Chidambaram: Discover The Temple Town Of Tamil Nadu

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One of the most prestigious Hindu Temples of Lord Shiva, Chidambaram in Pondicherry is considered as a prominent religious place for the people of the state as well as the country.

This place is considered as home for all the spiritual seekers across the world. If you believe in the grace of Lord Shiva, you must visit this place to feel its vibration. Make sure to keep this place in your spiritual India Tours so that you don’t miss this ancient religious temple.

How To Reach Chidambaram

how to reach chidambaram

how to reach chidambaram

Whatever route you want to take to reach this destination, there are plenty of options that are available to connect other cities or states of the country to Chidambaram location.

By Road

You can reach this destination from nearby cities via roadways. If you want to reach Chidambaram from Chennai, ECR is the road available, from Pondicherry you can take NH32 to reach this place. There is a government bus service as well as private taxis available for tourists.

By Train

The Chidambaram Railway Station is available for transportation from different parts of the state like Pondicherry, Coimbatore and Madurai.

By Air

There are several airports that are connected to Chidambaram but the nearest one is the Pondicherry airport located 70 kms away from the place. You can take a private cab or taxi from the airport to reach Chidambaram.

Best Time To Visit Chidambaram

best time to visit chidambaram

best time to visit chidambaram

The best time to visit Chidambaram pondicherry is in the month of november to february when there will be pleasant weather conditions with the upcoming of winter season. 

Additionally, Chidambaram hosts a famous festival in the month of february to march by the name of Natyanjali Dance Festival (one of the famous Indian festival) to honour lord Nataraja. All the crowds from across the city and other places gather to celebrate the festival. The vibrant atmosphere of the festival at that time makes the place more attractive amongst the tourists. 

If you want to avoid the high rates of hotels and a crowded atmosphere, prefer to visit during the month of september-october or march-april to have a combination of good weather and festival vibe collectively.

Culture Of Chidambaram

culture of chidambaram

culture of chidambaram

The great Nataraja Temple that represents the cosmic dance form of Lord Shiva is the essence of the Culture of Chidambaram city location. The place has a deep cultural as well as religious historical presence which specifies India amongst the oldest countries in the world

Traditional Art, Bharatanatyam dance styles, Carnatic Music and the traditional Tamil Literature are the most important components of the region’s traditional values. Major festivals such as the Natyanjali Dance Festivals and the Chidambaram Temple Car Festival are celebrated every year to showcase the rich vibrancy of this region.

 Visitors from different parts of the country and world come to celebrate the festival and gain knowledge about the history of this place. Apart from its spiritual presence, Chidambaram pondicherry has a variety of south indian delicacies that give your tastebuds a different experience altogether. 

So, overall if you want to explore the place in its entirety, Chidambaram travel guide serves as a source of great help in your entire journey.

Places To Visit Near Chidambaram

places to visit near chidambaram

places to visit near chidambaram

Visit Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Pichavaram, the second largest Mangrove Forest in the world is well known for its natural beauty. The place is rich in biodiversity with a diverse range of flora and fauna. If you want to spend time in the lap of nature, this is the best place to visit in Tamilnadu. Additionally, you can try various water sports and fun activities in the streams of the river running through the forests.

Visit The Nataraja Temple

The Nataraja Temple being is perceived as one of the five Pachabhuta Sthala and an important religious place amongst the hindu religion of the country. 

Spreaded across 40 acres, the temple is situated in the middle of Chidambaram town. People from across the world come to visit this godly architecture and worship the temple town of Chidambaram.

Visit Annamalai University

One of the oldest universities in the history of India. This institution has cutting edge innovation and developments in the field of science and technology. Engineering, literature and scientific research is what this institute is famous for. It is one of the oldest and best places to visit in pondicherry.

Visit Achalpuram Temple

Visit Achalpuram Temple

Visit Achalpuram Temple

One of the most prestigious temples in the hindu mythology, the Achalpuram temple is located 25 kms away from Chidambaram pondicherry. The place is mainly popular for Lord Shiva Temple amongst the visitors and has a strong belief attached to its holy presence.

Visit Thillai Kali Amman Temple

If you want to experience the presence of positive energy, you must visit this spiritual place known as Thillai Kali Amman temple. It is constructed to welcome and cherish the Goddess Kali, considered as the source of feminine energy by the devotees. While visiting the temple, you can offer prayer, take part in various rituals to uplift the divinity within yourself.

Things To Do At Chidambaram

Hop To Covelong

For all the beach lovers, Covelong provides a perfect weekend getaway from the hustle bustle of the city to enjoy a quiet and serene time. It is a fishing town situated nearby Chennai famous for its serene beach and considered as one of the offbeat places to visit in India.

Relaxing At Chidambaram Beach

Chidambaram Beach provides a perfect weekend relaxation therapy to the visitors. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful sunset in the late evening of this coastal beach or go for some exciting adventure sports in the afternoon, the beach has got a dozen of vacation vibe to provide. Playing beside the beach side is one of the best things to do in Pondicherry.

Explore The Local cuisines

If you want to deep dive into the taste of traditional tamilian food along with the coastal seafood delight, the nearby restaurant is something you can hop on. From the delicious crispy dosas to the sweet payasam, you can feel the real taste of south indian food in the restaurants of Chidambaram.

Attend Various Temple Festivals

While visiting Chidambaram pondicherry, you can explore the essence of religion and spirituality in the temples of this place. There are diverse cultural festivals that happen every year amongst which the Natyanjali Dance Festival and the Brahmotsavam Procession are considered as the two most prominent festivals. One is to honour Lord Shiva and the other is to admire different deities respectively in the hindu culture.

Shop From The Local Markets

This place is a perfect destination for all the Saree lovers around the world. The traditional woven silk saree of Chidambaram is pretty famous in the eyes of its viewers. Apart from these you can also visit the local markets for handicraft jewelleries and home decor items. This will also help in sustainable development of the region.

Top Hotels In Chidambaram

top hotels in chidambaram

top hotels in chidambaram

A small town in the state of Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram is famous for the ever-known Nataraja Temple which has a very deep-rooted cultural and religious significance and is counted amongst the top historical places in India. Although this place doesn’t have any luxurious hotels like big cities, it has comfortable and budget-friendly staying options for the visitors. 

The rates of the hotels may vary from season to season but you can find a decent accommodation facility whenever you travel to this place. Below mentioned are some of the best places to stay in Chidambaram: 

Hotel Saradharam: This hotel is known for the comfortability it provides in terms of room quality and hotel service. It is located in a place which is convenient for the visitors to travel from any corner of the town.

Facilities: AC room, wifi, Breakfast

Check-In Time: Around 12 PM

Rates: Rs.1000- Rs.2500

RK Residency: This property is located in the heart of town with all the modern amenities along with breakfast facilities. You can find multiple restaurant options beside the hotel. Restaurants and local food in Chidambaram is something you can try if you are visiting the place for the first time.

Facilities: Room Service, Complimentary Breakfast

Check-In Time: Around 12 PM

Rates: Rs.1200- Rs.3000

Chola Inn: This hotel is located within walking distance from the Nataraja Temple. It has very budget-friendly stay charges along with clean and comfortable rooms. You will like the behaviour of the hotel staff, which is welcoming in nature.

Facilities: Clean Room, Basic Amenities

Check-In Time: Around 12 PM

Rates: Rs.800- Rs.1500

Hotel Akshaya: If you are a budget-traveller looking for comfortable staying options at decent prices, Hotel Akshaya can serve your demand perfectly. One of the main things that makes the hotel more demanding is its location near the railway station. 

Facilities: Free Room Service, Basic Amenities

Check-In Time: Around 12 PM

Rates: Rs.700- Rs.1200

Sri Annamalaiyar Residency: If you are someone who is looking for comfort along with modern amenities, this hotel will tick the criteria. With very humble staff and on-time food services, Sri Annamalaiyar Residency makes it a suitable place for stay. This hotel is located in a place that is close to the Nataraja Temple and other tourist attractions of Chidambaram.

Facilities: Comfortable Room, Basic Amenities

Check-In Time: Around 12 PM

Rates: Rs.900- Rs.1800




If you want to have a religious experience on your trip along with a touch of spirituality, Then Visit Chidambaram in Pondicherry which is also known as the temple town of Tamil Nadu. It has the Nataraja Temple which is amongst the oldest Shiva temples of india. With its religious significance embedded in every architectural structure, this place holds a prominent place in the heart of its devotees and spiritual seekers.

What is special about Chidambaram in Pondicherry?

There are so many things to visit in and around Chidambaram, but one of the most important things about this place is the Nataraja Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva in a special dance form.

What are the must-see attractions in Chidambaram?

There are a variety of destinations to visit in Chidambaram out of which The Annamalai University, Nataraja Temple, Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, and Thillai kali Amman Temple are the prominent ones.

How can I reach Chidambaram from Pondicherry?

There are multiple routes that can be taken to reach Chidambaram from Pondicherry. One can choose to reach Pondicherry via flight, train or bus from other parts of the state or city and then take a private taxi or local bus to reach Chidambaram.

What are some authentic local dishes to try in Chidambaram, Pondicherry?

The speciality of this place are the varieties of authentic South Indian Cuisines. You can try the dishes according to your own choice. Few of these dishes are  Chidambaram Special Masala Dosa, Kothu Parotta and the famous kozhukattai which is basically a rice dumpling instilled with sweet items such as jaggery, coconut fillings etc. 

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