Bullet Baba Temple: Story of Rajasthan’s Mysterious Bike Temple

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You’ve probably seen people praying to different Gods, but have you ever seen someone worship a motorcycle?  Yes! I’m talking about Om Banna and his Royal Enfield Bullet Bike which is worshipped in Rajasthan Bullet Baba Temple. While biking across the vast state of Rajasthan with Rajasthan Tour Packages, paying homage to the Bullet Baba Mandir will keep you safe on the roads and protect you from accidents.

If you are a passionate biker, then visiting the Bullet Baba Temple aka Om Banna Temple, Rajasthan should be on your bucket list. So, if you are planning to take a Bike Trip across the vast state of the golden Thar desert and the vibrant state of Rajasthan, the Bullet Baba Mandir is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan for you on this exciting expedition.

Table of Contents:

  • Location of the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan
  • What Is So Unique about Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan?
  • Legend of the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan
  • How To Reach the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan
  • Other Details of the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan

Location Of  The Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan

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Bullet Baba Mandir (Om Banna Temple) is a religious place located near the village of Chotila in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This temple is situated on the National Highway 62 (Jodhpur – Pali) near Chotila. It is located almost 53 kms from Jodhpur and 20 kms from Pali on the Pali Jodhpur Route. This temple has gained popularity not only because of its religious importance but also because of its chilling and mysterious story.

What Is So Unique About Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan?

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The Bullet Baba Mandir is known by many different names like – Bullet Baba Mandir, Om Banna Temple, Om Banna Dham, or the Bike Temple of Rajasthan. This temple is dedicated to Om Banna, who was originally known as Om Singh Rathore (“Banna” is a suffix used for Rajput youths). After the establishment of this shrine Om Banna got popular by the name Bullet Baba, Rajasthan.  Of the many unique facts of Rajasthan, a temple dedicated to a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle, really stands out of this world. 

Bullet Baba Temple also known as Om Banna Temple holds an aura of mystery and faith along Jodhpur – Pali National Highway 62, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The unique temple has attracted attention due to its fascinating story and its role in keeping travelers safe on the roads. The temple is more than just a place of worship, it is a symbol of mysterious forces that go beyond human comprehension.

The temple attracts devotees from all walks of life. They decorate the temple with their offerings, garlands and trinkets. The main attraction of the temple is the sacred 350cc Royal Enfield bullet motorcycle belonging to Om Banna. Om Banna died in a road accident and the motorcycle is treated with respect. The temple is visited regularly by priests to honor the spirit of Om Banna.

It is situated along a busy highway and has become a popular destination for tourists and travelers looking for blessings for their safe journey. The mysterious events surrounding the motorcycle and Om Banna’s death have turned the temple into a fascinating story. Visitors are captivated not only by the story but also by the sincere devotion shown by those who visit the shrine.

It is believed that Om Banna’s spirit watches over travelers and ensures their safety on the roads. Om Banna is believed to be a guardian angel who watches over the travelers on the highway. The temple has a special meaning for drivers from different regions who consider it an important place to stop before continuing on their journey. If you do not stop at the temple it is believed that bad luck will follow you on the next road.

Om Banna has been associated with miracles and strange occurrences. There are stories of him stopping accidents and truck drivers sensing a strange presence on the road at night. This temple continues to be a source of awe and respect as it stands as an unbreakable link between belief, the unknowable, and the journey.

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Legend of the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan

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In December 1988, Om Singh Rathore (Om Banna) was riding his motorcycle from Bangdi near Sanderao in Pali to Chotila. While driving at night, he completely lost control of his bike and crashed into a tree.

Although the motorcycle slid into the nearby ditch, Om Banna’s fate met with an end. The young man lost his life immediately after the accident on the spot. The news reached the local police station and the following morning, the police reached the spot of the accident.

The police completed the investigation and took custody of the motorcycle. The next day, something mysterious happened in the police station. The motorcycle vanished from the police station. To everyone’s surprise, it was found at the place of the accident. The authorities confiscated the motorcycle again, but it vanished mysteriously again at night and was found at the same spot.

The story does not end here! The authorities couldn’t understand what was happening, so they finally retrieved the motorcycle from the accident spot and took it to the police station. They emptied the gasoline tank and chained it up with metal chains and locks, hoping that this would stop the motorcycle from going back to the place of the accident.

Despite all the efforts, the motorcycle vanished again the following morning and was found at the exact place of accident. It kept coming back to the ditch. Every attempt to keep the motorcycle away from the accident spot failed. They also tried keeping the motorcycle in a faraway police station, but it constantly kept coming back to its place. 

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Soon, this news spread in the neighboring villages. The locals soon assumed that the motorcycle had some divine power or special fondness for the owner – Om Singh Rathore. They believed that the motorcycle kept coming back to the place of the accident as it mourned the death of its beloved owner. Soon, a shrine was constructed on the exact spot of the accident, where this motorcycle was kept. 

This shrine soon gained popularity due to its unique deity and became popular by the name Om Banna Temple or the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan. Om Sight Rathore was soon known as the famous Bullet Baba, Rajasthan. 

Both the 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet and the statue of Om Banna are worshipped here and kept together, to avoid separating them from each other. Om Banna’s ghost is still believed to have ridden his motorcycle on NH-62, where the accident occurred, on the Chotila-Pali highway to help the distressed travelers.

In addition, there is a belief that Om Banna’s ghost protects the travelers. The villagers believe that the number of road accidents near Chotila village has decreased significantly in the past few years, particularly after the death of Om Singh Rathore ( Bullet Baba, Rajasthan). Om Banna’s bike at the temple fulfills the wishes and prayers of the people visiting Om Banna Temple and is said to have divine powers.

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How to reach the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan

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Om Banna temple by Roadways:

Jodhpur railway station is the nearest railway station to this temple. It is well-connected to major cities all over India. You can hire a taxi, a cab, or a local bus from the railway station and reach the temple around 50 km from the railway station.

Om Banna Temple by Railway:

Rajasthan Bullet Baba Temple is one of the most popular places to visit by road. It is located along the Jodhpur – Pali National Highway 62, which connects the two. It is easy to get to the temple by private bus, taxi, or rental car. You can get to the temple around 20 km from Pali, and about 50 km from Jodhpur airport.

Om Banna temple by Airways:

If you are looking for a faster option, you can fly to the nearest airport. The closest airport to this temple is Jodhpur Aerodrome (also called Civil Airport Jodhpur). Once you land at the aerodrome, you can hire a taxi or rental car and reach the temple about 50 Km from the airport.

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Other Details of the Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan

  • This temple has no entry fee, but you’ll have to pay for some special darshans and other services. 
  • It opens at 6 am and closes at 9 pm, but the hours may change depending on festivals and other special events.
  • The best time to visit is between October and March when the weather is pleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan

1. What is the story behind Bullet Baba?

In 1988, a young man called Om Singh Rathore, met with an accident while riding his motorcycle in Pali on NH 62. After the crash, the police confiscated the bike and took it to the station. But the bike kept showing up at the accident site. The locals called it a miracle and it came to be seen as a symbol of spiritual importance.

2. Where is Bullet Baba Temple located?

Bullet Baba Temple (Om Banna Temple) is located in the village of Chotila on the National Highway 62 (Jodhpur – Pali) in the state of Rajasthan.

3. What are the Bullet Baba miracles?

Om Singh Rathore died in an accident on a 350cc Royal Enfield bullet motorcycle. The bike kept coming back to the accident site even after being taken away by the police. People believe that Om Banna protects people when they travel. The temple has a mysterious aura that attracts people who want to get blessings and protect them on the roads. People have said that the temple has saved accidents and has an aura of safety.

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