Burj Al Arab: Dubai’s Ultimate Luxury Experience

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Dubai, the name itself carries luxury! Amidst the towering skyscrapers, lavish shopping malls, and wealthy lifestyles, one icon reigns high is the Eminent Burj Al Arab. Its sail-shaped contour honouring the Arabian Gulf symbolizes the epitome of hospitality and is a must-add addition to any Dubai Tour Packages.

With time and then Dubai has emerged as a buzzing destination for vacations, where you can find the fusion of affordability with luxury. Starting from Dubai theme parks to adventurous trips, there is nothing this place misses out on creating lifetime experiences.
Among the various staycation options in Dubai, Burj Al Arab grabs a special spot. Explore why it stands out below:

7 Reasons To Have Burj Al Arab Luxury Experience

For every amazing experience lies a special reason behind it’, and that applies to the Burj Al Arab too! So here are the top 7 reasons to have it as a memorable experience:

1. Splendid Architecture Of Burj Al Arab


Burj al arab Dubai has had a grand presence since 1999. Its interior makes any one of us spellbound with its unique marble, hand-crafted furnishings. The main attraction is its 24-carat gold leaf at the center with over an area of 1790 square meters, it is handcrafted with Swarovski crystals which makes the leaf the most photographed place of this hotel.

These special architectural additions are one of the reasons that make Burj Al Arab one of the top 7-star hotels. It never fails to captivate tourists with unparalleled elegance and innovation.

2. Burj Al Arab Hotel Hospitality

Source: Khaleej Times

The Burj Al Arab Dubai offers unmatched hospitality service! Right from the check-in lobby, every guest is entitled to personalized care and attention. There will be a private reception desk for every guest ensuring the customized service is offered. 

Guests will also be offered a preferred diet sheet and will be welcomed with soothing Arabic music. Apart from these amenities, guests can also get spa treatment, special dining invitations, and hotel event passes.

3. Burj Al Arab Exquisite Dining


At Burj al arab hotel, dining is considered to be a lifetime experience. Here the guests are offered a diverse range of culinary items prepared by expert chefs. If you are fond of aquarium views, choose Al Mahara restaurant. For traditional Arabic flavours, one can pick Al Muntaha restaurant, which is more than 200 meters from the sea level with scenic panoramic views. It is a common saying that the food experience at Burj Al Arab is a delicious adventure.

4. Specialized Bars Of Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab is an iconic landmark place for specialized bars. Each one offers its services in an effective style marking a remarkable lifetime experience. You can have custom mocktails at the Skyview Bar with these panoramic views from its 27th floor or choose gold On 27 Bar for an intimate date. 

The aerial view offers you a high that even the hard cocktail fails. One can also soak in the Sahn Eddar lobby for a relaxing beverage experience. With over 10 Bars in this hotel, each offers an unforgettable trail.

5. Burj Al Arab Price


There are times people stop planning by seeing Burj al arab prices, but one thing to acknowledge here is that the value for pricing is the value for experience. Though it stands as one of the most expensive hotels, it also comes with unparalleled luxury and amenities. 

Most people add this to their list of must-do things in Dubai considering its serene and unique nature. The Burj Al Arab price can vary around 10000-150000 INR per stay, varying along the tourist season. If you want to stay economical, plan your trip on off-times!

6. Private Beach Access At Burj Al Arab


Another reason to place Burj Al Arab Dubai on your stay is the access to the private Dubai beaches. This can not only help you to find a new nesting option but can also help you to escape from a bustling lifestyle. With the placement between pristine sands and blue waters, private beach access can truly be your rejuvenation.

One can relax on sun beds with refreshing beverages offered with the stunning beach view all across. Sunset is the off-seen experience here!

7. Events At Burj Al Arab


From Celebrating the dazzling new year in Dubai to hosting corporate events, Burj Al Arab offers an impeccable option with a blend of luxury and sophistication. This hotel has eye-catching backdrops for every event with opulent decors to open terrace settings. There are specially assigned event planners to meet the guest’s expectations with minute attention to detail.

Places like Al Farak Ballroom and Suha Boardroom cater for events like weddings and board meetings. There is also a place called Marina Garden that is suited to outdoor events with a capacity of 32 guests. Every event that happens here can be a splendid experience to watch.


A stay at the Burj Al Arab Hotel is not a thing to be avoided, this can truly transcend to be a lifetime special experience. Every aspect of the hotel, from its architecture to custom services will create an impact that cannot be replaced easily. We recommend you create this gateway and plan according to your budget in relevance to the tourist season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burj Al Arab

What makes the Burj Al Arab unique among luxury hotels?

Burj Al Arab’s uniqueness lies in its well-catered sail-shaped structure and grand architecture. Combined with its top services and amenities it ranks to be one of the top 7-star hotels in Dubai.

Can non-guests visit the Burj Al Arab?

Any nonguests can visit Burj Al Arab, but prior reservations are required. Without prior reservations, there will be entry restrictions for everyone.

What is the dress code for visitors to the Burj Al Arab?

Though it is a luxury hotel, Burj Al Arab places no restrictions on the dress code. But the only thing which is not permitted inside is the beach wear and the wet clothes.

How can I make a reservation at one of the restaurants or bars in the Burj Al Arab?

Any guest can make advance reservation to Burj Al Arab Hotel by navigating to their official website. You can find the booking section on dining and restaurant and then choose your option.

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