Dubai In May 2024: A Month Of Unforgettable Adventures!

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Planning a Dubai trip package in May 2024? Despite the rising temperatures, Dubai still gestures its travellers with irresistible attractions, urging them to uncover its charm straightaway. Even amidst the scorching heat, Dubai in May offers the promise of budget-friendly experiences and a rich medley of culture and explorations waiting to be discovered.

Let’s explore together the best places to visit in Dubai, culinary delights to savour, accommodations to enjoy and the best tips for planning your Dubai adventure in May.

Is May A Good Month To Visit Dubai?

If you’re up for facing humid temperatures and heat waves, Dubai in May presents an ideal time for budget travellers looking for adventure things to do in Dubai in May. This period offers relatively dry weather, with fewer tourists due to the soaring temperatures.

While outdoor activities like desert safaris and island adventures have limited timings, the increasing demand for indoor experiences makes May in Dubai a perfect opportunity to find budget-friendly packages.

About Dubai Weather In May


Dubai weather in May is revered for its scorching summer. The day temperatures range from 28°C to 40°C and the night temperatures slightly dip to 25°C on average with the hot humid breeze.  Occasional sandstorms make their presence felt, bringing strong winds across the city. Nevertheless, Dubai remains vibrant with both tourists and locals, offering a plethora of special things to do in Dubai in May.

What To Wear In Dubai In May


When visiting Dubai In May, it is very vital to remember and plan suitable clothes to stay comfortable. You can opt for loosely fitted clothes made of cotton to linen fabric to make your body breathable. Women may find it more beneficial as they can carry a lightweight scarf that can cover the full body to protect against heat. Never forget to pack sunscreen and sunglasses whenever you’re making plans to explore the best places to visit in Dubai in May.

Best Places To Visit In Dubai In May

Here is the list of the best places to visit in Dubai in May:

1. Burj Khalifa


This world’s tallest building is the best experience for visiting in any season of Dubai. It has Lavish accommodation stays to world-class services.

2. Ibn Battuta Themed Park


Ibn Battuta Themed Mall is an inspiration to visit Dubai in each of its cultural amalgamations. You can enjoy all the shopping options and explore the culinary mix of your interests here.

3. Desert Safari


Desert safari is one of the best places to visit Dubai in May. You can enjoy the journey amidst the desert along with many activities like dune bathing, bashing, and a special camel ride.

4. The Dubai Fountain


Dubai Fountain is one of the best places to visit in Dubai in May for a unique experience. Here the water dances with a song rhythm to over 250 Metres distance.

5. Dubai Marina


This place is located on the waterfront view and has luxurious dining options under the stars. Trying an international cuisine mix ranks as one of the top things to do in Dubai in May.

6. Dubai Water Sports


Beaches are one of the best places to visit in Dubai in May. To beat the heat here you can opt for activities like snorkelling, paragliding, and also speed boat rides.

Top Tips To Visit Dubai In May


When exploring Dubai in May, it’s crucial to prioritize hydration and skin protection. Opt for guided tours and lightweight clothing for optimal ventilation. To escape the heat, plan your outings for early mornings or late evenings. Apply high-SPF sunscreen and consider booking your activities in advance for better prices and discounts. Shopping malls, museums and fun indoor theme parks are the top things to do in Dubai in May.

Best Hotels To Stay In Dubai In May

  1. Burj Al Arab: Burj Al Arab is a sail-shaped 7-star luxury stay for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  2. Atlantis, The Palm: Extravagant resort specialising in stunning views and aquatic adventures. 
  3. Armani Dubai: Stylish stay option within Burj Kalida for a modern touch and extensive facilities. 
  4. Jumeirah Al Qasr: Arabian luxury hotel with private pool activities being one of the top things to do in Dubai in May.
  5. One & Only The Palm: The best beachfront resort on Palm Jumeirah with world-class amenities.

Best Things To Do In Dubai In May


Here is the list of the best things to do in Dubai In May:

  1. Indoor activities: Enjoy places like Dubai Mall or Ski Dubai to beat the heat.
  2. ​Top Attractions: Discover the top things to do in Dubai from climbing Burj Khalifa to strolling through the vibrant essence of Diera.
  3. Water Activities: Stay cool with all the water activities such as boat cruises and jet skiing ranking among the top things to do in Dubai in May for its award-winning safety and fun.

What To Eat In Dubai In May


When it comes to what to eat in Dubai in May, try these top 3 unique flavours:

  1. Luqaimat: Golden fried dough balls dipped in honey for a sweet taste.
  2. Machboos: Arabian-styled rice roasted in aromatic spices and tender meat for a special flavour.
  3. ​Al Harees: Emirati local dish with a proper blend of wheat, meat and spices for a creamy taste
  4. Camel Milk Ice Cream: Locally churned camel milk diced in different chilled flavours.

How should I dress in Dubai in May?

Very lightweight breathable clothes are always preferred in Dubai.

Is Dubai too hot in May?

Dubai is too hot with temperatures ranging an average of 40°C in May.

Is it a good time to visit Dubai in May?

Yes! If you are okay with the heat and enjoy indoor activities.

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