A Historic 400-Year-Old Bronze Statue Of Vishnu Unearthed In Haryana!

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It has been proved once again that India was a land of rich cultural heritage. Till now we have found many artefacts that were buried beneath many places. One such incident was reported in Haryana when a group of workers who were digging in Baghanki village for a borewell plot near Manesar. They found three statues, of which one is a Bronze Statue of Vishnu found in Haryana.

It was reported that these statues are about 400 years old and looks similar to Hindu Gods Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

The person who owned the land initially kept the statues hidden, but later they gave them to the Archaeology Department. This stopped the construction so experts could look at them more closely. It was found that the statues are about 1.5 feet tall. One shows the Bronze Statue of Vishnu found in Haryana, another shows Goddess Lakshmi sitting down, and the third statue shows both of them together. They were found about 15 feet underground.

When the Archaeology Department was informed about the statues, officials like Deputy Director Banani Bhattacharya and Dr. Kush Dhebar came to take them. Even though villagers wanted to build a temple on the land and asked to keep the statues, the department denied permission. They explained that the statues belong to the government and will be kept safe in their museum after some tests are done in the lab.

According to reports, they’re planning to dig more to see if there are more old things buried there. First checks show that the statues are about 400 years old. This shows how important they are in a place with lots of history and culture.

In Manesar’s Mohammadpur Baghanki, a doctor found old bronze statues of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. People think they’re about 400 years old, maybe even older. He found them while digging a well on his property. Now, the statues are taken to a lab to learn more about them. Officials hope to know exactly how old they are after checking them carefully.

The Deputy Director of the state’s archaeology and museums, Banani Bhattacharyya, said they’ll use science to figure out how old the statues are. First looks suggest they might be 400 years old.

The Bronze Statue of Vishnu found in Haryana is 1.5 feet tall, while Lakshmi’s statue, sitting down, is about 1 foot tall. Both statues have very detailed carvings and designs that are common for the time they’re thought to come from. They also found a statue of both Vishnu and Lakshmi together. People in the local community are happy about this discovery and see it as a special blessing. More and more people are coming to the site every day because they’re curious and excited to see the statues of Vishnu and Lakshmi.

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