Day Trip To Bumla Pass From Tawang: A Thrilling Himalayan Expedition

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A day trip to Bumla Pass from Tawang sounds like a wonderful adventure!

Located in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, India, Tawang is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and spiritual significance. Well, make your dream trip come true with our Tawang tour and unlock the secrets of this Himalayan paradise, where each moment promises awe-inspiring beauty and cultural diversity as there are many beautiful places to visit in Tawang.

When you are in Tawang, do not miss a Day Trip To Bumla Pass From Tawang. It is an important highlight of the tourist who comes to Tawang for sightseeing and the Road Trip To Bumla Pass From Tawang in particular.

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About Bumla Pass:

Bumla Pass
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Himalayan excursion Bumla Pass is a beautiful place located in the picturesque state of Arunachal Pradesh in India, known for its stunning natural beauty and rugged landscape.‘La’ means ‘Pass’ in Tibetan and it is one of the few highland passes in the area that the Tibetan people have used to commute in the area for centuries. This area was a part of Tibet before it became a part of India.

Located at a height of 15200 feet above sea level, the Himalayan excursion Bumla pass is situated at the border of China between Tsona County in Tibet and Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh. It is among the five agreed Border Personnel Meeting Points for the security forces of China and India and is 37 km away from the town of Tawang in India’s Tawang district. 

Talking about the Historical significance of Bumla Pass, this is one of the battle sites of the 1962 Indo-China war and also the pass that was used by the Dalai Lama to enter India.

The Bum la Pass day trip is an essential part of the Tawang Day trip and currently serves as a trading point between Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet. It is often covered with heavy snow throughout the year and is one of the most off-beat passes in the world.

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Getting There


Bum la Pass day trip is accessible only by permission. For the permits, you need to visit the Office of the Deputy Commissioner in Tawang District and then the Indian Army cantonment of Tawang. If there will be army stamp, you will be allowed through the numerous checkposts on the way. However, once you get permission, a Road Trip To Bumla Pass From Tawang is a lifetime experience. 

How to Reach Bumla Pass

A four wheel drive vehicle playing in the snow

Being settled at such height and with a distance of 52 km from Tawang, it is one of the most popular adventurous destinations of Arunachal Pradesh.

To reach Bumla Pass for sightseeing, always prefer to travel on a clear day, with no scope of snowfall or rainfall. The track is very treacherous and dangerous and it is advisable to get only SUVs to experience the high-altitude adventure of Breathtaking landscapes at Bumla Pass. Any drive is advisable only in the vehicles belonging to the region and that too only on clear weather days with no snowfall or rainfall.

Best Time to Visit Bum la Pass


The weather conditions of Breathtaking landscapes at Bumla Pass are chilling and windy almost throughout the year. Looking at all the climate conditions, the best time for a Bum la Pass day trip is the summer months when the weather is pleasant with no sign of rain, making your sightseeing remarkable. 

During the summer, the days are clear, which can allow you a fantastic picnic experience and let you enjoy the sightseeing around Bumla Pass.

Traveling Tips for Bumla Pass

  • As the conditions for the Himalayan excursion Bumla pass are quite cold, you must carry abundant woolen clothes.
  • Do not forget to bring water, eatables, a thermos with tea, and gloves to keep your hands warm.
  • Do proper research about the weather conditions of Bumla Pass before planning your vacation there.
  • Do not miss a chance to capture the photographs while driving the scenic routes from Tawang to Bumla Pass.

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Things to Do & See Around


Himalayan excursion Bumla pass has witnessed many memorable events that make it a special one in the history of India. When on a visit to the breathtaking landscapes at Bumla Pass make a point to see the route from where the Dalai Lama entered India to take refuge, this place is sought to be a Historical significance of Bumla Pass and a High-altitude adventure at Bumla Pass. 

This also portrays the historical significance of the Bum La Pass. There’s a lake called Sangestar Tso, which is worth visiting. Make a point to get a picture clicked, and place a pebble stone in front of the Heap of Stones, which is a tribute to the Indian Army guardians of the border thereby. 

You can also see the Indo-China Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) Point, which is one of the four meeting points between the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army of China for regular consultations and interaction. Also, there are many High-altitude adventure at Bumla Pass.

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What To Wear


While on a Day Trip To Bumla Pass From Tawang get a warm inner or thermals for both the top and bottom. If you have waterproof shoes, that will make a great choice since the ice can melt into your shoes. Keep an extra pair of dry socks if you can. Layer your clothes since you will start to feel warm as you will go back to Tawang.

In case of emergency, you can still find warm clothes, shoes, and accessories at several army canteens on the top and on the way at reasonable rates.


Hence, A Day Trip to Bumla pass From Tawang is a journey of discovery, filled with breathtaking landscapes, moments of reflection amid nature’s gloriousness, and experience of the Cultural immersion of Bumla Pass

The Road Trip To Bumla Pass From Tawang and many High-altitude adventure at Bumla Pass will surely enrich your soul and ignite a desire to explore further, seek out new adventures, and continue exploration of the Himalayan wilderness. 

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Is Bumla Pass accessible throughout the year?

No, Bum La Pass is one of the most off-beat passes in the world and is not for everyone to pass through all around the year. It is mainly accessible during May to October when there is less snow or rainfall at the pass.

What are the essential items to carry for a day trip to Bumla Pass?

Some essential items to carry on to the Bum la Pass day trip are abundant woolen clothes, water bottles, eatables, thermos with tea, gloves to keep your hand warm, and last but not least a good quality camera to capture the serene snowy landscape at the pass.

Are there any restrictions or permits required to visit Bumla Pass?

Yes, this is a very sensitive zone because of the Indo-China army meeting point and hence, a special permit is required to be obtained from the Indian Army i.e. office of the Deputy Commissioner or the Indian Army cantonment of Tawang.

Can children and elderly individuals participate in the day trip to Bumla Pass?

The children and elderly shouldn’t plan a Bum la Pass day trip as it demands high stamina and energy to even survive properly in the harsh conditions at the pass. Further, the road is very risky and dangerous and therefore it is not advisable to put children at risk at this adventurous pass.

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