to avoid last-minute cancellations. 


If you want to make the most of your Bali Trip, plan your trip for more than 6 Days. There are many places to visit, and you cannot miss out on witnessing any beautiful gem this place has.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Point Beach

How Do I Get to Blue Point Beach?

To reach Blue Point Beach, you can hire a taxi or ride-sharing service from popular tourist areas like Kuta or Seminyak. It’s located in the Uluwatu area, and you’ll need to descend a steep set of stairs to access the beach. Be prepared for a bit of a hike, but the stunning views are worth it!

What Are the Highlights of Blue Point Beach?

Blue Point Beach is renowned for its rugged cliffs, dramatic views of the Indian Ocean, and excellent surfing conditions. Many visitors come here to enjoy the waves, sunbathe on the golden sands, and explore the surrounding rock formations. The beach is also home to a few beach clubs and cafes for those seeking refreshments and relaxation.

Are There Any Safety Precautions I Should Take at Blue Point Beach?

While Blue Point Beach offers fantastic experiences, being cautious is essential. The ocean conditions can vary, and the waves can be powerful, making it more suitable for experienced surfers. Always pay attention to local advice and signage regarding swimming and surfing safety. Additionally, be mindful of the tides when exploring the rocky areas and caves along the coastline, especially during high tide.

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