Flight Tickets To Get More Expensive From March 2024 Onwards

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Your flight tickets are going to get expensive! No, there is no need to rub your eyes because you read it right in the first go. From March 2024 onwards flight tickets will get expensive.

Here’s why

According to a report by the Centre For Aviation or the CAPA, out of approximately 700 aircraft present in India, nearly 200 will be grounded by March 2024. This means that nearly 30% of the planes currently flying on a regular basis will be out of service and sadly nobody can do anything about it, but you by booking your travel as early as possible with the many Early Bird Offers available.

 Who All Will Be Impacted By This?

Not just one or two, but nearly all the Indian airlines will be affected by it. The report says that 90 IndiGo aircraft, 30 of Spice Jet and 30 of Air India will be grounded. That’s not it, 54 airplanes belonging to Go First are already grounded or suspended due to bankruptcy proceedings.

Why This Is Happening? 


The reason? So, the Centre For Aviation in India or any Aviation regulation in the entire world put out new regulations to meet the safety of the passengers as well as the crew on the aircraft. And to meet those new regulations, the current aircraft need new parts or repairs in their components. 

Here’s the sad part, most of the required parts or components are not produced in India and need to be imported from other parts of the world, and as we all know the concept of import and export, when importing these parts, they would be pretty expensive. Hence, the reason why your flight tickets would become more expensive. 

It’s Not Just About The Parts

Another reason why flight tickets are becoming expensive and will get more pricey in the future is also because of the fact that airlines have started including fuel costs to the tickets. Leading airline IndiGo has already said that they will start including the price of fuel in the tickets. 

But Why Are They Doing So? 

The ATF or the Air Turbine Fuel charges are increasing at a rapid rate, which means when you book a ticket now, it is going to get expensive by INR 300 to INR 1000 depending on the distance of the domestic and international routes. 

According to some Airline Fuel Retailers, the cost of the fuel will rise approximately by INR 6,000 per kilolitre, leaving airlines with no option but to raise the cost of the tickets by including the fuel charges to them. 

Why Does This Keep Happening?


The Indian Aviation industry falling under distress is something which we’ve seen pretty frequently now. Just few weeks back, the industry got halted due to dense fog, which resulted in the cancellation of flights, long delays, longer lines at the airport, and many more cause and effects. 

It can be said that the Indian Aviation industry has been unable to grow with the pace of interest in Air travel. As per some surveys and reports, the air traffic in India has increased by 5 times, from 61.42 million to 327 million. 

Whereas the number of planes has grown from 400 to 700 and the number of airports from 74 to 141. Proving that this mismatch is the reason why we’ve seen so many issues in recent years. 

What You Can Do? 

Well, if you’ve read the entire article you must’ve noticed that we mentioned that the flight tickets will get expensive from March but you still have enough time to book your travel and WanderOn is there to ensure that you to do it at the best costs. 

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