Dubai In July: The Month To Explore The Gulf Tiger!

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Experience the magic of Dubai trip in July, where the city’s vibrant energy blends with the adventurous journey. Despite being on a little hotter side, Dubai in July offers its tourists a large wealth of memorable experiences starting from Burj Khalifa to themed parks to an endless number of options.

The Arabian Gulf gestures you to cool off with exhilarating water sports activities, while luxury malls tempt you with enticing discounts, and opulent stays promise extravagant relaxation. With such wide options, July becomes the ideal time to explore some of the best places in Dubai. So, let’s delve into the top things to do in Dubai in July and unveil why it is the best month to visit.

What Makes Dubai In July Special?

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Dubai in July offers a unique mix of heat and a pleasing experience. Despite the temperatures shooting up, there are many favourable things to do in Dubai In July. Visitors can mainly immerse in the city-wide festival, Dubai Summer Surprises which especially features various shopping discounts and full-on entertainment.

Visitors can also get enticing deals from the lavish hotels providing a respite from soaring prices. For cultural activities, kick on to the Dubai summer festival to also enjoy various culinary delights. Mark all the things to do in Dubai In July on a checklist to avoid missing anything the next time you visit Dubai.

Dubai Weather In July

Dubai weather in July is extremely hot with daytime experiencing temperatures of 38°C to 43°C and the night time with 29°C to 35°C, offering some relief from the heat at times. Even with these temperatures, it is ideal for the best places to visit in Dubai in July with its unique modernized charm all across.

What To Wear In Dubai In July

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One of the first things to do in Dubai in July is to pick the right clothes to enjoy this place at its full potential. You must be prepared with appropriate clothes for hot and humid weather. Pick very lightweight and breathable clothes like linen shirts, cotton dresses, loose fittings and also trousers of very low weight.

Always pick pastel colour clothes to avoid exposure to the sun. Make sure to carry protective gear like sunscreen, a UV umbrella, Goggles, and water when exploring all the best places to visit in Dubai in July.

Best Things To Do In Dubai In July

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Here is the list of the best things to do in Dubai In July:

  1. Indoor Activities: With the high temperatures, Indoor activities are ranked high on the list of top things to do in Dubai in July. Dubai Mall is ideal for this indoor experience for shopping, dining and also added entertainment.
  2. Water parks: With the soaring temperatures you can cool off your trip with amazing Dubai water parks that come with various adventure rides and pool leisure.
  3. Desert Safari: This energetic ride experience on a Quad bike or SUV always hits one of the top places on the list of things to do in Dubai In July.
  4. ​Spa Relaxation: Vent out your heat with related spa treatments in Dubai with a wide range of pampering arrangements and massaging experiences.
  5. Indoor Theme Park: You can enjoy the indoor activities in the exciting options like IMG Worlds of Adventure or Warner Bros featuring thrilling rides and food options.

Tips To Visit Dubai In July

When visiting Dubai in July, prioritize indoor attractions to beat the intense heat. Stay hydrated, wear lightweight clothing in pastel colours, and plan outdoor activities for early morning or late evening. 

Don’t forget protective gear like sunscreen and glasses. Book your accommodation with a pool for cooling off and choose guided tours for additional discounts. 

Best Places To Visit In Dubai In July


Here are a few best places to visit in Dubai in July:

  1. Dubai Summer Surprises: This city-wide festival presents extravagant special shopping discounts, entertainment and themed events, earning it a prominent spot on the list of best things to do in Dubai in July.
  2. Jumeirah Beach: This beach is one of the best places for you can witness the charms of sun, sand and sea in one place. Try enjoying a fun dip in the Arabian waters with a mix of water fun activities.
  3. Old Dubai Stroll: ​Never forget to explore the rich cultural heritage of Al Bastakiah Dubai when you are on a trip to Dubai in July. 
  4. Dubai Marina: This picturesque waterfront promenade with aligned tall buildings and luxury amenities stands out to be one of the best places to visit in Dubai in July.

Best Hotels To Stay In Dubai In July

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Enjoying the rich view of Dubai’s lavish stay is one of the best things to do in Dubai in July. Here are the top 3 picks:

  1. W Dubai- The Palm: Contemporary designed stay with panoramic views of Dubai’s landscape comes with ultimate luxury. ​
  2. Palazzo Versace: Italian-inspired stay comes in exquisite design, a multitude of dining options and bespoke designs. 
  3. One & Only Royal Mirage: This Arabian luxury stays in lush gardens with a private pool beach to beat the summer heat.

What To Eat In Dubai In July

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Deciding what to eat in Dubai in July can be puzzling. Here are our top three suggestions.

  1. ​Seafood Delicacies: Dubai always stands tall in seafood delicacies like prawns, lobster, and grilled fish. 
  2. Chilled Deserts: Customised ice cream, Faloodsas, and indigenous Arabic sweets like Kunafa always give you the relaxation of heat.
  3. Cold Mezze: Treat yourself with starters like Fattoush, Hummus and Tabbouleh to satiate the heat inside and outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to survive in Dubai in July?

Stay hydrated, wear lightweight clothes, and stay in the shade during morning times.

Is it too hot in Dubai in July?

With temperatures ranging more than 40°C on average Dubai is characterized as hot in July.

Is July a good time to visit Dubai?

Yes! Though it is humid and hot, this is a good time to visit Dubai.

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